Sunday, March 12, 2006

Gangubai Hangal Creates History

Gagubai Hangal created history on Sunday in Belgaum by holding a public concert at the age of 94. Here's the report from The Hindu.

History is said to have been created in the field of music with the doyenne of Kirana gharana, Gangubai Hangal, giving a public concert at 94 here on Sunday.

The event, which could enter the Guinness Book of World Records, also turned out to be a public performance coinciding with the 75th anniversary of a glorious musical career of Ms. Hangal.

Renowned harmonium exponents R.K. Bijapure and Tulshidas Borkar and novelist Chandrakant Kusnoor were present.

This rare event was organised by the Belgaum-based Academy of Performing Arts to celebrate her 94th birthday and 75th anniversary of her professional career. Sanchalak of the academy Hayavadan Joshi felicitated Ms. Hangal by presenting her with a citation in recognition of her contribution to Hindustani classical music.

You go, girl!


remainconnected said...

Yah even I had seen the same today morning in the newspaper. Some days back also read an article on her in "Hindu" as it was her 94th B'day and Nana Pathekar was hugging her.

Gaguammma you are the spirit of India and life..

Science cannot defy the laws of gravity but you have defied every law and axiom of life, Cheer'o...

Anonymous said...

Not only can she sing at this age but her voice gives out the perfect notes without quivering. with all of Indians having so many problems like cholesterol, gout etc is it not high time that we practice something like this so that we also will have the mental strength to overcome the problems in everyday life.

an epitome of struggle gangubai hangal, is an example of what a person can achieve by struggle.