Monday, December 10, 2007

Pratham USA

I had written about Pratham's Read India books a while ago. Pratham has a US presence as well, trying to raise funds to support its universal education efforts in India. In addition to the gala fund raisers and cultural programs, etc., I found this heart-warming nugget in one corner of Pratham's newsletter:
Ankur Bhagat, a New York resident, jumped off Kjerag (sha-rag), a 3000-feet high cliff in the Norwegian fjords with only a parachute strapped to his back to raise funds for Pratham USA and spread awareness about its work. He raised over $3,000 from his family and friends. Ankur described his jump as being both chilling and exhilarating and “worthy of the cause it supported”.

Hats off to his commitment.