Friday, January 11, 2013

A Playreading Group for Children, at Jagriti in Bangalore

Via e-mail:
This is open to children who would like to keep in touch with plays and drama. There will be one session at week—on Saturday at 4 pm—for three months. Through this time, the group will read plays, watch plays and meet with directors, actors and designers to understand the workings of a dramatic text.
This is not a class, where a syllabus is followed and a trainer is teaching. The course will be extremely rewarding for children interested in drama, and who will motivate themselves to work and bring something to the group.
To register for the program, do write to with the following details:
1. Name
2. Age
3. Name of school
4. Any previous theatre training - if yes, duration of course(s) attended
5. A few lines on why you want to take up the course
Please Note:
The programme will start on January 12, but children are welcome to join any time
There is no fee
The upper limit is 20 children, after which registrations will close