Sunday, December 04, 2005

Crazy Saturday Evening

It began at 3 pm and ended at 1 am.

At 3 pm, I left to go to the Akshara meeting. It took me an hour and a half to reach Cox Town from South Bangalore. The meeting lasted an hour and a half and then back on the roads for another hour's drive back home. Then off again to my parents' house further south than our house to drop off N for his sleep over.

And then, the car ride of a life time, through the lanes and bylanes and non-existent roads of Bommanahalli and Rupen Agrahara (never knew these areas existed in Bangalore until yesterday), through what I can only describe as Martian landscape, to Airport Road/Maratahalli which we reached an hour and fifteen minutes later.

Finally to the airport from Maratahalli and then back home.

At the end of the evening, V was on a plane, N was at a sleepover with his grandparents, uncle and aunt (my brother and sister-in-law), and I was home alone.

For the first time in the last five years, seven months and twelve days, the three of us spent the night in different places.


Kishore said...

Picture this. I stay near Airport road and pass through the 'non-existent roads' of Bommanahalli and through past Hosur Road to work everyday! :)

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Sujatha Bagal said...

Yikes! And we saw so many beautiful houses there! It's amazing how people put up with this. We couldn't imagine riding there on bikes when it has rained and the water's stagnant for days.

Jay said...

Well same here ... Its the same routine everyday.

Kishore said...

As the dialog in Swades goes "andhera ki aadhath pad gayi hai". People seem to have become so used to it these days, that its become an accepted way of living..

Anonymous said...

I was in Bangalore couple of months back. The scene near the domestic airport is a MESS. Because of the traffic jam, me and my friend were late by 2 mins for the check in deadline and the stupid deccan airlines dudde did not let us board the flight. I have never got so mad earlier...and remember absuing the shits out of that guy.

All in all we were around 20 of us who missed the flight cause of the traffic and that asshole fella.

It's funny...the India Rules. We were just late by 2 mins and were not allowed to board...but what about the times when flights get delayed and they dont even bother to inform the passengers.

Mumbai scene is MUCH better.

Taz Snow said...

The route you just described, on a bike, would lead to a severe case of "I-can't-feel-my-hindquarters"... And not too much better in a car seat, either!

Sunil said...

actually Bommanahalli and Rupen Agrahara are very old areas in bangalore....old even in the mid 80's.

but i'm pretty sure i wont recognize the martian landscape. There's too many things that are too different in B'lore....every time i visit. Only some "old" suburbs (Malleshwaram, Basavanagudi, Jayanagar) retain the familiar spots.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Jay, all I can say is that I pity you man.

Kishore, yeah, I think that is the overriding sentiment.

Sakshi, if you feel Mumbai is better than Bangalore I can just imagine how much worse Bangalore must be...

Taz, :)))

Sunil, you're right. Every time you turn around and everywhere you turn around, Bangalore has changed.