Saturday, July 30, 2005

Life in Bangalore: Schools III

This is the last in a three-part series. Parts I and II appear here and here.

I am fast discovering that this is an inexhaustible topic!

I want to mention a couple of things as I continue writing about schools in Bangalore.

Firstly, I understand that most international schools follow US teaching methods (low student/teacher ratio, time for extra-curricular activities (music lessons, for example), and that the management works with each family with full awareness of a student's educational background. The expat community naturally gravitates towards these schools. I don't have personal experience with those schools, but I do know that most are expensive by Indian standards. For an expat, if school expenses are included in the compensation package, this may not be an issue.

Secondly, I grew up in the school system here and as I've heard time and again, especially from Indians who have gone on to study in the US and from American students and faculty, the Indian school system provides a strong foundation in the basics. Multiplication tables may be learnt by rote, but Indian kids are taught their tables by the time they finish elementary school and that is a key factor in many Indian kids doing well in math. The principal at my son's school says to me that when some of her students go back to the US after finishing kindergarten at her school, they've been able to do second-grade level work straight away.

That's all fine, but it's no use if my son hates going to school in the first place. Before we came here, he used to hate weekends because there was no school on weekends. Now, it's the other way around.

I also write about this with the understanding that, parents being parents, no school system is perfect for their children. There are problems with schools in a lot of other countries as well, even in the US. One only needs to look at the newspapers on a daily basis for an inexhaustible list of problems plaguing our school systems in the US. There was a recent, horrific story in the Washington Post about the goings-on on school buses, including first-graders being bullied into blowing condoms, elementary school girls being prodded and poked by the boys on the bus and so on.

No matter where you live, the only way to deal with problems is to be aware of them in the first place. By recounting my experiences here, whether with schools, housing, or the other aspects of Bangalore life, I do hope to make you aware.

And I do not mean to suggest that these are insurmountable problems. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, schools do need to understand that you are watching.


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chappan said...

Thanx for the write-up. Excellent info.

Rajeshwari said...

Looking forward to having you folks back in D.C...
Thanks for giving an insight on the school system in Bangalore.

Sujatha said...

Sourin and Rajeshwari, thanks and you're welcome!

Thank you for your comments and questions. They directed the writing to a large extent.

r2imom said...


Thx for the nice article however I am interested in knowing the name of the school ur kid had bad experience at. I am a mother of 2.3 yr old girl and currently looking for good montessories/ schools in Bangalore, which however is completely a new place for me and my spouse. We moved to India a few months ago from US but are not expats. We plan to send our daughter to a good school and have heard a few names like Akshara, Golden Beads, Little Feat (MONTESSORIES), VidyaSagar (Pre Primary) & Vidyashilp, Vidyaniketan, Bethany, Frank Anthony & Greenwood (SCHOOLS). We are looking for a school that provides good academic environment along with giving space to kids by not overloading them with outrageous work that limits their free time and thus their creativity. I would appreciate any information u can give in regards to good schools and montessories for my kid.

You can email me at

Thanks once again.

sneha said...

You can try Gaia Preschool at RT Nagar (just off Jaymahal Rd) tel 9986278802 or 32942233/2244 contact Vaishali. Its def the best preschool I have seen in Bangalore. The children even learn Judo, Carpentry and Carnatic Music.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

i am looking for admissions for my 2 daughters with NO LUCK so far and this has further scared me.

I hope things are NOT as bad.


Anonymous said...


I have a 2 year old son.
Please suggest a good school.
Can't afford paying lacs for pre nursey

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey parents,
I agree with the person who suggested The DEEN'S academy.It is the school for the babies to be IN.
The faculty is brilliant and the Management Committee approachable and friendly.
I went to te school when it was in session and it was a treat to see the children having lots of fun.Following the informative brief by the School Management Committee I will be downloding the forms and submitting it at the earliest to them-As they believe in small numbers.

For your information Its a NEW CBSE SCHOOL in Whitefield.
Excellent ambience and a child friendly curriculum.


Ramesh said...


Can anybody suggest a good Montessori near Whitefield or on Sarjapur road close to Wipro Corporate office in Bangalore? Appreciate if you could give me their contact numbers as well.


Sujatha Bagal said...

Hi Ramesh, here the contact information for Bright Beginnings, near Whitefield:

080-28541174 or 98451 77342



There's also a Neev in Whitefield. I'm sure you'll find the contact info if you google for them.

Anonymous said...

my daughter will turn 6 yrs in January 2008. she will be completing class I in march 2008.
since we are planning to relocate to bangalore then, we would like to know if she would have have to repeat class I due to age constraints.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

In North Bangalore, there is a school called Poorna Learning Centre, Yelehanka area... They follow NIOS syllabus... The main strength of this school is, Kids-Teachers-Parents work together !!!

You can check in google for more info about the school...

They take children from 3 yrs to 13 yrs...

For more info you can email to me -

Warm Regards,

Anonymous said...


In Poorna Learning Centre, there are no serious entrance tests, exam, stress, serious competitions, no complaints on kids at any time, etc.

Its an extension to the kids' own home... Many parents & volunteers work in this school in their freetimes...

Presently they are in their rented building near Kodigehalli (after Hebbal). From June 2007, they are moving to their own place which is very close to Delhi Public School, North Bangalore.


Amit said...

Sujatha, Many thanks for such terrific articles and for generating such a great discussion! We will be returning to India in June/July with a 4 year old son and of course school is one of the first things on our mind.

I am assuming that all the schools mentioned so far teach primarily in English and that any "non-English" school in Bangalore will be teaching in Kannada. (Are these called "vernacular schools"?) So my questions are:

1. Are there Kannada schools that are as good as the good ones mentioned above?

2. My wife and I have different mother tongues and neither is a Kannada speakers. Does anyone have any experience with sending the kid to a school taught in a language that neither of the parents know? I am willing, and eager, to learn Kannada. Of course, time and general slowness in learning languages because of age are main constraints for me, but probably not for my son.

3. Are there any Marathi or Spanish schools in Bangalore? (I know that's asking for too much, but might as well check it while I am on the topic!)

Thanks again.

Sujatha said...


I am not aware of private Kannada medium schools. Most of the English medium schools do teach Kannada, either as the second language or as the third language.

With neither you nor your wife knowing any Kannada, it would be extremely hard for your son to study in a school in which all subjects are taught in Kannada (is this what you meant by Kannada shools?).

If you want your son to learn Kannada, picking it as a second or third language in school along with the exposure he will get just from living here will be quite enough. If you find that he's struggling in Kannada, you can always hire a tutor to help him out.

About Marathi, no, I don't think so, but please continue your research if you're really interested in that.

About Spanish, there are private tutors availabe, but schools struggle to retain Spanish teachers because they are in such demand. One or the other of the international schools might offer it.

There are schools for French (Alliance Francaise) and German (Max Muller Bhavan) though not probably for very young children.

murli said...

First, thanks a lot, Sujatha, for your posts and for this forum. I have a 13 year old son, and we will be moving to Bangalore from the US in May. He is academically inclined; certainly not an athlete. What do you (and others) know about Mallya Aditi -- is it like any other school with an 'International' slapped onto its name? What are your opinions on National Public School (Indiranagar, Koramangala) and Delhi Public School (North).

From what I have gleaned, the recommended options for high school level kids are:

- Vidya Shilp
- Valley School

I checked with Valley, but they don't accept kids into the 9th grade -- one needs to have started earlier.

How about Vidya Niketan?

My son has studied Spanish for four years but knows no Hindi (or French, for that matter). I am really jittery at this stage. I had felt fairly confident about Mallya, but I can no longer bank on that. We will be leaving in 50 days, so there is very littl time! Do the schools make allowances for NRIs who can make it to India only in late May/early June?

thanks a lot!

Sujatha said...

Murli, you're welcome. I'm glad it's useful.

I too think the best options for your son are NAFL and Vidya Shilp. I know kids who go there and their parents are very happy (although at Vidya Shilp my friend's son is still in first grade). Please call the schools and find out about their admissions policies. I think NAFL's number is on one of the posts in the comments section.

I don't have personal experience with Aditi Mallya, but from what I hear from parents, the school is very expensive, the kids are stuck up (comparing notes on which foreign vacations you've had during summer break, etc.), the administration is not very welcoming of parents' involvement, etc. This may be totally wrong, but this is from parents who're are in the same boat as us - looking for good schools for their kids.

The international schools do make allowances for kids coming in late. But parents are not at all happy with Canadian (infrastructure issues and teacher issues), they are putting up with TISB but it's becoming expensive. Just look into TISB as well to keep your options open.

The boy I know who goes to NAFL also moved here from the US and he's settled in very well.

Let me know if you need more info. Good luck and don't worry, something will work out.

Sujatha said...

Oh, about NPS and DPS, parents and kids have very high opinions about NPS, although it may be too academically oriented to my taste. But that's what your son would be comfortable with, right? Their admissions process is completed for this year though and I think the same is the case for DPS (I haven't heard parents raving about DPS). One thing your son will hve to adjust to is tha class strength and amount of work.

murli said...

Thanks for your prompt responses, Sujatha. I've been practically sleepless, worried about school admission. I really want to avoid the very expensive schools, both because I cannot afford them and because my values are solidly middle class, and I don't want my son to among snobs. TISB, I understand, has stratospheric fees. Any school that mentions horseriding or golf makes me run off in the opposite direction!

If NPS and DPS have closed admissions, that leaves me to hope only for NAFL or VidyaShilp. I've read on some forums that Vidyashilp's standards have fallen and they have high teacher turnover.

If education was not such a monstrous problem in India, the R2I decision would be so much easier! Anyway, I guess one has to just bear with it.


Sujatha said...

Murli, try NAFL. I think it's a very good option for you. I'm sorry to mention this, you're worried enough as it is, but the 9th grade is tough year to try to move b/c all the schools here are gearing up for the all-important 10th grade exams and everyone is in war mode from 9th grade. Thought you should know so you can be prepared.

Also try Aurobindo in Banashankari and Kumaran's

Here are some numbers to start you off:

NAFL: 23239281

NPS: 25280611 (HAL); 25705171 (Koramangala)

DPS: 26570314/0346/2787 (Kanakapura Road)

Innisfree: 26597110 (J.P. Nagar II Phase)

Kumaran's (there are two locations, one with CBSE and one with ICSE - these are numbers for the Tata Silk Farm one, which I'm told is the better school of the two): 26761191; 26763381; 26322921

Aurobindo: 2671 6666/7777

I'm giving you certain of these numbers b/c you said you were interested in academically oriented schools. Do call and confirm they do absolutely not have space for the academic year coming up. They may, just may, change their mind if they hear from a concerned parent.

murli said...

Sujatha, thank you so much -- you are extremely helpful!

Do you happen to have alternative numbers for NAFL and NPS -- they seem to be engaged constantly! My mother in Bangalore has been trying them as well as Kumarans and Aurobindo -- these last two said "admission illa ri". But as you said, I should probably beg, grovel, and plead; a successful R2I probably demands that one gives up all traces of one's dignity!

I have a friend whose son went to Innisfree until the 10th standard and then switched to NPS Koramangala. He says that there is a better quality of children at NPS (in terms of intellect and disposition). What frightens me is that children start preparing for IIT JEE right from the 9th standard! Among the best years of one's life are given away to unremitting drudgery. I am worried for my son; I his spirit doesn't get crushed in the midst of all this.

Sujatha said...

Here's an alternative number and an e-mail address for NAFL:

Phone: 23231567


Sorry, don't have an alternative number for NPS.

About the drudgery, at least you are coming in with your eyes open. That's half the battle won. You should do the best you can now to minimize the effects of that on him. :)

murli said...

Sujatha, every piece of information you provide me is helping me inch forward in this race, battle, or whatever one may call it. I've heard from another source that Mallya's kids are stuck up. My mother has made contact with Vidya Shilp and Vidya Niketan; NAFL still remains beyond telephonic reach. There is a new school called Royal Concorde very close to where my parents live. Any information on this school? Main advantage for us is the proximity - what with the traffic and all that it would give me peace of mind to know that I can take my son over and bring him back, in a fairly short period of time. The only issue is that they follow the CBSE syllabus.

Do you know of R2I children joining upper level classes surviving CBSE? Is there any reason to fear it?

BTW, you've generated so much school-related data, it might be worthwhile posting all this to a single page - say, using Googlepages, where you can set up a free website using your Gmail/Blogger account. Intendedly or otherwise, you have become a major R2I hub!

Thanks, again.


Sujatha said...


I don't know about Royal Concorde. Haven't heard of it at all.

I understand that CBSE is better than ICSCE because the portions for tests are much larger in the latter than in the former. Also, CBSE is more project based which the kids seem to like.

Also try Sudarshan Vidya Mandir in 4th T Block. They are open to admitting kids in 9th grade, I'm told and the school is very well run from what I remember. They have everything - state syllabus, ICSCE and CBSE.

Here's a phone number and address for them:

Sudarshan Vidya Mandir 1164, 26th 'A' Main 4th 'T' Block Jayanagar Bangalore - 560 041

Ph: 26646221

I'm glad people find my blog useful. That was certainly the intent when I first started writing about life in Bangalore.

I don't know if you've already read my post collating all this information - Hope this is useful as well.

Good luck, as always.

Anonymous said...


Royal Concorde is a comparatively new school having come up around 2 years back. The infra is good and the fees is also not frightening for a R2I. Its around 50k for Y1 & 30K for Y2 onwards. Admissions should not be too big an issue in that school since its a new one. It follows a CBSE syllabus which is less burdensome than ICSE and brings out more creativity in the child.

Since u wud be staying around Kalyana Nagar, I wud like to suggest National Junior Public School (Kalyan Nagar), also known as CMR Public School, which has become part of NPS chain recently but not many people r aware of this fact. Its equally expensive as RCS but its really tough to get admission. But its said to be the best in that vicinity followed by Clarence High School. Come back if you have more queries on schools around Kalyan Nagar or on CBSE schools.

ksk said...

i am staying in jayanager 9th block,East End Main road.I want to know the schools near by for Lkg.I am concerned if to put my daughter in montessari.Will it be a probs in putting her in regular schhol later?

Anonymous said...

How is Brigade school and oxford english school in JP Nagar???

ksk said...

Thanks for the information of oxford and the other.Both seem to be a bit far from our place.
I enquired in jelly beans and jumbo kids.Do u have idea which is better?

saradha said...


We are relocating to Blr. from Chn and we are looking for a school around malleshwaram for my daughter into stdV. I am looking for a good CBSE school that facilitates the natural blosssoming of the child,providing equal opportunities to all in extra curricular activities , which inculcates values and one which does not has a frightening fees structure.


saradha said...

I quite like the phil. of education of Poorna Learning Center. Can any one tell me as to which board it comes under and what is the fees structure.

Ragini said...

Sharing some information about NRI school in Bangalore.

Few NRIs have established a school in Bangalore in partnership with Morgan Park and Lake Forest Academies of USA. The name of the school is Treamis World School. The school's url is or

We are relocating from Chicago in June. I have admitted my two children at TREAMIS. Before admitting, I personally talked to the Directors of TREAMIS and visited Morgan Park Academy in Chicago. The three schools are doing something unique with teacher/student exchange programs, co-development of curriculum etc. They are truly creating a global school.

The school offers CBSE as well as American curriculum. I can decide about the curriculum after my children get settled in the school. I do not have to look for CBSE school later if I do not like the American curriculum. The school is in Electronics City. It is just 2 km from my husband's work area; another plus point for selecting the school.

saradha said...

We are seeking admission into class v for our daughter in and around Malleswaram.Had a muckraking 2 months and still not able to zero in on a school which would match our daughter's requirements.Can someone help us decide between Royale concorde and Kensree? The girl attended a school in chennai which has inculcated in her a strong sense of values and we dont want her to get into a state of confusion in the new one.

roopa said...

Hi Sujatha,I am presently in Switzerland, returning India in october with my 6 year old son.He has to be in 1st standard this year.I am really worried if it could be possible to get an admission then.I have heard that most of the State schools started teaching in Kannada in 1st standard from this year.My in-laws are staying in jayanagar 4th Block. Do you have any idea if Sudharshan vidyamandir stated in your earlier post are admitting children from the midst of the year.

Sujatha said...

Sorry for the delay, have been out of town.

@ Sarada, Vidyashilp and NAFL seem like good options for you. Try them out. The contact info for NAFL is somewhere on one of the three Schools post or the Expat Questions post. Please check.

@ KSK, if you put your child in Montessori, they should have no problem adapting to another system later. I don't have any specific info about any of the schools you mentioned. Jelly Beans seems like a good school from what I've heard.

@ Ragini, thank you so much for posting that information. I hope readers find it useful.

@ Roopa, the best thing to do would be for you to call them up and find out. Please have someone in your family call them using that number. I guess it would be even better if someone could go and meet the principal personally.

If you can swing the fees, you could also try Greenwood or Inventure. They are open to admitting kids in the middle of the year. If you end up in a school that you don't like for the half year, I would really look out for another school for 2nd grade from the time you move here because that is when schools are gearing up for admissions for the 2008-2009 school year as well.

Good luck.

Sujatha said...

@ Sarada, interesting comment about the values inculcated in schools. Why would she be confused in the new school?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha,
Your blog is very interesting and informative. Could you give me some information about play schools in Indiranagar/ M.G.Road area. I went to a few in Indiranagar, but nothing seems worthwhile except Neev. Where is Jelly Beans? Also, do you know anything about Golden Beads in M.G.Road?

saradha said...


Relieved that you are back in town. Don't you think that the values that she cherished hitherto when discarded in the new school(though not by design) would confuse her ?

Sujatha said...

Anon, thanks.

There are two Jelly Beans locations - one in Jayanagar 4th T block next to the Raghavendra Swamy Math, and the other on Ring Road near BTM Layout. These are the two I know of. Neev has a very good reputation. No idea about Golden Beads, sorry.

Sarada, :)) Glad to be back in town as well.

I just thought it was odd to be worried about it. The home is the strongest inculcator of values and as long as that is steady (which I'm sure it is) you have nothing to worry about. Peer pressure and school environment have much more of a role to play in the later years, in my opinion.

Also, with change comes confusion. There is no getting around it. When my brother and I were growing up, we changed schools every two years and there was a hell of a lot of confusion, but we turned out OK (even though I do say so myself).

So don't worry and embrace the change. It might even turn out better than the old environment.

saradha said...


Thanks a lot for your reassurance. I feel greatly relieved.

roopa said...

Hi Sujatha,
Thanks for your information.I will find one of my relatives to go there(sudarshan vidya mandir) and meet principal.
Do you know any schools in jayanagar or to nearby localities which you think could admit the child from middle of the year?Because I am realy scared if I can do my son's admission in bangalore¦¦¦

Enfour said...

Finally ;) typing out what I've been meaning to for a while:

What happens if you relocate to Bangalore mid-session, say in Nov/Dec/Jan types? I guess there are 3 possible scenarios:
1. You have done very good deeds in all your previous lives and have therefore accumulated good karma => your kid gets into the school of first choice
2. You put the kid into whichever school that is willing to take him/her and transfer later (next academic year?) into a school that is more appropriate in your eyes
3. Home-school the kid for the time between landing in Bangalore and getting a place in preferred school.

Sujatha, pls to answer:
1. How real is scenario 1?
2. Scenario 2 would requre two changes for the poor kid - but is it inevitable?
3. How open are Indian schools to a kid who has been home-schooled during the transitionary period?

Thanks in advance.

Enfour said...

Asking the above questions for a child who turned 7 recently - so thats 2nd or 3rd standard I guess.

Sujatha said...

Hi Roopa, don't worry. Something or the other will work out. As Enfour as suggested below, you also have the option of putting him in any school that will take him in the year you come and then switching for the following year. Approach this whole issue with confidence, you'll be fine.

Enfour, I like the second option the best. I don't think schools are open to home-schooled kids here at all although I may be totally wrong. The reason I say they migh balk at it is that they are so hung up on the kind of work he's done before, letters from schools indicating the kind of work given to the kids, etc. And yes, if you are really, really lucky the first option is the best. Most of the school close admissions during the December of the previous year. The newer schools are the exception, like Inventure (someone visited it yesterday and they said they liked it a lot), Greenwood, etc.

Since your child is still in the lower grades, I'd not be unhappy if the second option worked out.

Good luck. :)

roopa said...

Hi sujatha,
I will really appreciate your thoughts.I will try out second option.For sure, the first option would be best if I am very lucky.
enfour, thanks for giving your advice\suggestions on this.

Anonymous said...

Sujatha,You've done a terrific job on your blog.
I wanted to share my experience with my child . Its very long. I hope you dont mind.
I was looking for authentic Montessori schools and visited quite a few of them. The two I zeroed in were Akshara(Ulsoor)- now another brach in Yelehanka with their own organic farm and lots of trees incorporated in the environment. The children were all working quitely on their material and I saw one kid in the fourth grade working on a problem from the ICSE (X)past paper. I really liked it but the distance was too much.
The other was Ankur at CV Raman Nagar off Old Madras Road. The directress was a good talker and she convinced me that they were open to kids from all backgrounds and they had quite a few ex-pat kids but one thing that didnt seem right was that she insisted that I do not stay. I still did. On one of days I saw one of the teachers scolding a lil 3 yr old really harshly just for not holding the brown stairs properly. I talked to the directress about it. She didnt seem to mind and rather justified her behavior. Anyway, I started leaving my child there after a week and I used to hear him cry on my way out. :(( Later he started crying in the morning. He didnt want to go. I still made him go for another week. Affter that he refused and he said aunty scolds, I dont wanna go. I stopped sending him. After a week the directress called to enquire why my child hadnt been coming. I told her he didnt seem to like it and I thought he wasnt ready. She said' Are you too protective?' I told her I was normal just the way a mother should be. But this made me come to the decision that none of the schools are good for our children. Ofcourse, others may have their own opinion.
I seem to find that my child is learning More than all the kids his age in our apartment building. Maybe its because he doent go to school. Lots of the people are worried about it, even total strangers. But I can see how subdued the other kids are.
To enfour,
There are lots of families in Bangalore who are homeschooling their kids even in higher classes, so you're alone. There is a yahoogroup for people who are interested in aternative education in India and the group has quite a few homeschoolers, most are from Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. The group is

catch22 said...

Hi.....This blog seems to be very interesting and informative! Can anybody tell me what is the reputation of DPS (South & North) Bangalore? We are planning to relocate to India this year, and am looking for admitting my son in LKG.

Thanks in advance........

Anonymous said...

I would be relocating to Bangalore next week from Hyd, can someone recommend a good preschool/montessori in and around Shanthinagar/RichmondTown locality. My kid is 2yr 7months, I think he would be right for Nuresery class.

enfoured said...

Thanks Su for the info on homeschooling in India.

I would have loved to home-school my kids, the only issue I would have is the lack of social interaction for the child. I think that is the single most important thing they get out of going to a school. So I would use it as a stop gap arrangement only but then thats my opinion.
I know a mom here who is a psychiatrist. She once told me that some patients who are really old also have issues stemming from traumatic experiences they had at school - like bullying etc. She found this so scary thats he home-schools her kid.
I had a colleague while working with a management consultancy in Mumbai who's dad had home-schooled him. He did exceptionally well academically. At 14 he entered Engg college and at 20 he got out of NITIE (he could appear for neither JEE or CAT due to min age requirements). Obviously he had a head start age-wise in his career. Anyway the point I wanted to make was that he had brilliant ideas - very original- which I think was bcoz he had not been forced to conform by going to a school, but on the other hand he was a very bad team player. Not sure how much can be attributed to home-schooling but there you are.

hey sujatha looks like I am hogging your space! Apologies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an excellent blog.
I would like to give a word of advise/caution.
* Most schools in Bangalore have admission cut-off dates almost 6 months before the session starts. So please be early. REALLY EARLY. Its very competitive here.
* Another problem is transport in Bangalore. If you are shifting to Bangalore, try and find a school and the get a place to live close to the school rather than the other way round. Otherwise, your child will end up spending 2-3 hours every day just shuttling between home and school.
* Be sure to check the management of the school. The school principals of some schools (like NPS Indira Nagar and Bishop Cotton) are impossible to reach and treat parents very badly. If something were to ever go wrong, they will not be available and this will make things bad for our children.
* Other schools have silly management issues. eg. CMR NPS problem is that they regularly run out of books and text-copies/note-books and they expect the children to use specific format copies only. This makes life really tough for the parents through the academic session.
Another problem (I have seen this with CMR NPS) is that the school dress is available from only one vendor. He comes to school at specific times on days convenient to him. He is not contactable as he has a residence office. And in generally blunt and rude.

These are very painful problems with an otherwise great school.

Do your home work. And only then admit your child to specific schools.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha,

I'm new to this blog, I happened to read all your messages. I live in JP Nagar and am looking out for a good school. I was told that Mitra Academy in Bannerghatta road is a good one. I would like to knwo more about this school and Padma Seshadri in bangalore.

Sujatha said...

Anon (May 30th), thank you for your comment. I'll put up the info you have provided in a separte post so people are able to find it more easily. Homeschooling is an option some parents do consider and follow through with.

Enfoured, no problem at all. I'm glad you found the info you were looking for.

Anon (June 9th) thanks for some excellent advice!

If anyone can help out Anon (June 15) and Catch 22 I'd appreciate it.

Finally, sorry for the long delay in responding to your comments. Have been traveling and so out of pocket.

JAIKANTH said...

Hi Sujatha,
We have a 2 year old kid and he presently attends playschool. We plan to put him into montessori when he turns 2.5 this Dec. Could you suggest me good pre school/ montessories on sarjapur road or in proximity? It would be helpful if the school has classes continuing upto XII CBSE as also transport facility.

Sujatha said...

Jaikanth, Neev is a very good option for you. Also try Bright Beginnings. If you search inside this blog you'll find the contact info for Bright Beginnings. Neev must be easy to find by calling directory assistance. I've heard parents say great things about Neev. They are both on Airport-Varthur Road.

girija said...

hi sujatha,

excellent blog.lots of good information. sometiomes scares me when i have to find a school. we are currently in US and planning to return to Bangalore by december. my daughter will turn 3 by january. i have few questions .

1) what is the age requirement for kids to enter KG?

2) we are located in basveshwaranagar area and planning to put my daughter in either NPS or vidya vardhaka sanga school. are these two good schools?which is better?

3)when are the schools issuing admission forms for the academic year 2008-09?

thanks and appreciate ur response

Sujatha said...

Girija, thanks.

1. To enter UKG, children must be 5 years old (kindergarten in the US). To enter LKG, the child must be 4 years old (pre-school in the US). School year starts in June, so your child must have completed 5 before June for UKG. But please do confirm it once you narrow down the schools.

2. Both are good schools. I would suggest that you also try NAFL which is located in that area and is reputed to be a very good school. Contact information is available from the commets sections on the three school posts here on my blog.

3. Schools start issuing admission forms in October of 2007, but you should start keeping tabs on your selected schools at least two months prior to that. So I would suggest calling the schools now and asking about their registration schedule. Schools complete the registration process some as early as Jan and some as late as April of the year in which your child will enter the school.

Good luck.

girija said...

hi sujatha,

thank you for ur reply. my daughter will only turn 3 by january. so i guess i have to put her in pre-kg when i go to india. hope these schools do have pre-kg.

thanks and bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha .

I am also looking for LKG admission for my daughter on 2008 academic in bangalore since i am moving back from London.My daughter will become 3 and 1/2 years on March2008.Is she is not eligible 2008 academic year.Bit confused ..please clarify..

Anonymous said...

hi sujatha,
thanks for providing such useful information regarding the i'm finding myself into the category of those confused and tensed daughter is 2yrs10months now.her date of birth is 18th she eligible for LKG admission in the year 2008 june?........please clarify the age norms in bangalore,so that i can come back to bangalore from UK to have her admissions now....kindly help me, iam in a huge dilemma...
thanking you,

Sujatha said...

Hi Saumya, Reni and Girija,

By the time the academic year starts, children must have completed 3 years and 10 months for LKG (Pre-Kindergarted), 4 years and 10 months for UKG (Kindergarten) and 5 years and 10 months for first grade.

The academic year starts in June in the schools following the Indian calendar (June to March every year).

For kids younger than 3 years and 10 months, there are play homes and nursery (which starts when the kids are two and a half, I think).

I hope this helps.

The best thing to do would be to call the schools to confirm. There are numbers of a few schools on these posts.

Anonymous said...

My experience is specifically with CMR NPS, although I suspect it's true with the other National group schools as well. They don't have a Parent Teacher Association, and the only time they talk to you is if the child is having problems. The management is extremely abrasive towards parents. Also, if your child is not performing well by the time (s)he is in class 7th or 8th, they will remove him/her from the school. They have also been known to remove kids who are somewhat rebellious in nature ("ask too many questions"). Constant verbal abuse of students is another problem (my child reported that their Class I teacher called a girl student "bazaari" (prostitute)).

Anonymous said...

Dear all

Do you have any opinions about the following:

a) Vidya shilp academy
b) Akshara montessori

I am on the look out for appropriate schools since I ve been told my son, who is in Class I, needs individual attention to complete his work in class (he already has attended a montessori earlier)

Gigi said...

Hey All
This is an awesome space and I am real glad I found this!!

We are moving to Bangalore in the 2nd week of August and I have a 4 year old son. We have bought a house in the Kalyan Nagar Area. I want him to start school this year. I know I am very very late for admissions this year.
Could someone let me know of a good school around my area that may accept him this year.

I have already enquired in these schools
Royal Concorde - Admissions closed for LKG ( was not impressed with the school )
Aditi & Clarence only take kids from next year and for Aditi admissions for 2008 are already over.
I have no info for Vidyaniketan or Vidyashilp
It would be great and really really helpful to get some information about the various schools where the number of students in each class should be small. Schools near Kalyannagar, Yelahanka, etc etc
Thanks so much in advance

Anonymous said...

Can I please have the address of Akshara montessori in Yelahanka.

Sujatha said...

Anon (jul 27) and Gigi, I know from a friend who sends her son there that Vidyashilp is a very good choice. Please call them, visit them and see if it'll work out for you. I understand that the student teacher ratio there is favorable.

Anon (Aug 2), call information at 23333333 to find out Akshara's telephone number.

Sreenivasa said...


Thank you for a very informative blog. I'm hoping my search for information ends here :)

My daughter is 18 months old. I'm thinking of putting her in a pre-school, which follow the Montessori methodology. I wanted to see that she studies in the same school until 10th or 12th. Do you know of good schools around Marathalli area?

Also, there are messages about ICSE and CBSE syllabus. Why should one go for one or the other? Anything in the syllabus that makes one better than the other?

Thank you.


Sujatha said...

Sreenivas, in Marathahalli, try Bright Beginnings and Neev (both telephone numbers are in one of the three school posts - please look) for pre-nursery and kindergarten. For first grade and up you can try Inventure Academy or Greenwood, both on Sarjapur Road. Good luck.

Jiya said...


Like almost everyone else we are moving to Blore around June/July 2008 ( I am expecting my next one in April). I have a duaghter who will be 4.5 years in June and we will be living Near the new aiport (hebbal area) or in Indiranagar (near Manipal hospirtal). Please help me with good schools. From what I hear and read, my choices are either CBSE or International schools......I ablsoutely do not want my daughter to go to a snobbish school but also not to a school with rote memorization and academics the size of Himalayas.....I hear great things about schools like Vidyashilp but they admit from class 1. My daugher will be going to Lower KG (I think). So should I put her in a small preschool and then move to a bigger name later or should I stick to one school right from the beginning? Also will they allow her to join in July ( I wanted to move only after my newborn is at least 3 months old).....


Aslam said...

We are staying in Cox town and our son became 3 years old on july 10,2007. We are looking for good schools around. We have visited CMR NPS/Clarence/new horizon/NPS.

Sujatha said...

Jiya, congratulations on your second child!

If Vidyashilp is a good option for you for first grade, then I would put her in another school, get a sense for what Vidyashilp looks for and be prepared for it when she's ready for first grade. One of my friends moved her child to Vidyashilp from another school and she's very happy with it.

You are bound to have more luck with the smaller schools if you are moving in July rather than the big name ones.

A lot of people move their kids from nursery schools to other schools with first grade; so it's not something you should be worried about.

Good luck with the move.

Aslam, are you not happy with those schools?

If anyone has recommendations for Aslam, please help him out.

prajakta said...

Hi sujata,
Thanks for such a informative Blog for a newcommer in Banglore city. We have recently shifted to Banglore and we are staying at Marathahalli, Varthur road. Iam looking for good pre school for my 2.9yrs son. As he would be completing his 3yrs in nov, i would like to know when he could be admitted to a proper school. Please let me know some good preschools and other good schools around the area mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I have a 3years and 8 months kid and i stay in Singapore. We will be reloacting to Bangalore. I have a few questions i hope you guys would be able to answer.

I and my hubby have shortlisted few schools: DPS, Bishop Cottons, Stella Maris, Vidya Sagar, Presidency, Vidyaniketan.

Does anyone provide me some information about Vidyaniketan: quality of education, teachers ? Really worried about in deciding which school she will be going to.

I hope i will be able to see the reply.


sarada said...

I am new to bangalore. I am staying in CV raman nagar near to Old madras road. My daughter is 2Yrs. 8 months old. Now looking for a good school to start with the nursery till higher grades. Any suggestion is most welcome.

Satya nanda

Ratheesh said...

Hi Did you guys knew about this Global Art India especially bringing up creative art programmes , Wow its superb , just try that out .. It Really a good one for your kid ., 080 32924753 is the number of their center !!

Alok said...

Hi Sujatha,

All the information that you are posting is really a great service (and thanks for doing this).

Had a question: I am planning to move back to India (Bangalore) this October. My son is in 2nd grade in the US. Will he able to get admission in a decent school mid-year? This is a short notice move for us and I havent done any groundwork on schooling. My hope is that some international schools do consider transfer cases (he goes to an IB school in Atlanta).

Thanks in advance for your advice.


Sujatha said...

Prajakta, try Neev school on Varthur Road and Bright Beginnings in Ramagondanahalli. Please see the other school posts and comments for the contact information.

Swati and Satya, I'm sorry I don't have any information on what you are looking for. If anyone else does, please leave a comment here. Thanks.

Alok, your best bet would be to try Inventure or Greenwood (who I think may be less expensive than Indus or TISB). Indus, TISB, and Canadian, though, follow an American school calendar and so your son might have missed only about a month and a half of school there rather than three and a half months of school. But I know that Greenwood and Inventure do consider middle of the year applications.

Padma said...

Padma: My son is right now in Euro kids doing is montessori dollars colony, Mathikere.
For LKG (2008) i am looking out for a school.

Could you suggest me some schools and when are the applications forms issued for them.

Anonymous said...

was going through all these posts. its very informative (actually its surprising to see the costs). we are looking for one pre-school around indira nagar, cv raman nagar. we wll be moving to lal bahadur shastri nagar (near to current airport).

Anonymous said...


Nice blog... it's really informative.

I am not very familiar with Montessori method. Can you please guide me on this? How it is different from other methods?

sri said...

Hi Sujatha,

Thanks for pulling all the info together.

I really need some help here. I just returned from USA and having tough time finding admission for UKG. I am looking for schools in Basavanagudi area. I tried following schools:

1. Auro bindo
2. Innsfree

All the above mentioned schools say that they do not have any seats and they accept only in April. My question is how they handle kids who belong to transferred parents? I am planning to try others like APS. Did any of you apply recently (not in Apr/May) and got admissions in reputed school? What you have to do? Please share.

Do you have contact info for Carmel?

Can you please give your email ID? My email ID is sunder244 at

Note : Can you please delete my post in your first part?

Thank you

Sujatha said...

Padma, Euro Kids will be your best source of information. Talk to the other parents in your child's class. They will be able to help you.

RK, sorry. I don't have particular information about your area. There's a website called Neighborhood Scout in Bangalore that provides school information in particular areas. You should check it out.

Anon, here's some information about the Montessori method -

Sunder, thanks and I'm sorry to see you are struggling. Since your child is in UKG, you should try for a smaller school and prepare to move him to Kumaran's or Aurobindo for first grade. Note that Kumaran's has an entrance test for first grade. There are a few "Montessori" outfits - there are two Jelly Beans, one in Jayanagar 3rd Block, one in 4th T Block that you could try. But note that you will really need to prepare your child for the first grade entrance tests if you are looking at schools like Kumaran's, etc (note that there are two Kumaran's and the branch (Tata Silk Farm area - 26761191) is reputed to have a less stressful curriculum than the main location -26321077).

Try DPS on Kanakapura Road (26570314) as well for first grade.

The phone number for Carmel Convent is 26656599.

I know this might be a bit far for you, but try NAFL (it's in Rajajinagar). The tel no. is on one of my school posts here.

Lastly, if you are shooting for Kumaran's, you should try Joshika Montessori in JP Nagar. They train their kids to take the Kumaran's entrance tests. It's likely they will have an opening for UKG.

If you have further specific questions about your move, I'm at blogpourri AT gmail DOT com.

Good luck with your search.

maha2natraj said...

This is a great, informative site. We are relocating to Bangalore from Bahrain. Currently, my daughter is in class 5, DPS, Bahrain. Was wondering how Vidyashilp would be since it is quite close to the place we live? She has to take Hindi and Kannada in grade 5 at Vidyashilp. Does that continue till 10th grade?
Thank you and best wishes, Aarti

Sujatha said...

Hi Aarti, thank you. A friend of mine sends her son to Vidyashilp and she loves it as does her son. She was unhappy with a couple of other schools so she was very happy that she found this school. They have a hands on approach and so your daughter might have a better time of adjusting than at some of the other schools.

In the same area, I would also try NAFL. That school also has a lot of kids who've moved back to India from other countries and the people who send their kids to NAFL are generally very happy with the experience.

And yes, I do believe languages (other than English) go up to 10th grade.

Good luck with the move.

Ruchira said...

Hi, Nice informative blog hapened to come across while searching for schools in Bangalore. Can someone provide me info on DPS Sarjapur - its exact location, contact nos. and general feedback on the school.
I am looking for a good CBSE school for my two daughters who are currently in Std. III and UKG going to Sacred Heart at Residency Road. I want to put them to CBSE from next academic year.

Thanks. Ruchira.

Anonymous said...


I need some info urgently. Can one of you please provide fees charged by Vidyashilp? Also do you have any feedback on Carmel school Padmanabhnagar?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha and others

Does any of you have heard/or personal experience with Carmel? I am looking for feedback on quality in comparison to Kumaran or Vidyashilp and the likes. I need to decide fast and any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you

Sujatha said...

Hi Ruchira, sorry I don't have any info on the Sarjapur location of DPS. To get contact info I would call 23333333 and ask for the tel no. If anyone else has feedback, please share. I thought there was one near Hosur Road (DPS East); wasn't aware there was one on Sarjapur as well. If it's DPS East, one of my friends sends her son to the kindergarten there and so far, she's happy. A lot of the kids of parents in Electronics City send their kids to that school.

Good luck.

Anons - about fees, the school would be the best source. I would ask them for a brochure or fee schedule.

Carmel does very well in the annual exams every year. Its students regularly show up in the top ranks. I don't have direct personal experience with that school, but I know people who send their kids there and they are happy. The kids are doing very well in the school.

If you are considering Carmel, wouldn't Vidyashilp be very far away?

Anonymous said...

You are right, Vidyashilp is far, but we are willing to move for kid's education. Thanks for the help and response.

Few more questions: Each school has their own rule about admission regarding birthdates used for admission. For example: Aurobindo says, the kid has to be 5 years old by June. Whereas someother school has November. Does ICSE enforce age restrictions when the kids take 10th std exams or ICSE leaves to school to enforce?

Also some schools ask for original birth certificate. Do you folks give original birth certificate?

Thank you

Sujatha said...

I don't know the answer to the ICSE age requirement question. I'll try to find out.

About the birth cert., I would take a notarized copy and the original and give them the copy or have them make a copy themselves and give you back the original right there. I think I only showed it to them and took it back.

Menka said...

Hello Sujatha,

I'm not a mom but I was doing some research on the international schooling system in India for a friend and I came across your blog. Loved all three articles, they made very interesting reading and gave me great insight into the schooling system in India, both good and bad.
Thanks and good luck with your child's next school.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sujatha

Agree that this blog is really very useful. I'd like to ask a few questions...

1) If I put my child (2.5 yrs old) into a montessari school now, would it be advised that he continues in montessari method till 3 years? If I put him in regular school after 1 yr., would it be an issue?

2) NAFL I heard has a tough admission process? do you have some info on what is their criteria?

3)A recommended list of regular schools (not international), which are amogst the best in BLR, would be something I keenly look forward.


Sujatha said...

Menka, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Means a lot. :)


1. there is no problem with switching from Montessori to a regular system, especially at such a young age. Kids usually stay in Montessori through Kindergarten and then move to regular schools and they do fine.

2. I don't have particular information about NAFL. Admissions are tough everywhere. I would just call them and talk to them to understand what their process is like.

3. Some good schools are:

Vidyashilp, NAFL, Aurobindo, Inventure, Greenwood, Valley, Carmel, Kumarans, Innisfree.

Of course, which school is good or bad depends on what your criteria are. But these are some non-international schools that you could try to reach and then decide.

abhishek said...

i will be shortly moving to Kalyan nagar area and right now looking for schools for my 3 years old kid in that area. Please can you provide suggestions for good CBSE schools ? I have heard of National Junior public school and Royal Concorde there. Are there any more good schools to consider ?

phm said...


Can some guide me on good ICSE/CBSE school in and around Banshankari area. I know few name like APS, JSS, Carmel, Little flower but have no idea whether which one is good etc.

My son will turn 3Yr 8Mth and 17 Days on 1st Jun 2008 and I am looking for godd school for LKG admission.

I have heard on Kumaraan's but they don't give admission to LKG directly. Is it true ?

Please guide me....


Sujatha said...

Abhishek, I'm not aware of other schools in that area. If anyone else can help out Abhishek's please do so.

Piyu, I would just call Kumaran's and find out exactly when they offer addmission. There are two locations to consider for Kumaran's - the contact information for both is above (Sept 8th comment under my name). Try also DPS on Kanakapura Road and Aurobindo. They all have very good reputation.

Good luck.

phm said...

Thanks for your reply, Sujatha.

Anyone lese has any view point on school around Banshankari. DPS is insting on 4 Yr by May end for LKG. Why other school says it shld be 3.10 Mths etc.

Which school is bettr CBSE or ICSE...Any exp. based on education of your child !!!

Many thx for your reply..


Anonymous said...

Hello Sujatha,

I found this site as a great source for information/suggestions on schools in Bangalore.

I would like to get some suggestions on schools around Whitefield, Marathali, ORR & Sarjapur road for my child who would will join UKG. I would prefer my child to go to school where there will be a good balance of curriculum and extra curricular activities. Next criteria is the curriculum to choose from. I saw many of the feedback on preference to CBSE curriculum compared to ICSE. Would like to know if CBSE is really really better than ICSE. If so then I would like to get suggestions on CBSE based school for my child around the area I mentioned above. I was deciding upon Inventure academy as the school to choose after reading various blogs but came to know that Inventure is following ICSE curriculum. Would appreciate your help/guidance.

Also my second child is just 1 year old. Thinking of sending to a good daycare. Do you have any suggestion on that ? I heard about Viva international. But do not know how it is... Any other suggestions ?

P.S --> We returned to India from US recently. It's a great feeling to be in India for sure :)

Thank you.

enfoured said...


Any idea about this school called Namma Shaale? I think it is in North Bangalore.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

i am relocating from singapore to Bangalore this year and looking for admission in CBSE Schools for my daughter. My daughter will complete 5 years by Feb 2008 and is studying in K2 in an Indian school in Singapore.
Will the schools in Bangalore admit her for 1st std next year.
Which are the good CBSE Schools in Bangalore?

Sujatha said...

En, sorry, don't have any information about that school. I'll try asking my family if they've heard about it and leave a comment here.

Anon, I would call some of the schools listed here with phone numbers and find out exactly. Some schools ask for 5 years and 10 months for first standard, some might take kids earlier. Also, please see the comments above for names of CBSE schools. Good luck.

Sujatha said...

Anon (Sept 28th) and Anon (Oct 8th): Here's a link to a list of CBSE schools in Bangalore -

Anon (Sept. 28th) I don't know the pros vs cons of CBSE and ICSE, sorry. Of the schools in the list, I've heard really good things about NAFL. NPS is apparently also very good, but very academics oriented. I would check to see what Greenwood offers and also Deen's Academy and Ryan International.

For your second child, I would look at Neev (or Marathahalli Road, near the Varthur Circle) and Bright Beginnings, in Ramagondanahalli. The numbers for both are listed in the comments on the Bangalore schools posts.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...


Thanks a lot for the information. Could you let me know the schools which take children in the age group 5 years as of june to 1st Std. National Public School insists 6 years as of June. Could you recommend any other CBSE schools. I need email id or contact numbers.


Vyjayanthi said...

This is one of the most informative blogs and definitly helpful.
I am moving to Malleshwaram and desperatly trying to find schools near Sampige road. My daughter will be 3 in January. Hope you can suggest a good one

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha,
Excellent blog for the parents who are looking out for schools......
We stay in Koramangala and looking out for a school around.
Can you please give some feedback on the following schools:
1. Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya mandir, HSR layout
2. Freedom International, hsr layout.
3. Cambridge public school, hsr layout
4. JSS public school, hsr layout
My son is 3 Yrs, 4 month old and now we are looking out to admit him to LKG.
Cretaria is that, we don't want to send him to hi-fi school. A school where most of the learning happens in class room, which teaches some morals and fair attention to extra & co-curricular activities.
Please suggest me on the same.
Thanks in advance....

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Sujatha for replyinh on CBSE schools around whitefield area (your October 8th reply). Also thank you for suggesting day care for my younger one.

I heard about a CBSE based school "Brigade" in J.P Nagar. How is that school ? Any idea ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sujatha,

I am new here. My son getting into 7th std. Am looking for a school keeping in mind, that he is a rank student and all rounder. He is interested in getting into IITs. Is there school like in AP, which train students for IITs.

Sujatha said...

Ravi, I would suggest you call the schools on your list and ask. I'm sorry I don't have that kind of information.

Vyjayanthi, have you checked Stella Maris on Sankey Road?

Sushma, I don't have particular information about those schools. I don't know what you mean by hi-fi. I would suggest visiting them and getting a feel for the school because you are the best judge of what you will be comfortable with.

Sujatha said...

Anon (Oct 12), As I mentioned above, I would suggest you visit the school to get a feel for it. I don't have specific information about that school, sorry.

Anon (Oct 18), I would suggest you check out Kumaran's, NPS and Carmel Convent. They generally do well in the public exams.

Good luck to all.

Usha said...

Hi All,

My daughter goes to Greenwood high. We relocated from the US last year and my daughter seems to be liking it. I got her into greenwood to ease the transition and greenwood worked great for that phase.

I live in marathahalli area and am now on a lookout for a school closer to home. I am not sure if i should continue with ICSE or get her into a CBSE school. Any suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Can anybody tell me the difference between the CBSE and ICSE systems of education?

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

We r planning to get back to India from the US.My daughter is in kindergarten as if now.She would be going to first grade next year and my son is gonna be 3yrs and would go to Pre-school.We have a house on Bannerghatta road area. I would like to know if there are any Good schools in that area.I have heard that DPS is a good school!!

Would someone plz suggest some good schools.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

i would like to know about BGS National Public School located at Hulimavu, Banergatta Road. Does this school belong to National Public school.


Anonymous said...

My daughter is 2 years and is attending a good montessori preschool close home. I would like her to continue there and complete her preschool and later admit her to Vidyashilp. But recently I heard that getting admission for 1st std at Vidyashilp is very difficult. Now I am in a dilema. Do you think I should put her in play group for the next academic year itself at Vidyasagar?

Sujatha said...

Usha and Anon (Oct 22), please look at the link to the newspaper article about CBSE and ICSE on this blog. Hope it's useful.

If anyone has responses for Ravi and Anon (Oct 24), please help them out. Thanks.

Anon (Oct 25), if I were you, I would do the transition now so you don't have to worry about it for 1st standard. It's easier on the kids and you now if your child is already adjusted to the new environment before 1st grade. But please weigh the pros and cons. You are the best judge of this situation because you have all the information. Good luck.

Kishore said...


First of all, thanks a lot for your elaborate blog and unbiased description style that is surely going to suit for all types of readers. Thanks indeed.

I would also like to know your comments on the "India International School" that is there on Sarjapur road. My child is 2 years old and I am planning to put her in this school's Pre-KG class from June 2008. One of the advantages that I see for the child is their Pre-KG class is very close by my home right now (It is there on outer ring road, and I stay in an apartment very close by.)
I would really appreciate your views on India International school, and their management, teachers etc.

Again, Thanks a LOT for giving all this very important information on a very crucial subject!

Looking forward to your more comments.....


Anonymous said...

Dear All,

I have gone through everyones views under this post and here is what I would like to say regarding pre-primary level (2.5 through 6 years of age) education:

Montessori system offered by schools recognized by Indian Montessori Center, Bangalore seem to be capable of inculcating skills, knowledge and manners through real life oriented hands-on experience. For offering developmental learning it is very important to create conducive environment wherein the trained adults' way of interaction and presentation lets the learning by child take the lead. This is normally not possible in nursery, LKG UKG system.

Think over and visit IMC site.....

enfoured said...

Hi Sujatha.

Couple of Qs:

1. How far is Inventure from the ORR-Sarjapur Road intersection, both in terms of distance and time during school hours?

2. Is it possible to live close to Inventure? Or is it in the middle of nowhere?


Kumar said...

Hi Sujatha
This is an excellent blog. quite informative and very useful. it shall be very helpful if you could also write about good colleges and admission processes.



Sujatha said...

Kishore, I'm sorry but I don't have first-hand knowledge of India International School. All I can tell you is that one of my neighbors in Bangalore sent their kids there and they are very happy - both the kids and the parents. I would suggest that you visit the school yourself and meet the teachers and get a sense for whether you'll be comfortable or not. It might also help to talk to a couple of parents, in the morning perhaps, when they've come to drop off their kids. The fact that it is close to your house is definitely a plus. Cutting commute time for the kids, especially at that age, is an advantage. Good luck with your decision.

Anon, thanks for your input.

N, there are many, many housing possibilities within a half-hour ride from Inventure. Inventure is in the middle of nowhere on Sarjapur Road. There are villages close by with lots of houses, but not really convenient for your family, I would imagine. But Airport Road and ORR (both about 20 minutes away) offer a million housing possibilites - single family homes, apartment complexes, gated communities (including Palm Meadows, Ozone, Palm Retreated, Sobha apartments, etc.).

Kumar, thank you very much for your kind words. But I don't have similar information for colleges. It was a long time ago that I had to consider colleges and I'm sure the situation has changed drastically since then.

confused mother said...

Hi ,
this website is really very useful. I realize there are other parents as anxious and worried as i am regarding getting admission to a "good" school.
I have a daughter of 3yrs 3 months and i wanted to put her to Aurobindo for LKG.

My question is how is Aurobindo school, the website has not been updated so could someone help me out. And more importantly do they give admissions in between that is to say LKG or UKG.
Are there tests for 1st std at aurobindo?

Could u suggest any other good schools around banashankri ?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Confused mom

Sujatha said...

Confused Mom, from what I've heard, Aurobindo is a good school. It has a good reputation, but I don't know their admission details. You can call them and I'm sure they will be forthcoming with that information. The kids I've met (high-schoolers) from that school were smart and outgoing. The other good school near Banashankari is Carmel Convent. They get quite a few ranks in the 10th exams.

Good luck.

Vikas said...

Please visit, a site dedicated to bangalore schools. Share your views and get latest information on schools in Bangalore

Anonymous said...


Can anyone tell me where I can find a 1st standard CBSE syllabus on the web?


my email address is

Anonymous said...


This website is really useful. Hats off to Sujatha for providing such a platform. I would like to get some information on VIBGYOR. We are considering this school for our kids for next year. Any feedback from other parents also, I would appreciate.

Concerned Mom

Sujatha said...

Concerned Mom, thanks. I don't have any information about VIBGYOR, sorry. I would suggest you talk to a couple of parents at the school itself - perhaps if you went there in the morning or when the kids are being picked up, you can meet some of them. Good luck.

Sujatha said...


May be this CBSE site can help -

smita said...

Hi folks,
I am interested in Brigade school, JP Nagar, my email id is bssmitaatyahoodotcom . Please forward any information u think useful. Also someone mentioned to me that school admissions to most schools for nusery are over . I am really getting worried as i have just come to Bangalore and am starting my search for schools now.

I leave near Basavangudi. Any help is welcome. Really i am getting so tense that i have missed applying to all good schools.

vandana said...

Hi Sujatha,

What is your opinion about Prakriya Green Wisdom School? Any feedback on the process and methodologies.

My daughter has got a call from the school for Nursery.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha ,
I looking admission for my sons who are studying in 5th std in a CBSE school here in Muscat. we plan to return to Bangalore by April 2008. We are visiting Bangalore next month to get the school admission done.. We are looking at Royale concorde international school in HRBR banaswadi as we will stay in HRBR. The problem is they are saying my son is younger by 3 months and denying the seat asking him to repeat a 5th std which is absurd .. As we are applying for 6 standard ..he is a good student , he will get mentally distrubed if we repeat the year and also have a change of country at the same time..

Can you please tell me the actual prescribed age . how can they deny seat .. when CBSE school has given admission here in Muscat , also a school in Bangalore is also giving seat for my son but this will be very far so not considering it..

Sujatha said...

All, thank you for reading my posts on Bangalore schools. At this point, I'm unable to answer specific questions about the schools. Things are changing rapidly in Bangalore, new schools are coming up and since I'm not there anymore, it's difficult to keep track. I sincerely hope the posts have helped you thus far and that they will continue to serve as a good starting point for your research. Good luck and best wishes to you.


Deepa said...

You can open a consultancy on Blr schools :).. I visit this page once in while to see the newly added comments. Here is my 2 cents. My kid is in the primary classes in CMR NPS Kalyan nagar. I like the school for many reasons. No homework load. No pressure (for the junior classes atleast). But the other side is there is no consistency in the quality of the teacher. For my child, last year the teacher was excellent, this year she is just ok. They dont have a Par-Teach assn, but you can visit the teacher any saturday, giving an advance notice. Also they limit the children in participating in co-curricular activities- the teacher chooses the children than letting them to volunteer. I heard that Royal Conc is quite good. So thinking of that school for my second kid.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha,

trupti said...

Hi Sujatha,
I read most of the information you have given on the site. Its very useful. Thank you. I have specific queries.
1. My son is 2.7 yrs. So far I have put him to any montessori due to some health problems. But not he is alright. I stay at Rajajinagar. I am looking for very good schools in Rajajinagar area. I tried for NAFL but the admissions are closed for 2008. Can you please suggest me some good montessori/pre school in and around Rajajinagar? It would be better if the school has classes upto 10th standard.
2. One more point is I would to know your opinion about podar jumbo kids? Is it good option to put a child to Podar or some other school like NAFL ot NPS... etc?


Anonymous said...


This is a good blog with lot of information about Bangalore schools, I am moving to Bangalore, OMBR Layout in June July of 08 time frame, I am planning to pursue my sons admission for 1st standard. Can you recommend me few good CBSE schools in the area in the order of the quality of education and extra curricular activities.


Anonymous said...


can any one clarify if there is a
JSS Public School with CBSE syllabus in HBR layout (Banasawadi) and how good or bad is it.

Thanks in Advance!

Anonymous said...

Just a small add after reading "Anon" comments on Ankur Montessori , CV Raman Nagar. My child goes there and I have found them most open and friendly. They even allow me to work with the child, which is not usual in other schools. Other parents also come and work with their children. Something must be seriously wrong with Anon's boy if he is still being homeschooled, as stated by Anon.

By now if he doesnt knwo his multiplication tables he will have a weak base when he goes back to the US/UK/Africa or wherever (maybe Sudan?)

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I got a call from Royal Concorde for my son's interview. Has anybody been thru the interview already or in the past. Would be helpful if i can get some guidence. The admission is for KG-1 and my son is 3.5yrs.


jai said...

Hi All, Sujatha,

You are a parent of kids studying in SSRVM or, you if know any kids studying in SSRVM, pl post your FEEDBACK & REVIEWS.

I can get info from their website But I am looking for feedback/appraisal. (for LKG/UKG and primary)

Thanks & regards,

blog said...


I want to put my daughter in UKG. Can you suggest some good schools on Bannerugatta road? I want to know how is Magnolia school"

winni said...

Hi Sujatha,
Your blog is really helpfull, unfortunatly i got to read it a bit late, because it seems that admissions are already over for the unconventional schools.
I am living in Benson Town and went to Shilp to put my daughter on the waiting list for first standard and called Kumarans which told me they dont take even anybody on a waitinglist anymore. So i am feeling a bit sad, my options in the moment are Sophias or Naama Shaale. Do you have any idea how or where to get admissions for first standard in a good non conventional school not too far from Benson Town?

Anonymous said...

hi sujatha,

I am moving with a 4 year old daughter and she is studying in an alternate school in delhi. Can you help me with some good alternate schools in Bangalore since my housing would be dependent on it.


Alok said...

Hi Sujatha,

This is great and very useful information for those moving to Bangalore! Had 2 questions: I am considering GEAR and Inventure for my son who goes to 2nd grade. 1. Any views on which school is better? I want a "little" more emphasis on academics with the right blend of activities/extra-curricular.
2. Also, any thoughts on apartments near these schools? I want to focus on a short school commute for my kids.

Thanks for your reply.


tiranga said...

Looking for any personal experience with
Little Flower,
Deccan International

We found that we are not getting admission to UKG in many schools. They are asking us to comeback for 1st Std admission. Any one found this to be an issue?
If we do not get admission in a school we like for UKG, are there any preschools / Montessori that have UKG in southern part of Bangalore?

If anyone has had similar experience could you please share.

In general how is the teaching method in schools these days?
I am looking for a school that has high student participation in class during the teaching. Where the kids encouraged to speak up, they are encouraged to think creatively and independently. Am I asking for too much? Are there such schools at all? (If possible in south bangalore. ) What kind of teaching methodology do the International schools apply? Extra curricular activities is fine, but I am more interested in how the regular subjects are taught. I don't want a school using a rote method.

smk said...

I am new here...lots of good info i got in this blog....good job......I need info I mean comments good or bad about Sudarshan Vidya mandir,Jayanagar 4Tblk school. please reply soon ...I am in confused state ...I have 2days time to admit my son in SVM.

Is there any other good school which also encourage sports in and around basavanagudi.


Ritesh said...

Hi smk,

I've heard that SVM is a good school. U can check this link for more comments on SVM


Latha said...

I vote for Twinklers school in J.P Nagar. They follow the ICSE board and their campus on Kanakapura road is very beautiful. Theme being "Learn Amisat Nature". You can contact them on 26646779 or 22722130

Sumathi said...

I intend admitting my daughter in class 9 in NPS Koramangla or NPS HSR Layout? NPS HSR layout is a new one from this year. any views on these schools will be appreciated

Anonymous said...

I need to know some good CBSE schools in sarjapur road .How about Gear Innovative international school in sarjapur road its education and admission procedures when to take up the applications if the child gng to be 4years by march

Anonymous said...

hi sujatha,read ur comments . my two sons at bishop cottons . the k.g. section is excellent two teachers per class ,no home workand lot of activities for the child .there is a complete change in the approach to teachinh and learning . all parents who got admission in 2007 are very satisfied check up and let people know. thanks amar.

sreeja said...

This is a good blog with lot of information about Bangalore schools.
My daughter will be 2yrs by march 2008.plse suggest the correct age for her to be in kg class and when should i approach the schools for her admission
Help me with some good schools in sarjapur road(CBSE.Any comment on Gear innovative.


Rohitash said...

I am looking for a preschool near to electronic city for my 2 and half old son.

Please advise me.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Very informative

I am returning to India by June. I am looking for good schools in HSR layout area for my 7 year old son (good = balance of academics and extra/co-curriculam activities). International schools sound expensive. Appreciate suggestions, experiences.

Pachchi said...


Can anybody give feedback about Vidyasagar School in Bhoopasandra (near Hebbal), Ryan in yalahanka, Ravike in Thanisnadra? Its bit urgent.Thanks


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how good is JSS School at HSR Bangalore

Anonymous said...

hi sujatha
thanks for all your poineering work and informative posts.lot s of people have benefitted from your experiences and advice.
i am looking for a good school for my 5 yr old to admit into ukg in may 08.My area of concentration is hebbal and surrounding areas.I am not looking for a expensive school.
does anybody have any experience or comments on daffodils english echool in sanjaynagar? any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...


All the information in this site is really very informative.
I would like to get more info on Deccan International School. Their website does not mention the fee structure. Can anyone provide this?


Rita said...


Can anyone please let us know about TREAMIS World school, I have a son who would be going to Grade 5in June. Between PRIMUS and TREAMIS, which is better? Like to mention that the blog is extremely informative and helpful

sanjay said...


I am relocating to Blore in first week of april from Delhi.

Looking for admissions for my kids in class 4 and class 3, can anyone of u tell me good CBSe board schools in Blore.


Bindu said...

Hi all,

This has been a very useful blog since the time we have moved in since last september. I was looking for KG1 admission for my son...i visited various schools (including the NPSs of the world and other budding international schools) and finally zeroed on CMR NPS primarily because of proximity and a very approachable management. Do let me know if anyone has an opinion on this school.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me about Vivaa International in Koramangala. Thanks.

Lakshmi S said...

Hi Sujatha

I am looking for a decent school with not so high fees for my son who into Prep-II . I liked Ryan in Yelahanka .But i am not sure how the school is . Also there is few schools in saharkar nagar like Green Country,Jain Heritage,VidyaSagar etc .I am not sure how these schools are .If someone can get me some idea about these schools or something near Hebbal it would be great .


Anonymous said...

My child is studying in 1st grade. I had applied for admission into 2nd grade at NPS - HSR layout. They have intimated that there will be a written test on 9-Feb-08.
The child will be asked to take up test in English, Maths and Hindi.
1) Can you please provide me the pattern of questions in each of these subjects?
2) My child is currently studying Kannada (second language). Hence he will not be taking up the Hindi test. Do non-Hindi students stand equal chance in the selection process?

Your responses to my queries will be greatly appreciated.


TR said...


I am looking for a good CBSE School in and around Whitefield for my daughters for Class 2, & UKG. Please let me know the good schools having admission open now. Information with contact no would be helpful.

with regards

Amit said...

Hi everybody,

We will be shifting to Bangalore with our 3 years old son (pre-KG) in mid March.

Result of our enquiries with all the schools mentioned in this blog for pre-KG / Montessori admission has been negative.

I am looking for help on this and would appreciate if anyone can provide me with information on schools which are accepting applications for pre-KG admission in the up-coming academic year.

Srinivas said...

Hi Thanks for such a good blog. After seeing this blog i went to CMR NPS for my kids school admission. Really good school with no such so called interviwes for montessori kids. My son is enjoying the school now. The teachers and the principal are also very friendly for these montessori kids..especially in the ext school in Banswadi..

Ariel said...

Hello All,

My sister sends her children to Gear innovative on Sarjapur Road. The school management is not friendly and parents are not allowed into the gates without prior appointment. They retain the child's original birth certificate and only on request it is handed to the parent. It has to be promptly returned. Parents are not encouraged to give feedback about the schooling system or any minor thing like problems with the school bus. The Montessori has student to teacher ratio of 40:1. Attrition rate is very high because of the unapproachable management committee. My sister is highly disappointed with the school.

Please think twice before you get your kids in there. I have nothing personal against the school, but i think a honest feedback about that school would help a few people.

Sujatha said...

Srinivas and Ariel, thank you for your feedback. I'm sure it'll help a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

I happen to stumble on your blog reading about schools in Banaglore for returing Bangaloreans. The wealth information on this blog will help folks like me. I have question regarding Deccan International School. I have not seen much info about this international school. How is this school compared to other international schools. Could you please post few lines (even one line with just good or Bad) based on your knowledge about Bangalore schools. Since this school is close to where we may move in few months or by next year, I would like comments/opinion from you or readers of your blog. We are looking for admission to my daughter for 4 grade if we move this summer or 5 grade if we move next year.

Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha,

Your blog is ammmazing and has given a lot of insight about b'lore schools in general. Commendable job!

Please let me know about brigade school and clarence school in jp nagar since i dont find any reviews anywhere.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

My child is 3 yrs. now. Iam planning to admit her to aurobindo memorial school,Banashankari ,Bangalore . Could i get some info about the school (both pros and cons).

jkhemka said...

Dear Sujatha,
I am moving to bangalore soon..I have a son 4+ and i have zeroed in on Bethany high.YOu seem to know quite a lot about Bangalore.
Cn u gimme feed back on Bethany High alone?

Ariel said...

Hello Sujata,

How are you? I searched for Deen's academy and came up with not posts. Could you give me info about the school. I know it is a CBSE school and is located close to Electronic City. It is supposed to be established by a breakaway section of teachers from Gopalan.

Any more info about the school...pros/cons/fee structure will be very helpful..

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Iam looking ahead for an admission in NHVPS, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, for my child.
Could i get some help in fectching information about the school, its coaching techniques, pros and cons?

Sujatha said...

Jkhemka, Bethany's has a very good reputation as a good school. It does well in the public exams. It's an old-style school (with high student to teacher ratio) run a well-respected family foundation that also runs Greenwood. Other than that I don't have personal information about Bethany's.

Ariel, sorry don't have any information about Deen's. Have you considered visiting the school and talking to some parents?

Ariel said...

Hello All,

Feedback about DEENS ACADEMY

I visited Deens academy today.

Upto 5th grade for now. Are started 6th and 7th grade for academic year 2008-2009.
Teaches CBSE Syllabus
25:1 Parent teacher ratio
1 year old
About 6-8 kms from Marathahalli, on Whitefield Road.About 4 kms from Palm Medows. Close to SAP Labs etc....

The school is run by three smart women, who were former teachers at Gopalan school.

Classroom for upto Class 5 are ready. Additional classrooms are being built to accommodate children upto class 12. Supposed to be completed by June 2008.

The infrastructure is good. Multimedia touchscreen whiteboard, which are used for projetcion or used as regular whietboards. Swimming pool, Play pit, Basketball court, moderately sized play ground, library, Dance studio, arts room, Music room.

Nice size of class rooms, airy and bright. Every classroom has 1 teacher and 1 matron.

Transport : school buses and vans are available. I noticed only about 5 buses and 3 vans. They intend to add more for the next academic year. All buses are fitted with a GPS system , so can be tracked. They intend to put the tracker on the website. Matrons travel with the kids on the buses.

School timing for year 2008 -2009 :
8.30-12.15 for younger kids
8.30-3.15 for older kids

Fee structure - 60K for UKG ( including 15K one time admission fee) . Includes 2 sets of uniforms, stationary books.

Food : They intend to serve breakfast and lunch at additional cost. Parents have the option of sending the breakfast/lunch from home.

Sick Bay---Does not exist. They have a doctor on call, who comes in from the surrounding area.

Open door policy : They intend to put up a new website where parents can directly send emails to the administration, principal etc.

Security : Security at the gate hands visitor tags. That is the only security i came across.


Sujatha said...

Ariel, thank you! This is brilliant! Thanks for taking the time to come back and leave such a detailed comment. I'm sure this will help a lot of concerned parents. Best wishes.

Ariel said...

Hello All,

I am moving from Marathalli to Hebbal area. I need ideas about schools in that area. I enquired about DPS and VidyaShilp. They are on the higher slot as far as fees goes. I am looking for a more moderately priced good school. Cluny convent has closed admissions. My kids will be goign to LKG and 2nd grade next year. Any suggestions for them will be very welcome. I am kind of runnign out of time, since we decided to move when admissions are nearly closing. Anybody heard of Akshara montssori? Any feedback from parents about the school will be very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Dear All, I have a request to make to people who have scanned schools in north Bangalore. My son is studying in Ryan (ylhnka)for last two years, which I realised was a blunder. Can anyone please tell which are good schools other than VNS, Vidyaship, Sindhi as they are already closed for admissions and apparently there are no vacancies for class 1st. Thanks YP

Anonymous said...

Dear Sujatha,

Thank you very much for compiling such detailed info about the Bangalore schools. Your blog is very helpful.

We have recently relocated to Bangalore from the US. My kid got admissions at NAFL. We would like to bring up our kid teaching him Indian values and culture in a middle-class environment. Would NAFL be a good choice vs kumarans or NHVPS?

My biggest problem is, how to deal with after-school-care? How does the working-parents cope-up with this issue? Our parents live in the other end of the city.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha,

As all other readers, I am also very grateful for your insightful and detailed posts on Bangalore's schooling options. As somebody asked before me, do you have any insight into daycare/after-school care? My little one will be 2 and I don't know of any day cares that will be able to watch her for the length of a working day. Is that a reality? Surely, with all the working parents out there, there must be a few day cares with the quality of the U.S ones? Any tips you might have to offer will be MUCH appreciated.


Ashish said...

Hi Ariel/All,
I stay near Marathalli bridge.My sister has completed her 10th class exams from MP.
Can anybody suggest some good school for grade/class 11th (with Maths) in nearby area.Please also suggest me time slot for admissions like from which month to which month schools give admission in bangalore.

Thanks a lot ,

Ajay said...

Can anyone please help by commenting on the DPS schools in bangalore? looks like there are three DPS schools i.e in North, south & east bangalore. Which is a good one in terms of education, extra-curricular activities etc.

sanjay negi said...


Its an SOS I am relocating to Bangalore from Frankfurt on first week of April, I will be residing at Sheshadripuram (Padmashree apartments), I request you to give me the information on good/all CBSE schools in and around Sheshadripuram.I have two kids and will be seeking admission in class 4th and class 3rd.

Pls help me on this..


sanjay negi

Sujatha said...

Sanjay, here's a website that says it lists all the CBSE schools in Bangalore. It has addresses too. So perhaps it'll help. Good luck with the move.

Anonymous said...

hi sujatha,
Thanx for the great write up. Can you or anybody else give me a feedback about Gopalan International School in Brokefields?

I heard Deen's is built on a disputed land? How true is this?


Sujatha said...

Anon, sorry don't have any specific information about Gopalan although I used to see a lot of kids from my neighborhood go to that school. Your best bet for information would be parents who send their kids there and I would try to find someone to talk to at the school during drop off and pick up times.

And no idea about Deen's. Have you checked for newspaper articles about any action by the Bangalore municipality against Deen's on that account?

Sujatha said...

A magazine called New Global Indian is planning a feature on those who have returned to India and are settled there. If you have returned to India or are planning to, and would like to be part of the feature, please send an e-mail to and address it to Kiran. She will send back a questionnaire with questions about "reasons for returning, expectations vis a vis reality, challenges, etc."

Raja said...


I would like to know information about the presidency school.

Thanks and Regards,

Anonymous said...

Can u Pls tell me regarding RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,Bennergatta Road Banglore
Their academics,how is the school crowd.
My daughter would be 3 yrs 6 month this June,2008 is this age fine for L.K.G

NJ Mom said...

We will be moving with family from NJ to North Bangalore. This will be close to the Manyata Tech area. Can someone please let me know the best international schools in that area or surrounding areas. Does anyone know about Kensri and Royale Concorde?

Any info on international schools is greatly appreciated.


Lakshmi said...

Hi Sujatha,
Thanks for the great post on schools and it is very informative!
Do you have any information about Venkat International School? I will be moving to North Bangalore and it is one of the schools in that area I am considering.I am looking to get admission in to 1st standard.My son will be eligible to enter 1st standard in 2009-2010. Any information you/readers can give will be highly appreciated!
- Lakshmi

Rajitha said...

Hi Sujatha,
your blog is just amazing and flooding in info... really impressed. I wanted some info reg curriculums. which is the best ICSE or CBSE, really confused in choosing. We would be moving to India by the second week of May, and im searching for some good schools. Do you have any info reg VIBGYOR High, its located in Marthalli road.. help would be really appreciated....

Anonymous said...

Hi Rajitha,

VIBGYOR is a very good school. Student to teacher ration is just 8:1 and they have good facilities and encourage extra-curricular activities. Overall, a very good school for any parent.

- Rajesh

BK said...

Hello friends,

I am currently based in UK and planning to move back next year (2009). My son will be in Year-3 when we relocate.
I am trying to reach to people who have relocated from London and would like to learn from their experiences.
I will be relocating to North Bangalore. Any good schools in that region?
Can you all pls help me in making a successful relocation.
Many thanks in advance.


Sujatha said...

BK, In North Bangalore, NAFL is a good option. It's a very well respected school and caters to kids moving in from other countries. You can find the contact information for NAFL on this blog. Please search the blog using the search tool at the top left corner of the page.

Good luck with the move.

Sujatha said...

BK, In North Bangalore, NAFL is a good option. It's a very well respected school and caters to kids moving in from other countries. You can find the contact information for NAFL on this blog. Please search the blog using the search tool at the top left corner of the page.

Good luck with the move.

Meera said...

Hello Sujata, been reading your blog for a while. When we published this story recently, I thought it is sure to be relevant for this audience:

Which school board for your child?

Many of Bangalore's schools now offer national and international boards of education in addition to the state board, with innovation around the curricula. How do parents and students choose?.

Meera (Citizen Matters, Bangalore)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha
My daughter turns 3 in Feb 2009. Iam planning to place her in vagdevi vilas in Marathalli. Wanted to know you if have any inputs about this school. The very reason i prefer this is because of close proxmity as i stay in Marathalli.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sujatha,
You blog is very very useful for working moms like me who is finding really less time to go around and check for pre-schools. My kid will turn 2 by Jan end. He has not yet started talking ( only 2-3 words and so much blaberring) and I feel its mainly because of less interaction. As both of us are working, he is taken care by a full time maid in the day time. So I am thinking of sending him to some playshool in and around AECS layout / Whitefield. He will be 2.4 by June. Will you please suggest some good playshools in this area. I heard about DEENS,NEEV and also VIBGYOR KIDS. But I am quite unsure which could be best for him. Also, heard that these are all very expensive schools. Please let me know if there are any other good pre-schools in this area. He is only 2.4 and some kind of interaction is what he needs now. Please advice.


Sujatha said...

Alamu, sorry. I don't live in Bangalore anymore and I don't know about that school.

Asha, the only school I can think of in that area that might be appropriate is Bright Beginnings. If you search for that school in this blog you will find the contact information.

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