Thursday, April 06, 2006

Update: Commonwealth Games: Indian Masseur Charged with Sexual Harassment

Here is an update to my earlier post on the charges of sexual harassment filed against a member of the Indian contingent that traveled to the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne:
Diwan Asghar Nabi, the masseur with India's Commonwealth Games team, was given a suspended one-month jail sentence on Thursday for indecently assaulting a teenage cleaner at the Games village, court officials said.


The spokeswoman also said that Nabi's name was placed on a list of registered sex offenders and that he must stay in regular contact Victoria state police for the next eight years.
Read the entire story here.


anjali said...

Glad to hear about this. What was he thinking?!!

Sujatha said...

That's the million dollar question, Anjali!

Ravi said...

Serves the guy right! Perhaps a cane lashing like they do in Singapore would prove a deterrent the next time he harbours any thoughts like he did in Melbourne...

Sujatha said...

Couldn't disagree Ravi.