Thursday, July 19, 2007

Two Balanced Reactions to Tintin in the Congo

From the keypads of two formidable bloggers, Uma (Yay! She's back in the Land Of The Blogging!) and Amrita, here are two balanced reactions to the racist content in Tintin in the Congo.


Anonymous said...

'tintin in the congo' and 'apu in seven-eleven' - should we treat them similarly, or differently?

does the fact that one was released a few decades ago (when pc was not around as much as it is now) matter? or does anything go with the simpsons (i have never watched, btw)? what about david letterman and his stereotypical shopkeeper? i am torn - what do you (and others) think?

- s.b.

Amrita said...

Hey Suj, thanks for linking :)

SB - I don't think Apu is a tenth as offensive as Tintin in the Congo.

Anonymous said...


true, but times have changed, haven't they? agatha christie's 'and then there were none' went through two different name changes to stay with the times, you know (i haven't sat and compared the texts within though)! now, it is more pc and funny to bash politicos and lawyers, so maybe 'ten little liers' or 'ten little politicians' will fly off the shelves too. i liked your tintin review, btw - thanks.

- s.b.