Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Aadhar Charitable Trust for Child Cancer Treatment, New Delhi

There is a fantastic effort on to raise funds to support parents of child cancer patients, parents who cannot afford treatment of their children.

It is amazing what a little money can do. Taking text straight out of Aadhar's pamphlet, here is some food for thought:
  • many childhood cancers are curable if detected early and treated completely;
  • cure rates for childhood cancers are 75% compared to 60% in adults;
  • curing a young child with cancer saves a great many years of productive life. A five year-old child may have more than 70 years to live;
  • it is estimated that 400,000 years of life will be saved by treating children diagnosed in 1999.
The Aadhar Charitable Trust is hosting a fundraiser on September 18th in New Delhi. If you want more information, call Dr. Rajeshwary Kulkarni at 011-91-11-25264435, or e-mail her at aadharcharitabletrust@gmail.com.

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