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Having a Baby in Bangalore: Some Notes

Updated June 17, 2009 to add a link to this post - Complications during VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and a terrible tragedy.


For those of you considering having babies in Bangalore (especially those that have had babies in other countries and are wondering how your experience compares with that here), here are some quick notes:

1. We had our baby at one of the bigger, multi-speciality hospitals in Bangalore that offers "birthing suites". Unfortunately, the day little N was to be born, all the birthing suites were taken. We were repeatedly told in the days leading up to the due date that birthing suites could not be booked in advance, but on the day I was admitted to the hospital, we were told that one of the suites was booked by one of the head honchos at the hospital, for, get this, a non labor and delivery procedure!

So I got admitted to the general labor and delivery (L&D) ward, which had three beds in a row in a room and two other beds in the room next door. Adjoining the three-bed room was the delivery room with two beds on which the delivery would take place. There was one bathroom for the five beds, which, in my opinion, was inadequate, especially because the hospital, as a rule, administers enemas to all women who come to deliver babies. I leave the rest to your imagination.

The L&D ward also pipes in Indian classical music in the early hours of the morning which can be pretty irritating when you are going through pain and contractions.

There is one on-call doctor (I guess an intern or a resident, I'm not sure, but rather on the young side) manning the L&D ward, monitoring the progress of labor and assisting the OB/Gyns with the delivery with about two or three nurses administering drips, injections, hooking up the fetal and contraction monitors, etc.

2. Whether you like it or not, you will get a thorough shaving in preparation for the delivery. Most hospitals in the US have discontinued this practice.

3. Almost all OB/Gyn practices here are single-doctor practices. In the US, my OB/Gyn practice had five doctors, each of whom I had to consult during my pregnancy and each of whom was familiar with my case file. So on the day N was born, it did not matter to me which doctor was on call because I knew all of them and they all knew me, so we were all comfortable with each other.

With a single-doctor practice, there is always the danger that your doctor may not be available on the day you go into labor and that after nine months of seeing one doctor, you could, in all likelihood, get stuck with a doctor you haven't seen even once during the last nine months.

If little N had come a week later (i.e., the following weekend), I could have found myself in the delivery room with a doctor I had never visited before. My doctor had plans to be out of town that weekend. I had asked her in the initial months of the pregnancy what would happen if I went into labor and she was not around. She had said, quite simply, that she hadn't taken a vacation in 3 years so there was no likelihood of that.

4. There is a paediatrician ready and waiting to check the newborn in the delivery room itself (whereas N's paediatrician only showed up the following day to check on him).

5. Once you have your baby, you are moved to a ward (room) of your choice - private or semi-private, again depending on availability.

6. Private rooms are pretty comfortable. They have an extra bed for someone to sleep in with you during your stay. Babies room in with the moms.

7. The dietician visits you everyday to make sure you are getting what you need in terms of proper nutrition post-partum and to customize your menu to your tastes.

8. You are given full encouragement and support to breastfeed the baby, starting from nutrition to the floor nurses and nurses from the lactation department who will assist you all through the night and day in case you and the baby have problems with breastfeeding. The nursing staff, both in the L&D ward and those assigned to the rooms, was excellent - very helpful, efficient and knowledgeable.

9. Your OB/Gyn and the paediatrician will check in with you twice a day.

10. Hospital stays are for two days for normal deliveries and if everything is ok with the baby (we were home in less than 48 hours after little N was born).

11. One of the less welcome aspects of the stay in the hospital was the constant stream of hospital staff that visit your room - orderlies, janitors to clean your room (three of them, one after the other), admin staff, public relations staff, electricians, dietician, nurses, food service people, the list goes on. The visits start at 6 am and don't end until 10 pm.

12. Generally, fathers-to-be are not allowed in the L&D ward because there are other women in the room as well. Luckily for me, by the time my contractions came on strong, the two beds on either side of me were empty and there was no one else in the delivery room and so the doctor had not problem with V being there with me.

13. All in all, it was a very positive experience. Througout the duration of the pregnancy I was worried about the process, wondering how it would go.

I lucked out with a very good doctor who was willing to listen to all my concerns (I talked to her about not wanting a C-section, for example; I was pretty nervous that I would be pressured into having a C-section), explain to me why something was prescribed and generally make the birth a collaborative process. This was a pleasant surprise. I had heard that doctors stood on a pedestal and told patients what needed to be done, without any explanations.

As should be the case wherever you decide to have a baby, I suggest that you develop an open line of communication with your doctor, educate yourself about the process and your options. In the end, you will have to trust her to make the decisions that are right for you and your baby.

This is all I can think of right now. If I can recall any more usefull stuff, I'll update this list.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations again. Very useful to read this-wish more mothers would do this. The constant stream of visitors seems to be a common theme in Indian hospitals-with the result the patient gets no rest. I wonder if you're thinking of sending your feedback to the hospital, if you haven't done so already-in particular to the head honcho?
Hugs to little N and big N.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Hi MG, thanks. :)

Yes, we were asked for feedback both orally (by three different departments, sigh...) and on a form and we told them about the visitor problem.

Sreeraj Nair said...

That was a good post. All the best to you and your baby.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Thanks Mantra.

Anonymous said...

hi nice post - really useful for mothers and fathers-to-be. But what prevents you from mentioning the name of this hospital? I can understand this in a mainstream newspaper/magazine - but surely should be ok to mention the name in a personal blog. That would help readers take more informed decisions methinks.

Rohini said...

Very nice post - brought back memories from a year ago - some of them not so pleasant. I never went into active labour ad then had to have an emergency c-section so the most traumatic part for me was the enema and the shave!

Deliveries in Mumbai are similar though I got lucky with a single room. It's all in the timing. The materniy ward was virtually empty when I was admitted but that night there was a deluge of patients so if I had come in just a little later - I would have had to share.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey Sujatha,

Congratulations. Wishing goodness and health to both you and your baby. :) And ya, nice post.

Jagadish said...

When my wife gave birth to Jaagruthi, the worst bit she encountered was the assistant doctors and other hospital staff asking her to bathe and get fresh just because her doctor was on the rounds. This, when Krithi had a C-section and Jaagruthi _never_ slept at night!

Congrats and welcome to the club!

Aqua said...

Congrats! and that's was nicely done post!
welcome to the "sleepless in bangalore club :)"

Anonymous said...

congrats on your latest arrival. i came here through desipundit. i'm filing away this information, look forward to more such snippets.
little N has come into the world with a very strong support system all around, so i'm sure will be happy. :)
all the best!

வல்லிசிம்ஹன் said...

congratulations to a very patient mom.
It is right to expect privacy when you are going thru this pain. Our hospitals do not have to give the a-la-carte.They can be more considerate.
I remember our grandson coming into this world in a very happy caring atmosphere in detroit.
And that was one goodexperience to boost my morale in helping in the baby care.
thank you for a very good post.
take care.

Emma said...

Congratulations to you and the baby!

Anonymous said...

Hey sujatha,
This really sounds like the hospital in Blore I was admitted to a few months back. By any chance was it Sagar Apollo? I don't want to go there for my delivery. Please let mek now

Sujatha Bagal said...

Anon 1, thanks and that's an interesting question. Not really sure why I thought it was not a good idea to put the name in the post. If someone sent me an e-mail, I'd be OK with sharing the information in private, I think.

Hi Rohini, thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience.

Vidi, thanks for your comment, but seeking privacy is not such a bad thing, especially when you are in your "private" room and you and the baby are trying to get adjusted to feeding.

Sneha, thanks.:)

Jagadish, thanks and that must have been terrible - to be forced to walk around, have a shower etc. for the doctor's sake!

Aqua, thanks!

Ipanema Girl, thanks for visiting and please do visit often!

Valli, thank you for visiting and for your comment!

Thanks Emma.

Anon 2, it would be interesting to hear about your experience. If you need info about the hospital I went to, please write to me. Thanks.

Unknown said...

hi sujatha, ur post has made me rethink about the hospital I normally go in bangalore. I visited this hospital as I decided to start a family but to my dismay I was asked to undergo several tests. Basically, I am not satisfied with my gynec who I feel doesnt discuss with me about the purspose of having all those tests done. Presently, I am looking for a good hospital/gynecologist in bangalore. Can u suggest any?

Sujatha Bagal said...

Hi Sukhi, thanks for your comment. Have sent you an e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I agree with Anon1 about sharing info about the hospital. Although you don't mention the name of the hospital, given what I've seen personally and the locations from your description(from Marathalli onto Madiwala & beyond) only one hospital fits the bill. Sagar Apollo. That I'm 110% sure. I understand your unwillingness to name the hospital but you should've left out the journey landmarks in that case.:-)I've also found the doctors there (OBGYNS) to be rather concerned about the next patient rather than the current one (given the queues) and I was not at all satisfied with their approach and lack of communication. Sucks!really. But hope you didn't have to go through what I did. The restrooms are really dirty and I had a yelling screaming match with the maids. I'm used to clean restrooms. If you look at Sagar Apollo, every nook n corner of the restroom has black mildew and muck and is soo dirty! Just throwing in Phenyl(for the smell)doesn't mean its clean. You know it sure resembled Bangalore airport restrooms!

Anyway you take care. T'was fun reading your post.

- Ubiquitous - said...

Awww, congrats!! =)

The elder N must be really glad to have a sibling.

The parents, likewise :)

Sujatha Bagal said...

Hey Anon, thanks for your comment and sharing your experiences.

Reyn, thanks!

Bharathy said...

I have been through 2 unsuccessful pregnancies in the last 2 years. Can you please mail me the name of the doc and hospital. Thanks.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Me, I sent you an e-mail but it bounced back.

Anonymous said...

Each hospital here has one or more neonatologists on call. They show up if and when an alert is raised from a delivery room. If you have healthy child via normal vaginal delivery, you will never see them. On the other hand if you have a c-section, they will be present at the time of birth to make sure all goes well. Probably in India this is mandatory for all births...
Pediatricians are supposed to visit the child with in 24 hours from birth. So, most practices have a pediatrician designated each day for this, should a birth occur.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha, congrats on the new addition to the family. Like you, I am an expat in Blore but I had both my children in CA. Would you or anyone posting to this grp have any recommendations on good GYNs here(especially around the Koramangala area)?


Sujatha Bagal said...

Hey anon, thanks for your comment. Please send me an e-mail and I can give you some names.


Sujatha Bagal said...

Kowsalya, some of the hospitals to consider are Vittal Mallya Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital (newly opened on Bannerghatta Road), Sagar Apollo Hospital. These all have "birthing suites" if you are interested in that.

Good luck with everything. Please do let me know how you are doing.

Anonymous said...


My name is Anitha and I currently live in the UK. I am planning to have my (first) baby in Bangalore. Please could you suggest good hospitals in Bangalore which will allow my husband to accompany me through my labour process. Also could you email me at about likely hospitals to avoid in such cases. Appreciate your help and early response in this.



Sujatha Bagal said...

Hi Anitha, have sent you an e-mail. Let me know if you have other questions.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion one of the best centers in the field of gynecology and more specifically the joys in childbirth is Epmc's women’s clinic & surgery in 9th blk Jayanagar. i gave birth to my child 3 years ago. kudos to their team. Their doctors are very knowledgeable and more importantly polite. This baby was my first so I was kind of concerned the doctors were understanding they gave me support and advice. they even let my husband to accompany me through my labor. Another thing i feel i must comment upon is their rooms they are very more hotel like than hospital like, they have facilities like a microwave, fridge, TV and even wifi. in addition they even had staff to get me food that i wanted from the store of my choice. it was a genuinely surreal experience.
i sincerely recommend this center. the doctor in my opinion that is the best is Dr. Prabha Singan. The good thing about this center is they have not been lost with the corporate hoopla of time is money. But that does not mean they are cheap. But they are ttk affiliated which solved my worries

Sujatha Bagal said...

Hi Swetha, thank you very much for that helpful information.

Sujatha Bagal said...

A reader in North Bangalore is expecting a baby (their first!) and would like a recommendation for a good hospital and doctor. If you know of one, please leave a comment here or write to me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see such a good indepth disscussion, never expected it. great job!

i read one of the previous comments regarding Epmc, i have heard of this center before heard they are thyroid experts it would be good if i could locate this center, as my mom is having thyroid issues. i heard they are one of the best in gynae and infertility, can anyone confirm that? thanks in advance.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Anon, thanks for your comment. I don't have any info on EPMC right now. If one of the readers can help Anon out that would be great.

If I do find out the contact info, I'll put it up here.

dearanjana said...

Hello Sujatha!

Congratulations on having a baby! you have posted a very good article.It is very informative.I am planning for a actually looking for a good OB/GY who is up-to-date and has patience to answer all my questions..My previous doctor never spoke,she was irritated whenever i asked her about the drugs she prescribed/treatments etc...
Can you give me details about the doc you consulted/the hospital etc..

Thanks a lot!

Sujatha Bagal said...

Hi Anjana, have sent you an e-mail. Thanks for reading my blog and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Contact info on E.P.M.C's women's clinic & surgery

address:1280,25th main, 9th block, Jayanagar, Bangalore

contact ph:+9180-26646083

hope it is useful, i think the phone number is upto date,(its what it is says on the visiting card)

Sujatha Bagal said...

Chandrashekar, thanks for this info.

Shaveta said...

Hi Sujatha, Thanks a lot for the nice and informative post.
I live on bannerghata road and looking for a good gynae. So far consulted 1 or two docs in Sagar Apollo but not very satisfied as they feel they are running short of time and in a hurry to do the checkup. Can you please suggest names of any specific good doctors in any of the 3 hospitals - Wockhardt, Apollo, Sagar Apollo.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Shaveta, Dr. Leela Bhagavan at Sagar Apollo is very good. A couple of my friends have gone there and are very happy with her. She is very busy, but takes time to answer your questions.

A friend of mine is going to Wockhardt to the OB/GYN department. I'll check with her and let you know who her doctor is. Please check back here in a couple of days.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I read most of the comments, the comment on epmc made it seem rather good, thus i wanted to check it out. i have booked an appointment with the main gynaecologist, dr.prabha singan. will keep you posted

Anonymous said...

Hi, can anybody suggest good gynae in Apollo hospital on bannerghatta road.

Sujatha Bagal said...

@Shaveta, here's the Wockhardt information you were looking for and some info about the pricing as well from a friend who's going to that hospital now:

"My doctor is Gayathri Kamat, a nice lady. But there are about 12 gynecs in Wockhardt and all of them are good, I heard. Any time you are not satisfied with any doctor you can ask for a different doc or a second consultation.

I am also attending Lamaze classes in Wockhardt, every saturday and sunday. They are good. Can you tell the person who is looking for doctor to also attend these classes as they are useful.

A note of caution however, am not sure about other hospitals, but teh LDRP suite here costs Rs 80000 for 3 days for a normal delivery. Usual delivery rooms are available at 20,000 and private deluxe ones (again single rooms) at 40,000."

Good luck.

@Rohini, best wishes and please do let me know about your experience at EPMC.

Anonymous said...

I too got good feedback about Dr. Leela Bhagwan. You can also try Dr. Chitra Rammurthy from Sagar Apollo. If possible avoid Dr Susheel Shetty from Wockhardt hospital. She might be good if it is a normal pregnancy. But she cannot handle any complications for sure. The main problem is she does not accept that things are out of control for her and let you consult some other doctor. She just keeps avoiding you or being rude to you for no reason.
I am sorry to hurt anybody's feelings. But I just do not want anybody else to go through whatever I have gone through.

I found Dr Sulochana Gunsheela quite knowledgable, experienced. But the hospital ambience is not very appealing. All the patients queue up just 1 foot from the bed where the doctor checks you. She also does not have time to answer all your queries. However you tend to trust the doctor and her experience. You feel that you are at good hands.

In Gunasheela nursing home, you have to do all the tests there itself. The tests are done before meeting the doctor. So most of the tests are useless according to me.

The problem with Indian medical system is nobody bothers to find out the latest trends, medicines etc. The theortical knowledge for most of the Gyns is from the books when they studied medicine.

Dr Sulochana Gunasheela was exception in this case. She keeps herself updated with the latest trends. Her name was recommended by a friend who is actually a Gyn.

Anonymous said...

I went to Epmc's this weekend. I am at a loss for words. Dr.prabha singan is way way ahead in terms of knowledge and experience. she is friendly outspoken and honest my consult took almost an hour. even though there were other doctors many were waiting for dr.prabha. A pre-booked consultation is a must for this center. she was rather knowledgeable, when i told her i was using a contraceptive patch (which to my knowledge is not avialable in india), she advised me not to use it saying that it had an increased risk of causing blood clots. she further went on to illustrate that The fact, that the contraceptive patch contains 60 percent more estrogen over 21 days than birth control pills during the same time period, this blew me away as she not only knew her stuff but was able to describe with pin point accuracy show the factual realities of goods in the market. although the area that disappointed me was i wanted to see the rooms and facilities, i was declined, thier reason being that thier rooms are only available only upon approval of thier staff, this i found rather strange because i have not heard of a center that evaluates its patients before letting them be admitted. i guess they are filtering thier patients to thier tastes. i asked Dr. prabha that what would be other options in which she could be my doctor, she said that she could admit me in sagar as she was a visiting consultant. she is also a consultant by request at the appolo clinic in koramangala.
One of the features that intrested me of Epmc's was that on the day that i was there they had a doctor that had flown in from abroad for some patient.

the ambience of epmc is pleasing, it is airconditoned, clean and appealing to the senses.

for those trying to locate it, it is in 9th block in jayanagar opposite big bazaar, parking is adequate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rohini,

Are they providing any classes like lamaze, yoga, etc in EPMC clinic in Jayangar 9th block?

Anonymous said...

Asha Medical Foundation,Banglaore conducts 4 weeks class "Positively Pregnant", prenatal and Postnatal program for expecting parents for details call Tarun 98865 84571 or Dayanidhi on 99800 71023 ; Priya 98862 24560

Anonymous said...

Asha Medical Foundation,Banglaore conducts 4 weeks class "Positively Pregnant", prenatal and Postnatal program for expecting parents for details call Tarun 98865 84571 or Dayanidhi on 99800 71023 ;98862

Anonymous said...

Asha Medical Foundation,Banglaore conducts 4 weeks class "Positively Pregnant", prenatal and Postnatal program for expecting parents for details call Tarun 98865 84571 or Dayanidhi on 99800 71023 ; Priya 98862 24560

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any experience at The Cradle? I am planning a family now and am considering having my delivery there. Also, could someone recommend a OB/GYN there?

small squirrel said...

HI there anon. I have some experience there.... I am planning to have my baby there in August. After a miserable time at Manipal, I transferred to the Cradle and I am amazed at their facilities and their staff.

To read about my experience there, you can read a post I just made about it at:

I am not using a doctor there right now as they have allowed me bring over my OB for the delivery. But I did look over the staff qualifications and talked to the CEO and they've got some of the best doctors in the city.

In any case, I don't think you can go wrong there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Small Squirrel! I read your blog at blah.burrp. I'm definitely going to The Cradle for my tour! It sounds fab! Thanks a ton!!! :-)

Sujatha Bagal said...

Thanks Small Squirrel.

Anon, please do leave a comment here after you've had your visit. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Will do!

T said...

Thanks for posting this very interesting and USEFUL entry, I am sure many readers (like me) will benefit from the information shared.

Sujatha Bagal said...

T, you're welcome and thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Would anyone hve ny references for good mother n baby massage ladies? I live in Koramangala and would greatly appreciate any leads or references you might have for masseuses in the surrounding or nearby areas.

Piscean Angel said...

Very useful info. Thanks a ton !!!

Anonymous said...

thanks a bunch, great info. will be delivering at Epmc's in August. once again thanks for the great find.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Anon, I'll ask around and let you know.

Chandra, you're welcome. :)

Ramya, good luck and do let us know how you're doing.

Unknown said...

I just happened to see your blog when I was searching for some hosptial details.. I would like to get some help on you on finding a good hospital..If you dont mind can you please share your email id.

Unknown said...

please reply for my message.. I need the information urgently..

Sujatha Bagal said...

Neetha, I looked for your e-mail ID and could not find one. You can send me mail at blogpourriATgmailDOTcom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha,

Getting back to you on feedback for The Cradle.

I visited The Cradle and I must say I was extremely impressed. I was attended to promptly and the staff was courteous and caring. Overall I would give it 10/10 on first impressions. Definitely going there for my delivery, whenever that happens!

Small Squirrel's blog sums it up perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Let me tell you all about my experience i have had with my past delivery, it was such a nightmare and i have no regrets and in fact all of you need to know that it was in Sagar Apollo in their so called birthing suites, all that said and done it was long back and i thought they had improved. Well, not to lament on the past, lets move on people and talk about the Cradle. Small squirrel sums it all up and belive me all, its true to its every word. This is like a God given gift and i have not had so much fun in my pregnancy before. Everyone considering pregnancy should put it on their priority list to visit the Cradle, their antenatal classes are a revelation in themselves. I am so eager to visiting them for my next consultation as ever. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Please don't go to Dr Leela Bhagwan of Sagar Apollo. She was very rude to us and insulted us all the time. I had taken an anti biotic and got pregnant while on it. She told us to terminate the pregnancy without even asking any further questions. We kept telling her all the while that the Doctor who had given me the anti biotic knew we were planning to have a baby and had given me a medicine that was safe during pregnancy ( we verfified this from couple of other doctors and also the internet).

Anyway we never went back to her. I am now 6 months pregnant and everything is fine. The latest scan showed that the baby is growing well. I am glad we never listened to her.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Anon, thanks for your comment, but your experience seems to be very different from mine and that of a couple of my friends. We found Dr. Bhagvan to be considerate, confident, reassuring, and competent. She was willing to answer our questions and provide us with the information we needed.

Good luck with your pregancy. I'm really glad you heeded your instinct and sought a second opinion. All the best.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Anon (Apr 24) and Vanity Fair, thanks for your comments. Now I'm jealous that The Cradle was not around when I had my baby. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Sujatha,

Your post was very useful. I am in my ninth month of pregnancy, and there is one anonymous user who asked about baby and mom massage services. Did you find any information? PLease do let me know..Thanks in advance.

Sujatha Bagal said...

NPV, congratulations and good luck! Sorry, haven't been able to find any. When I do (within the next week), I'll put up the info here. Have you tried checking with your neighbors?

Unknown said...

hello anonymous.
i consulted Dr. Jaya Bhat who is the HOD of manipal hosp. luckily mine was one of the easiest pregnancies, but still, i really liked her general attitude. she was so cool and happy during the entire time that i too was most confident and 'bindaas' about it all. but i did have an incident, in my 6th month, while she was out of town.
i had a wisdom tooth problem and there was no way i could bear with the pain until she got back. her back-up at manipal hosp advised me to take a crocin which hardly made a difference. a friend of mine, who worked with Dr Pooya as a junior dentist insisted i consult him while i wait for my gynac to get bk. so i did. and on taking a look at my problem he said it had to be extracted which meant a couple of pain killers and antibiotics thereafter. i was so scared to do this without waiting for personal approval from my gynac. Dr Pooya assured me saying that at any time during a pregnancy along with the baby the mom has to be happy and healthy too. he also went to the extent of saying that he wd explain to my gynac when she got bk. so i went along and my god, what a relief! finally i told my doc once she came back and you know what? she said the dentist was absolutely right and that was even b4 she chkd what medicines i had been given. i felt so good that even in a menial problem of just having to bear pain my comfort was given priority. thankfully for me everything worked out just fine, but i liked their attitude cos sometimes docs are so used to seeing pain that they don't think it is a big deal and expect u to deal with it. what i appreciate about the incident is that due to the attitude of the docs i went thru it without guilt and fear.
but i must say that it is very difficult to get an appointment with her at short notice...even if you are in pain. like there was this time i had extreme gas(i didn't know it was gas at the time) and the baby was bouncing and kicking around like Becham himself. when i called the clinic and explained,the receptionist actually asked me if i could come in NEXT WEEK or call back after 3 hours as the doc was busy. despite all the pain i actually laughed at her suggestion. but as i said earlier i have no complaints as in the end everything worked out fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the agreement on the numbers. Well, to add to the Dr Kini supporters, I must say that ever since I switched from Dr Leela Bhagvan at Sagar Apollo to Dr Kini, I have been extremely pleased with the outcome (on my wallet for starters and secondly from the approachability/friendliness/knowledge/information perspective.

At Sagar Apollo, somehow, I got the impression, that the docs have some kinda agreement with the management that they will subject the patient to a battery of tests even in cases where everything couldn't be better than normal. This would increase the hospital revenue. I was one such victim. Dr Bhagvan has managed to make my file really thick and there were 2 or 3 instances when she got me worried sick due to the mistakes of the tests/scan radiologists. And I was subject to even more tests which turned out normal.
When the same was asked to Dr Kini, he thought it was sad that I had become a victim of hospital greed. In fact, Dr Bhagvan (unnecessarily wanted a 28 week scan also just to assess fetal growth and amniotic fluid sufficiency). Part of std protocol as they say and nothing specific to me. To top it she wanted me to take hepatitis shots (god knows what impacts a live virus could have on an otherwise normal fetus). Luckily for me, I switched to Cradle at that point and I was told not to take the 28 wk scan just wait till the last scan at end of term to determine fetal position. Plus no hepatitis shots.

Another thing, I must point out is that Sagar Apollo routine urine tests are all botched up such that "Bacteria present" always appears on the test result. This further leads docs to run a urine culture (costing an additional 350 bucks or so) which comes out normal. THis happened both times when I was asked to take the test. An absolute scam!!!

Rooms are also never available when you need them and they dont allow you to pre book needless to say the state of the rooms is pathetic. Hygiene levels really suck.

Another thing I was told was that many of the tests docs at Sagar Apollo ask you to do are outdated and of no use. Cradle makes you do no such tests.

Ever since I switched to Dr Kini @ The Cradle, I must say I have been truly happy. I'm due in June. So will post a crumb on my experience there when I deliver. Personally, I haven't heard from anyone who has delivered there but I did see a couple with a newborn baby having a cuppa at the Barista downstairs in the Cradle and she was beaming from ear to ear , as if she had gotten a new toy:-) That itself summed it up:-)
Goodluck with all your pregnancies

Sujatha Bagal said...

Sathya, thank for your input.

ShopGirl, I agree - the hospital does have a tendency to go overboard on tests, in my case it was sugar. My doc in the US said it was not an issue at all - either you are diabetic or you're not, you can't be a borderline diabetic like this endocrinologist at Sagar Apollo was saying. Which is why, I say, you have to be involved in your medical care, can't sit back and take everything they dish out. The Cradle is generally expensive in my opinion, across the board. So all hospitals make money, one way or the other.

Good luck with your pregnancy and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Your post scared the hell out of me! My husband's company wants us to move to Bangalore and I am pregnant with our second child. I am shocked that they shaved you and did an enema. Can you tell me what happens if you say no? Do they allow you to labor without pain medication? At least I know which hospital to avoid. Thanks and congrats!

Sujatha Bagal said...

Yikes! Sorry, anon!

It's hospital procedure, they have to follow it. :( And yes, I had told my doctor in advance that I did not want pain medication and I did have my baby without pain medication.

Check out The Cradle if you did not find Sagar Apollo appealing. Call them and find out what they are willing to let you do.

Thanks for the wishes. Congrats to you too and good luck.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Baby and new mom massage:

Sanchita T. kindly shares this information via e-mail:

"I have managed to find a trained therapist (female ) for both my and the baby's massage. There is an ayurvedic and yoga organisation called Healing Touch in Frazer Town. They have post natal care packages which includes sending trained therapists to the house. The package includes mother's an baby's massage and baby's bath. They even get the massage oil for the mother thats specially prepared for this purpose. The charges are Rs 200 per day + busfare. The min duration is 20 days.

The website of this place is The details of massage etc are in the Post Natal care section."

As with everything on this blog, please investigate all services, hospitals, schools and other organizations mentioned here before using their services. Please make sure you are comfortable with them.

Siva Jupudi said...

Could anyone guide a good PD in the area of South-End circle, bangalore.

I heard there is a good PD in Ramakrishna Nursing Home, jayanagar 3rd block.

Any suggestions or comments.

Unknown said...

Great post, and you deserve extra points for being so aware throughout the whole experience!
My four days (emergency C-section) in the hospital in Oakland, Calif., went by in a surreal blur and I never could have written everything down the way you did. Good job!

Sujatha Bagal said...

Siva, by PD do you mean paediatrician? Try Dr. DG Benakappa of Bangalore Hospital. He has a home practice where he sees children between 8 and 11 in the morning every day except Sunday at his home in 4th T Block. You can get his contact info through Bangalore Hospital. He is one of the best paediatricians in the city, very experienced and knowledgeable, goes easy on the meds.

Lisa, thanks! And congratulations. :)

Anonymous said...

you are GOD!

Wish there was someone like you in every city - would make life so easy for others!

I had my first baby in India - in Hyderabad to be precise. Labour had to be induced but all was well afterwards, didnt need any pain medication. Recovered very quickly etc. The head doctor at this hospital is very open to anything you suggest and my husband was allowed in the labour room - that was unheard of 7 years ago in Hyd!

The second one was born in London -the experience was spiritual (cant find any other word to describe it more accurately). The midwives massaged me through labour, helped me with diffrent positions to relieve pain, put on soft music, lit aromatherapy candles, offered a water birth (which I refused)- afriend I was telling this to later asked whether I'd been to a hospital or to a spa! The best bit was when the baby was about to be born - they switched off all lights except a very dim one, talked in very soft voices - basically let the baby transition from womb to outside with as little of a shock as possible. The baby DID NOT cry. This was a total surprise for us. She just let out a cry to start her lungs and then kept gazing at me. They cut the cord after 10 min. She was with me for almost an hour - skin to skin. She was cleaned right near me. No one bothered to weigh her immediatly - they did that much later and that too after putting sterile cloth on the steel scales so that she wouldnt feel cold.

The other fanstastic bit was the next day when my older child came to see her sibling. She was fussed over by the midwives and given loads of treats. Then when it was time for her to go home, she didnt seem too happy. So I asked for discharge from the hospital as everything was normal anyway. To this they offred to get her a camper bed (there was one bed for my hubby already) because they wanted me to stay on since it wasnt 48 hrs yet. After we got home the next day my older one asked when we could go back to 'that nice hotel'!

So in a nut shell, have had good experiences both in India and abroad. Guess it has a little to do (as Sujatha says rightly) with being informed and asking for choices but mostly thanks to that factor called luck.

Sujatha Bagal said...

E, thanks for sharing this valuable info. And thanks! :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Siva,

Since there is a mention of the Cradle here, they are the biggest and the best around anywhere and they are right a road away from South End, they are near ICICI bank. Try them, their speciality is only maternity and child care, so rest assured they will have the best when it comes to handling babies and kids for pediatrics. You can ask for Dr. Kishore who is the MD and a qualified pediatrician in over 4 continents, he is among the most qualified doctors of the world and he is even included in President Bill Clinton's committee of excellence. How do i know so much ?? well guess whose scheduled for an august delivery there ?? yep its lil ol me.... you have to try and experience the Cradle before you even think of any other hospitals for any such maternal or neonatal care. Try and let me know, i would appreciate your inputs on the same.

Paige Trabulsi said...

I am a Lamaze-trained childbirth educator and doula from the US living in Bangalore. I offer private as well as group childbirth prep classes. Topics covered include anatomy of pregnancy and birth; pregnancy exercise and nutrition; stages of labor; developing and maintaining confidence in the inherent ability to give birth; strategies to facilitate normal birth; movement and positioning which enhance progress and comfort; technology, internventions, and pain medication; cesarean births; postpartum issues; breastfeeding; and newborn appearance, needs and capabilities. For more information, contact me at, or on 99863 80303.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised by the number of websites/blogs that exist for mothers in bangalore and I must admit I am impressed. I must say these are honestly a boon to indian women.
I have previously posted this on another blog but i feel it must be posted here as well.
I seem to hear a lot of praises about the cradle. I tried it out, its good and all but why all the hoopla now? Centers that care specifically for patients have existed before. I am a patient at one such center which has been around for about 20 years or so that is E.P.M.C in Jayanagar. i feel that they are seriously one of Bangalore’s best kept secrets. thier service in my opinion is unparalleled. I personally did not like the whole meeting with Mr. Kishore from cradle, he seemed nice and all but the true fact is he is out to make money and he is able to sell himself well, thus he is able to click with his patients, personal doctor for Clinton, wtf…. in my opinion he is here to tap on the goldmine that is India. I do admit the cradle is better in comparison to Sagar, Malaya and the other corporates. But I still stand by EPMC’s any day. The difference is their main doctor Dr.Prabha Singan is not out to make money, (not implying that they are cheap) but she truly is a soul out for the benefit of mankind, the care, the time, the devotion she spends is unparalleled. If I’m not wrong Dr. Prakash Kini is also a consultant there. They are small but they have all their services within their control, they have good after patient care, and I am currently taking their Lamaze classes there. i do not mean any disrespect to any fans of the cradle but I don’t think they cut it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that is mine. I sincerely recommend to any body that EPMC’s is the place to go for serious quality care.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

as i was not very happy with SAgar Apollo, I went to EPMC on Friday and booked a consultation with Dr. PRabha singhan.

here is my feedback

Plus points - she spent around 1/2 hr answering all my queries, and was patient and friendly, gave me some home tips and remedies....

Negative points - I found her room absolutely cluttered, her table was full of books and stands etc. scattered, (not a clean atmosphere we felt). She went off the mark many a times while explaining queries.

I'm just not sure what to do....

Sujatha please let me knw the hospital where you had your bad experience...I do hope it's not sagar apollo

Anonymous said...

Most of the people talking about EPMC and Dr. Prabha. is it a preplanned set to get the publicity or it is a reality!!

Anonymous said...


The Cradle is mentioned 18 times on this thread. EPMC is mentioned 4 times. Which is getting more publicity?

Anonymous said...

To the person who had a consultation with Dr. Prabha: Can you really judge a doctor by the state of her desk?! The fact that she took time to patiently answer your questions sounds positive to me. Apart from her desk what was the state of the clinic overall?

To answer your question about Sagar Apollo, if you read over the previous comments you'll see that several people had bad experiences there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha,

I just read your post. Its very informative, thank u.

Hello Evrybody

We are expecting our first baby in September and am planning to have delivery in Bangalore. Can anyone plz suggest a gud doc/hospital in Bangalore, arnd Airport Road with gud maternity care .

Earlier I had opted for Manipal Hospital which is at Airport Rd, this was 'coz its a nyc hospital as well as close to my residence in B'lore but yday I happened to read few reviews abt the hospital n docs there which was very disheartening.

I still wanna go wid Manipal as it is near to my place but any suggestion abt gud doc there will be very helpful.

At present am in Hyd n am very very happy wid my doc.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Any suggestions/inputs can also be e-mailed to me at

Thank you.

Sunita Viney Kumar said...

Hi All,

Any suggestions/inputs can also be e-mailed to me at

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How about Dr Gayathri Kamath from wockhardt bannerghatta road. Is there any other hospital she work for or native resident of any hospital?

any details or contact about her would help us.

Thanks in advance.

Sujatha Bagal said...

I heard from a friend that she had a very good experience at Wockhardt. Don't know about the particular doctors there.

About Anon's comment regarding the number of mentions that The Cradle and EPMC are receiving: I noticed that as well, but I requested Small Squirrel to put up a comment here because I know she's been there and I know that she has no particular agenda to push The Cradle over any other hospital other than the fact that she liked it.

That being said, I would really appreciate it if this blog and comment space were not used for PR purposes to push particular products, services or companies. Thanks.

Suresh Kumar said...

My wife delivered a baby boy in Wockhart Bannergatta Road, Bangalore, We are the first person to use Delivery suite at Wockhardt, Trust me Dr. Gayathri Kamath is a excellent doctor. Like any another has to deliver women, my wife also was very neverse and kind of panicked on N day. Dr Gayathri Kamath was good enough to handle her and she did counseling for her to bring her confidence. Everything was smooth on the N day and now my son is 9 months old.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

Try Dr. Deepak Rao, Rashmi Clinic in Indiranagar. He is avery good doc and a friendly doc too. He never did any scans/tests unnecessarily. And I guess everyone will be surprised when I say, I had my first PV only on my due date. He is available over phone all 24 hrs a day and he is very confident and friendly. In the meantime, since I was living in M'lore, I had a couple of lady gynaecs test me and I felt Dr. Deepak was much more sensitive and understanding than them.

Anonymous said...

hi Sujatha,

can you name the hospital where you had this contact id is

Shiv... as I know him :) said...

Hi Sujatha and other contributors:
It made a great reading and left me even more confused with the huge list of choices.

A futuristic Dad's desperate search for a good Doc & Hospital:

1) I am looking out for a Gynecologist who is excellent.
2) I want the Hospital / Clinic to be near by so that we can rush to it whenever need be. (are there situations that could demand such urgency, I don't know)
3) Want to be with my wife in the labor room.
4) Would prefer a doc with a good track record of Normal deliveries.

I am put up close to commercial street. Is there anyone who can help me in my search??

Thanks in advance,

Sujatha Bagal said...

Suresh, thanks for the info, but what is "N" day?

Anon, I think I've alluded to it in the comments above - I had my baby at Sagar Apollo Hospital and my doctor, who I liked very much, was Dr. Leela Bhagvan.

SystemCalls, most of the hospitals mentioned in this post are in South Bangalore - Wockhardt, Sagar Apollo, The Cradle, EPMC. The closest to your area would be Manipal (among the large ones), but that is a hospital that, if you read the comments, many couples seem to have issues with. I know distance is a concern - it was for me too, when I moved in my 8th month of pregnancy from near Sagar Apollo about an hour away in normal traffic - but if try out these hospitals and see if they work for you. As I mentioned in my post, I talked to my doc about not wanting a C-Section and I had the feeling she was listening and not plotting ways to get me to have one anyway. The most important thing to do is to do your reasearch about what warrants a C-Section, let her know your concerns and let her know you and your wife are doing everything to have a healthy pregnancy and so a normal delivery. Beyond that, it is really out of your control.

Best wishes to all of you for healthy pregnancies and good deliveries.

Shiv... as I know him :) said...

Hi All,

Any inputs on Sharadambal Nursing Home at Residency Road?? and which Gyn to consult out there??

Thanks & Regards,

Sujatha Bagal said...

SystemCalls, sorry, am not familiar with that hospital. If anyone can help out, please do. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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RitzSri said...


I have delivered my first baby on june last in EPMC,jayanagar.
our experience was wonderfull and I am loss of words for Dr.Prabha, the way she handeled my case and end up with normal delivery though my case was little complicated, my baby was growth restricted baby and having 2 round of cord around the neck of baby but somehow she managed my delivery as normal.
Hospital atmosphere is really very homely, I didn't feel like that I was in hospital, staff was very helping.
only thing the hospital ambience is not very good but I hope it does not matter much.
One more thing I didint get ttk cashless hospitalisation as they had some probs with ttk , so I got claimed the amount to ttk afterwards.
but overall my experience was wonderfull and now me and my baby both are doing well..:)

Sujatha Bagal said...

Ritu, congratulations! Thanks for the update and good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info, it really helpful to find so much already discussed on the subject of choosing the hospital\doctor

How is Lata Venkatraman from Wockhardt ? Please share any info

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!

First of all, I think this is one darn good blog.

We're first timers -- my wife's about six-eight weeks pregnant... we just got confirmation from a friend's mother who's a Gynaecologist after we did 2 separate "at-home" tests.

The problem I have is that the personal relationship seems awkward and not professional; and the clinic is about 12kms away from our home... not really convenient.

Am looking for a good Gynaecologist in/around Indiranagar. Reading this blog and others I've got a list that reads :
1. Dr.Praveena Shenoy(Manipal/IndiraNagar)
2. Dr.Vidya Desai(Manipal/Indira Nagar)
3. Dr.Amrita Rao (Manipal/Indiranagar)
4. Dr.Hema Diwakar (JP Nagar, Diwakar Speciality Hospital)
5. Dr.Eliya Prabha(Sagar Apollo, EPMC JP Nagar)

Am looking for help on:
1. Who's the first/second doctor we should go to (from the above list or others that I may not have figured out yet)?
2. How do we contact him/her (i.e. phone/clinic location/etc.)?
3. The doctor should be professional and up-to-date with latest stuff/developments that's happening.
4. Doesn't mind answering all kinds of questions (especially since we're first timers).
5. Is approachable and easily accessible.
6. Has a good record of normal deliveries.
7. Won't tell me to wait outside while my wife's being examined / is in labour.

Would appreciate any help that the more learned can offer/advise.


Anonymous said...

Hi.... i am consulting Dr. Prabha and am in my 6th month of my 1st pregnancy and i feel she's great. She makes me feel at home and makes me very comfortable.

Ritu let me know your contacts. . . .

for couples planning a baby Dr. Prabha is an ideal consultant.

Sujatha Bagal said...


Congratulations and all the very best.

I liked Dr. Leela Bhagvan very much and two of my friends and my sis-in-law who also went to her liked her very much as well. Three of the four of us had normal delivery. She is very open, my husband was with me in the delivery room, she is very approachable and up to date on all the current developments. My husband thought she was very professional, but also warm and confidence-inspiring.

I would suggest you get a consultation with her and see how you feel. No matter which doctor you choose, remember that you must be involved in what is going on. You look like someone who'll be prepared but I just want to say, Ask about the procedures, whether they are necessary, ask about alternatives, don't be afraid to ask for a second opinion. Doctors respect clients who've done their work.

Google for Sagar Apollo or call 23333333 (tel. info) and ask for Sagar Apollo's number.

If you decide to go with Sagar Apollo, hopefully you'll get lucky and get a maternity suite rather than the general private room I got. Good luck. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sujatha; but given everything that I've read about Sagar Apollo, it makes me think twice.

Also, since we're located in Indiranagar, I'd prefer someone closer to consult with -- Bangalore traffic is terrible especially around Koramangala/Bannerghatta Road.

Anyone has suggestions/advice on a good gynae in/around Indiranagar + how to contact the gynae?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


I went through the blog. Could not really figure out which one to go.. So I did visit Cradle went through their regular tour. We have decided to try in Cradle, the baby is due in December. Its expensive and I am sure if something goes wrong in midway they will take my review/concerns seriously. I really felt the hospital is good to indian standards but I was expecting still better and flashy maternity hospitals. As its Bangalore!!..
i did see few people mentioning un necessary tests. Do u believe it, We are changing our hospital just because they didn't do regular tests. One of the blog said " urine tests are all botched up such that "Bacteria present" always appears on the test result. This further leads docs to run a urine culture (costing an additional 350 bucks or so) which comes out normal." I dont find anything exceptional here. Its well known that the simple urine test always mis guides you. But u can't stop taking the urine test itself.. So it really depends on you how much chance you are ready to take and save that extra money!!!

Dont quote me as a Marketing guy.. I am disclosing my identity..

Happy hunting for u guys.

Dubai. U.A.E

Sujatha Bagal said...

Pradeep, thank you for your comment and the information. Congratulations on expecting a baby and good luck with the entire process.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sujatha , MRs Ghosh,anonymus

I read the blog about having baby at bangalore.
Refering this blog, I went to EPMC after getting scared for the wrong prescriptions made by the three gynac I visted one by one.
EPMC was good. But , again, she prescribed the tablet taht has been banned for pregnant woman.

If I ask this to such an expereinced doctor, she would rather get irritated as why did I rechecked the medicine on internet. But, I have lost a baby in 5th month due to wrong medicine.
CAn you give me an honest answer . Is this blog information is just given by clinic people themselves to push their clinic...or is it true for their expereinces. Nowhere else on net I am finding the names like cradle and EPMC>
I am still struggling for finding a reasonable and good gynac for my 3 months baby in the womb...I jsut need to know how much trustworthy are the blog info.Hope u dont mind.
Your honest answer is signigficant for my baby. please suggest a good gynac as I stay in K. S . Town near Mysore road.

Anonymous said...


I am new to the this blogging. But i have been following all the details posted by you all. Thanks a lot sujtha/smallsquirrel for helping me out with the hospital end (as i m expecting in the month of November). Can anyone tell me is there any agency which provide nannies

Anonymous said...

to anon

Did you see Dr.Prabha at EPMC???

its sounds very unlikely to be her, maybe you saw one of the visiting consultants.

Just as advice it is recommended to see dr prabha at EPMC avoid the visiting consultants.

i am a patient of doctor Prabha i have both of my children delivered by her, thus i feel it is unlikely that she might have committed such a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Rekha, I met DR. Prabha. Hey, I didn't mean that the docotr could be wrong. I trust more on her rather than my intenet search. But,still, a doubt arises.
Whether visiting or any other doctor, they are not supposed to do so.
Anyway, I just wanted to know whether the blog is genuin or its a bossing place. But, doesn't look like that.
I am still waiting for Sujata's reply as she has here most of the messages. Also, MRs. Ghosh , can u please reply.please.
Thanks a lot Rekha.
If you dont mind can you please share How much EPMC has charged for your delivery?

Anonymous said...


I had posted a comment on April 25, 2007 regarding Dr Leela Bhagwan of Sagar Apollo and how she had adviced me to abort my baby without any tests or anything.

Just to let you know I had my baby last month at the Cradle. He is perfect and each time I look at him I shudder to think what would have happened had I listened to Dr Bhagwan. He's adorable and is growing nicely.

Amar said...

We had a very bad experience with our previous doctor Nirmala Bhat as well as Cradle. Our baby was growing perfectly well till 34 th week and then suddenly one day we found that there was very less movement with the baby. When we went to Dr. Nirmala Bhatt she said everything is fine and said that the heart beat is 144/min and suggested casually to do an NST. When we went to do the NST the baby heart beat was not found and we were suggested to do a scan. The sonologist (Dr. Upadhyay) who did the scan was very rude. He found that the baby's heart beat had stopped, but he was so insensitive to the matter. The way we were told about this was also extremely insensitive. It has been now 4 weeks since this incident. Myself and my wife are slowly recovering from this shock. Everytime we talk the discussion ultimately comes to this topic. We are looking for good doctors and good hospitals for the next pregnancy. Sujatha I have seen that you have sent information personally through email to quite a lot of people. Can you please send the same to me as well?

Also i want to know how is EPMC?
and Wockhardt hospital? Which is better for high risk pregnancy?

We are looking for male gynaec as people are suggesting male gynaec are much better and more matured than women gynaec. (Please dont get me wrong, this has nothing to do with womens equality.)

Also I have heard very good things about Dr. Prakash Kini. Somebody also suggested Dr. R Narayanan. Any feedback about him? Anybody who has consulted him?

Definitely we dont want to go back to Cradle or Dr. Nirmala Bhatt as we get back the same old bad memories.

Amar said...

FYI, My email id is

Sujatha Bagal said...

Amarnath, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It was very saddening to read about your experience.

Dr. Leela Bhagawan was very good, in my experience, but as you must have read in a couple of comments above, some readers are not happy with her at all. People have had good experiences at Wockhardt (please check the names of the doctors above), but I would talk to the doctors first, explain to them what you want and if you are not comfortable that the doctor will give you what you want in terms of attention and answers to your queries, then I would suggest continuing to look.

You can write to me at if you have specific questions.

Best wishes.

Amar said...

Hi Sujatha,
Thanks for your reply. Appreciate if you can send the email you had forwarded to others if it has more information.

Anonymous said...

Hi all!

I am very much disappointed as no one has replied for my querry about EPMC...I was scared as the medicine prescribed is the non-permitted one....
Once again,Sujaatha, could you please reply as per your information, please suggest about it.
Can u please help out?

Sujatha Bagal said...

Anon, I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for via this blog. People can only share their experiences, as one of the commenters did above, regarding their visits with their doctors. No one can categorically say that such and such doctor is the best or such and such hospital is the worst. All of this information is therefore to be taken with caution and you should proceed with any decision only if you are comfortable with it. No one here - either me or any of my readers - can guide you any more than putting down our experiences. You are the best judge of what you want and how you will go about getting it. If you have doubts about EPMC or Cradle or any of the other hopitals mentioned here, you are free to decide not to go there.

Thanks for reading.

Sujatha Bagal said...

To reiterate a disclaimer I made on my moving to Bangalore as an expat post, please use this blog and its comments for information purposes only. Although I cannot be responsible for any comment other than my own, what we are all trying to do here is to share information via the posts. They are not categorical exhortations for readers to assume that such and such doctor or hospital is the best (or the worst). Each of us can only attest to our experiences, nothing more. Please proceed with any recommendations you find here only after you have assessed the doctor or the hospital yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I am having bleeding problems from past few days. Could anyone suggest me some good doc.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Anon (Sept 8), please take the time to read all of the comments above. I'm sure you'll find the names of lots of gynecs from which you can choose.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I am a Yoga instructor, trained at the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Kendra, Bangalore, offering Prenatal Yoga classes in Koramangala.

Prenatal yoga is recommended for women in the 14th to 32nd week, in case of a normal pregnancy, with the doctor's consent.

Many women find that regular yoga practice helps to reduce swelling, back and leg pain, and insomnia. Prenatal yoga, if practised consistently, increases overall strength, flexibility & well-being and helps prepare you physically for giving birth. Reduces aches & fatigue in the thoracic & cervical regions of the spine. Reduces swelling & inflammation around your joints. Aids in digestion.
The pranayams (breathing practises) improve emotional well-being and reduce stress.

Postnatal yoga classes are also offered - these can be started 3 months after delivery.

To take prenatal yoga classes you can call me at 41217848

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha and all the others,

I'm from germany and found you blog here... could you be able to help me? I'm thinking about flying for business reason to Bangalore for 2-4 weeks and I plan to bring my baby son (13 months) and husband with me... now I'M trying to find out what my husband and baby could do while I'm working...

So for example which hotel would be best to stay, where could be a park or something similar to walk through, what can my husband do the whole day with the baby?

Basically my husband knows what to do, but how is it in bangalore?!

I was not yet there but I heard a lot and I'm a little bit concerned that my husband cannot do anything outside the hotel?! Thanks for your help!


Sujatha Bagal said...

Hi Christine, there are a lot of hotels in Bangalore that have parks and pools that kids can be kept busy in (most of these places also have baby pools). The Leela Palace, Taj West End, Palm Meadows (they have apartments for rent), Oberoi are all good places (they are also expensive).

I know the Taj West End also offers babysitting services.

Palm Meadows is far away from the center of the city, but the good thing about it is that it is self-contained. Your husband will not have to go far to keep himself and your son busy. There are lots of kiddie parks and pools inside.

But the Leela Palace and Taj West End and Oberoi are more centrally located and your husband will be able to take the baby along and shop, walk around and drive around and see Bangalore's sights more easily (if he's up to handling the crowds and traffic). I would suggest having your car close by at all times so he can get back if it gets to be too much.

I hope this helps. If you have more questions, please feel free to write.

Best, Sujatha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amarnath,

Sorry to hear for the loss.
Which doctor are you consulting now.

We have moved to Bangalore last week only and I have my wife in her 7th month of pregnancy.

Based on the posting above, I am slightly confused as which one to select. Cradle / EPMC / Manipal. I am living near Indiranagar, so need to consider distance factor too.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Here's an informative article about childbirth experiences in Bangalore. Paige reports on the experiences three expats have had in three different Bangalore hospitals - The Cradle, Sagar Apollo and Columbia Asia.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Ashish, if I were you, I would pick three or four doctors from the list and go visit each of them and see which one makes you feel the most comfortable.

Congratulations and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

hi everybody,

I have recently started writing a blog on my experiences during pregnancy. Request you to check it out

There are four posts on the blog 1) Pregnancy - My experiences - consultations and tests
2) Gestational diabetes , 3) Travelling by flight and 4) Pregnancy - Tips and Trivia.

I do hope this info is useful and welcome suggestions from all of you. Regret cross-posting this message in other fora too.


Anonymous said...

Wanted to know if someone has delivered their baby in St john's hospital bangalore.
I am referring to a doctor from St john.
I am quite satisfied with her and had known her from last 2 yrs.
I even had a minor operation done in St john when i felt the hospital was gud but not sure about their labor ward and other delivery related things.
Any help in this regard will be helpful

Patric said...

Hi Anon Oct 03,

In St Johns, Dr Annamma Thomas is good.

We are consulting Dr Leela Bhagavan of Sagar Appollo. She was referred to us by 3/4 of my friends who are consulting her.Also it's very close to where we stay. We found her good. She never asked us to do any unwanted scans / tests. One -ve in Sagar is that you may have to waith for anleast an hour even though you had an Appontment. ( Especially in morning )

Thanks Sujatha and others for their inputs on blogpourri.


Sujatha Bagal said...

Patric, thanks for your comment. Dr. Leela Bhagvan was great for us as well. Good luck.

Rajkumar Elango said...

Dear Sujatha & Everyone,

This is a wonderful resource of maternity hospitals in Bangalore, I have been searching something like this for last few months. My wife is 27 weeks pregnant now and she flew to Bangalore recently. We are planning to have the baby delivered at Bangalore. At this moment she is consulting with a Doctor called Nalini Ramesh (Private Clinic in Basveswarnagar), she is a actually a Manipal Doctor. She had recommended some hospitals for delivery where she can come and do the delivery, and unfortunately we were not at all impressed with the hospitals (St.Teresa, Cord Road Hospital), they don’t have proper infrastructure, even lighting. Looks like she has agreement with those hospitals and she can do the delivery. My wife resides in Basveswarnagar.

Could you all give your comments on which hospital we should choose, preferable near Basveswarnagar / Rajaji nagar? Also do you suggest changing the doctor if the current doctor cannot perform the delivery in the hospital we choose? I am very scared about doctors pushing for c-section to make extra bucks, I rather pay extra bucks for normal delivery. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this post and have added your blog to my "Sites I like to visit" section on my blog. Hope that's ok.

Good show.Keep it up.

mazha said...

Very informative and useful post. I am 5 months pregnant now and stay in Indiranagar. Presently i am consulting a doctor in Indiranagar.The problem is she is not having any facilities, since she is consulting at her residence. Next month onwards i am planning to visit St.Philemena's hospital in Vasant Nagar. Do you have any idea how good is that hospital and which gynec there i have to visit..or do you have any other suggestions for me. I dont want to go for tooo expensive hospitals. I stay here alone ( i meant none of our parents are here with us). I just moved to bangalore from Dubai, So i dont have any idea about the good gynec and hospitals in and around indiranagar...
Please help me...
God Bless your family.
Thanks and Regards,
Deepthi Menon

Anonymous said...

I read ur Blog. It is very useful. I am 25 weeks pregnant and I moved to Bangalore due to my job and my delivery will be at Bangalore. We are not able to decide about the hospitals here. I am consulting with a doctor currently. I am satisfied with her.However for delivery she asked me to come to Manipal or Sagar Appollo. I stay at Madiwala. Could you please suggest some good hospital?

Whiterays said...

Read your post and the massive comment list with lot of interest. Am 2 weeks pregnant and our consulting dr. sita rajan of Mallya. I have heard only good reviews of her. However can anyone share their prior experience of delivering at Mallya?

P.S: Sujatha, you got a great blog here. Will surely be making more frequent visits. :)

Anonymous said...

Please could you suggest good hospitals in Bangalore which will allow my husband to accompany me through my labour process?

Patric said...

We are blessed with a baby girl! It was a normal delivery. Even though the baby weight is on the higher side ( Kg 3.67 ) and some complications due to PROM, we were Never pressured to have a C-section. Dr. Leela Bhagavan & Team was excellent for us. On the D day Sagar Appollo was full and the hospital admin was generous to give the Birthing Suite for a Private Room rate. Two books which we found good are 1) What to expect when you are expecting. Authors : Heidi Murkoff,etc 2) "Your Baby's First Year" by American Academy Of Pediatrics.
Thanks again for Sujatha & others.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Patric, congratulations! I'm very happy that things worked out and you were comfortable during the process. Thank you so much for leaving a comment here and letting us know. Those are excellent suggestions for pregnancy guidebooks. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hi all....thanks you for the very informative comments and recommendations. I am 23 weeks pregnant and currently in London. We were planning to have our baby in London but plans have recently changed and we will be moving to Bangalore in the next couple of months and having the baby there. As expected, I am now trying to find details of good doctors and hospitals that treat the birth as collaborative and use newer methods. A number of the recommended hospitals (EPMC, Cradle, etc.) are in South Bangalore and I was wondering if anybody had recommendations for similar places in Malleswaram/Sadashivnagar/Rajajinagar as it would be close to where we will be living. Also, how important (given Blore traffic) is proximity to the hospital? Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

we went to Dr.Prabhasingan for fertility treatment ,she will charge more,even for injection which cost outside 500 ,she charges 1700rs,For IUI she charging 30000rs ,out side it cost 3000Rs.One bad thing about her is if we need to chnage the doctor she never gives the treatment details fully ,which is unprofessional.Thinks twice when you are going to EPMC clinic .I have experience with her she will squeeze the patient's money like any thing.

Anonymous said...

I too am looking for good facilities any high risk pregnancy docs within Malleswaram/Sadashivnagar/Rajajinagar/Yeshwanthpur/Mahalaxmi Layout/basveshwarnagar/PrakashNagar/Sadashivnagar. Also open to all other areas.
Any recomendations on best practicing High Risk Pregnancy will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sujatha & Readers,
Please recommend a good High risk Pregnancy doc in Bangalore and good hospitals in this field.
Can mail me -

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

All the hospitals you mention are quite far for me (I stay in Cooke Town). I'm supposed to go to Mallya Hospital, does anyone have any feedback/reviews/comments to share with me.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi, I had my baby girl delivered at Diwakar speciality hospital in bangalore. The doctor there, Hema diwakar is not a doctor but a managing director of a company. she does not do anything other than talking, and leaving all the work to her juniors (who do not even know basics of gynac) resulting in bad deliveries. My wife was asked by hema diwakar to getup and shift herself right after delivery, the delivery was not handled in right manner in other aspects too. My wife is still not healed, it has been more than a year.

Anonymous said...

I am planning to visit Cradle. I prefer a female doctor. Any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

For all to-be moms and new-moms, I know of this place called Moming located behind Ramakishna ashrama (Gandhi bazaar). Its an amazing place. Its got the following things under one roof. Maternity wear, prenatal care and post natal care products, salon and spa and a fitness center that teaches yoga and aerobics for to-be-moms. This is not it. Its got a cafeteria and a play area for kids. Amazing place. You should go check it out.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone has experience with breastpumps in India.
I am a new mom & am planning to purchase a breastpump in US. We'd be relocating to B'lore by the end of his month. I would appreciate if anyone can tell me their experience regarding the same. Should I buy a pump in US, will it work in India, Can we get good pumps(electronic like Medela) in B'lore.

Sujatha Bagal said...


My medela pump worked very well in India. I used a converter available in most electric goods stores. I don't know if Medela is available in Bangalore. Other types of breast pumps are, as I remember. The Baby Shop and Mother Care both carry them. The Baby Shop can be contacted at 080-25596104 or 080-25596105. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sujatha.

Your blog is really informative and I am sure it is touching life of many expats like me I did visit your blog couple of times before I asked you the questions :-). Your efforts are helping lives of people. Thanks & keep up the work.

Anonymous said...

I agree with KB, Sujatha and all the reader, all your inputs are touching lives of we expectants. Keep up the good job, & many more knowledge sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujata,

This is very informative. My sister is expecting a baby in september. Can you please email me list of good hospitals-gynaecs in bangalore. My email id is mailtonikku at

Thanks a lot.

Piscean Angel said...
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Piscean Angel said...

To Anon (Jan 29,2008): One of our friend's had their baby delivered at Mallya & their feedback abt the place is good. I've heard that they also allow the father-to-be to stay in the labour room unlike other hospitals here.

To Sujatha: Ur blog is really helpful for one & all. But u seem to be less prolific these days. Missing that. :)

Anonymous said...

This question may not be relevant for this blog, but since most of you are expats from the US now living in the Bangalore area, thought I would ask here and see if I have any luck finding it.

I have been trying to find Kids' breakfast cereal Honeynut Cheerios. Does anybody know if this is available anywhere in Bangalore? I have seen Post cereal in a lot of places, but have had no luck finding Honey Nut Cheerios. My son eats only this cereal and has not been able to get used to any other cereal available in Bangalore.
Appreciate your response. Thanks

Sujatha Bagal said...

Hi Piscean Angel, thank you for the comment. :) Hope to be able to write more frequently soon.

Anon, When I first moved to Bangalore I used to be able to find it in Monday to Sunday and Food World. The stores I would recommend you try are those two and Food Zone (on Marathahalli Road), Namdharis, Spencers. Have you tried the new Reliance stores? Also try the Baby Shop on Ulsoor Road. Their number is in one of my comments above.

The other option to consider is to ask someone visiting from the US to bring it for you.

Good luck.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Anon, BTW, that was our favorite cereal too. When you do find it at the shop I recommend stocking up because the supply suddenly drops.

Anup Gangwar said...

We had moved from NOIDA to Bangalore when my wife was in her fourth month of pregnancy. In NOIDA we were visiting the Fortis hospital. Fortis itself has excellent facilities and doctors. I was quite skeptical on this front during the move to Bangalore. Searching on the Internet did not reveal anything particularly good about any one place which added to the confusion. Then I came across this blog. It revealed a maternity and paediatrics specialty hospital, The Cradle. We decided to give it a try, though it was a bit far off from where we stayed.

Pre-delivery Consultations: I called up Cradle and they fixed an appointment for us with Dr. Mamata Mamani, since we did not even know which gynecologists were sought for at Cradle we just went ahead and agreed. The first impression was amazing, I agree with Sujatha on this, that it certainly makes an impression if you walk into a sparkling clean hospital, which does not even look like one. The consultation with Dr. Mamata Mamani was amazing, here was a doctor who explained everything in detail, doesn't believe in prescribing medicines unless absolutely necessary and didn't seem hurried. I was impressed.

My wife did not have any complications, so, our visits were fairly sparse, initially she called us every four weeks depending on our convenience, then the granularity was decreased to two weeks and finally to one. It was excellent to see Dr. Mamata Mamani remember quite a few of my wife's details, unlike the experience at Fortis, where in the doctor looked at the booklet from top to bottom on every visit to figure out whom she was dealing with. We just loved the personal touch.

Toward the end of her term, like any other couple, we were getting impatient. So, we talked to Dr. Mamata Mamani and opted for labor induction. As per our plan the delivery was to happen on a Sunday and she was absolutely fine with it, no issues at all. Voilla.

Admittance and Delivery: We left home a little late and reached Cradle. It took more than 45 minutes for the person on duty to fix a room for us and clean it up. This was a bit disappointing and I became skeptical whether the delivery itself would change our opinion of this hospital to negative. Later on when I had time to think through things, it was clear that the admittance was not an altogether bad experience. The reason why we were kept waiting slightly longer was because another lady had just arrived whose labor pains had started and the staff first focused on her, which was the correct thing to do. The room was nice but did not have any windows. I requested for one with windows and it was immediately attended to. The doctor on night duty immediately talked to Dr. Mamata Mamani and fixed the course of action. Dr. Mamata Mamani again called up the duty doctor at 11:30PM to ensure that everything was in order, exemplary!

She visited us in the morning, examined my wife and prescribed what needed to be done. She also told the duty nurses very clearly that my wife doesn't complain much and they need to be on the lookout for any signs, how did she remember that? Superb. The pains increased and she reached the Labor, Delivery and Recovery (LDR) room in time and got the baby delivered herself! Dr. Kishore, M.D. and paediatrician was also present. He received the baby and cleaned her up.

Post Delivery: My wife rested in the LDR for another few hours, after which a nurse gave her bath and shifted her and the baby to our room. Our stay was slightly extended in the hospital, as our baby's biluribin levels were a bit off the normal range. The support staff is amazing and extremely supportive. You will never need to repeat your requirements to them. They take care of everything. One nurse took time off to put the baby to sleep, another consoled my wife that everything would be fine! I have not seen such sincerity even at the Fortis.

In the end it is the small things which matter: Did the nurse who bathed your wife was careful and conscious of her pain? Did the Dr. arrive on time and take your wife into confidence? Did the nurse who bathed your baby handle her as if it were her own? At The Cradle all of the above were handled correctly.

The Cradle, is highly recommended to anyone who is getting a baby delivered at Bangalore. The charges are slightly on the higher side, but do you want to compromise on the health of your wife or your baby? The charges are well worth it, for the kind of amazing care and personal attention which they give. Bravo!!

Anonymous said...

I consulted Dr. Nirmala Bhat and found her to be the most knowledgeable doctor. She has her own clinic in Jayanagar 4th 'T' Block. She spends a lot of time with her patients and is very caring about them. I later also learnt that she has been a rank holder throughout her career. It felt really nice to have such a smart person take care of me during my pregnancy. She has excellent communication skills, would recommend Dr. Nirmala Bhat highly.

Anonymous said...

Hi readers....I have been going thru this blog and this is jus amazing. It has given me great information abt good gynae and good hospitals. I jus wanted to know if any of you have had any experiences with wockhardt hospitals. I stay close to this hospital and would like to get more information on this hospital and their docs(gynae).
Pls help me with any recommendations. Thanks in advance!!

Anup Gangwar said...

After reading through the comments on this blog, I called up Healingtouch India for a masseur for my baby and wife. They are charging Rs. 400/- for every visit as our house is a bit far off from Frazer Town. The charges are for baby's massage, baby's bath and mother's massage. The baby's massage lasts 20-30 minutes followed by a bath. Mother's massage lasts around one hour. Package includes massage oil for the mother but not for the baby. Perhaps this is done as couples have their own preference for baby oils. Its been almost a week now and Soudha (the masseur) hasn't skipped even a single day. She is very good and her experience is visible from the confidence with which she handles the baby. The baby makes some noises which seem to be a mixture of pleasure with a little bit of pain :), but I have never seen her cry while being massaged.

Overall our experience has been satisfactory, however, as the charges are quite high, it is worth exploring other options before contacting them.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Hey Anup, thank you for leaving such good feedback. Cheers!

Sujatha Bagal said...

Radha, one of the readers of this blog felt comfortable with Dr. Gayathri Kamat at Wockhardt. I would suggest you consult with her and see if you like her as well.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. This is Vidal here born in Cradle hospital, Bangalore. The hospital is really good. Way to ho kishore. check my website

Anonymous said...

Hi...I am new in Bangalore and I live in Airport Road. I am 5 weeks pregnant and need to visit a gyne......can u pls let me know good gynes in MAnipal Hospital on the Airport Road/ in and around Indranagar......

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm looking for a good nanny who would take care of my 3-month old and support in housework too. can somebody give me contacts of whom to approach and rates charged. pls. do share your experiences of leaving ur kid with nannies as
I'm a working mom I'm a bit apprehensive. I live in J.P nagar. would appreciate a quick response. thanks

Anonymous said...

hi Sujatha,

it is nice to read your comments. my wife is pregnant and we are consulting Dr.Mala Prakash in Apollo hospital.

do you know her?? any comments on her experience.

you can mail me at


Anonymous said...

I found this blog really great and got lot of information too.
I have heard lot about CRADLE but it is quite expensive. Read that the normal delivery charges are around 40,000. I am a first timer, can someone tell me the overall cost if I start consulting at CRADLE? I am 4 weeks pregnant and yet to see the doc.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Prasanna, if you're talking about Apollo Hospital, sorry, that's a new one (it came up after I left Bangalore) and I don't have any personal information about it.

If one of the other readers knows anything about it, hopefully they'll leave a comment here.

Anon: the best bet is to go to Cradle for a consultation and ask them that information yourself. They'll share it with you. It's really important to head to a doctor early on so you get the care you need and can find a doctor you can get comfortable with for the long haul. Congratulations and best wishes.

Asawari Joshi Salwan said...

Sujata (i am assuming host of blog) and all other viewers. I am 24 weeks pregnant and will be about 25-26 weeks when I move into Bangalore. My questions and concerns are exactly the same as everybody else. I do understand that after repeatitive descriptions about doctors and hospitals, Cradle seems to be most in demand. I will be living in Brookfield/Whitefield as my husband is in TCS - whitefield. My first option was obviously Manipal on airport road. But from what i know it takes about an hour at peak traffic hours to reach manipal also. Can someone throw some light on what is the time(duration) of travel from Whitefield to Cradle? I am aware it is "far off". But what exactly is "far off". Uptil now my pregnancy has been diagnosed as completley normal. I have also successfully travelled back from US when I was 22 weeks. And even after travelling back everything is normal. If i pick Cradle, it is obvious i will have to do with the doctors there. I also dont have any information about any gynec as of now. so i dont think that should be a problem. Please help. Sunitha could you email information that you have to me at

Thanks to all in advance,

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, I moved to Bangalore a year ago after marraige. Am looking for a good female gynaecologist who would advise me on conception problems. I am 37(i know a lil over the hill) and my hubby and I have been trying for a baby since a year. I did consult with Dr. Chitra Ram murthy at Apollo hospital but found that she presribed fertility medicines without extensively testing me or my husband. I ahve always enjoyed good health and all my reports blood, urine, pap smear thyroid are ok. Am really scared to take pills of any kind and have always avoided them . Would like a second opinion. Also If anyone has had similar problems .pls reply on this post. Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Please go the THE CRADLE in Jayanagar.
It did work for me, its an amazing hospital with A class doctors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Are doctors at Cradle fertility specialists.?? If yes, could you please give me a name. I have also heard of Dr. Indukala at jayanagar . Is she any good?

Sujatha Bagal said...

Asawari, it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to Cradle from ITPL. One other person who comment on this post has had a good experience with Dr. Mamani at Cradle, as did I (for a non-pregnancy related procedure, though).

Anon, Dr. Leela Bhagawan is a very well-respected infertility specialist in Bangalore. She consults at Sagar Apollo.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the(dr. leela info) Sujatha. I will be going for a second opinion to Dr.Indu kala at jayanagar this week. Some of the ladies at the gym seem to speak highly of her-one of them going to the extent of calling her a "magic doctor". Lets hope she lives upto the reputation. Wish me luck-thanks once again

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

First of all Thanks Sujatha for such a nice blog and thanks to all of you who are posting informative comments.I am 11 weeks pregnant with my first baby and planning to have the delivery in Bangalore.currently I am consulting Dr.Chitra in Appolo hospital(new one opposite to IIM).Anybody who has any experience with the doctor and the hospital?please post your comments..
Thanks in Advance

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Sujatha and others for providing valuable info.

My wife is 2 months into pregnancy. I have few questions:

1. We have consulted Dr C Mala Prakash who consults at Sagar Appolo and at Shanthi clinic in Jaya Nagar. Any info or good/bad experiences about this gynaec ?

2. On advise of Dr my wife uses DoxinatePlus at times when she feels nauseatic. Is it ok to have this medicine ? I searched on net and it seems to be safe but still trying to get the opinion of moms here :)

3. Any sepcial diet/exercises recommended for two months' pregnancy ?

Please let me know.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Grace said...

Hi All,
I just moved back to Bangalore from the US and am in my 9th week. I live in new Tippasandra near BEML gate. Please suggest me a good gynaec in the area. I think new tippasandra, Indiranagar will be fine, dont know other areas which are nearer...I want to have a normal deivery and it will be nice if my husband is allowed inside the labor room..thanks

Anonymous said...


Sujatha, That's a very informative post.

I am in my third month of pregnancy. Currently my gyn is Dr.Nandini Devi at Indira clinic Malleswaram. But am uncertain whether she is pro-normal delivery. I am very concerned that I should not be forced for a c-section. Can any of you provide me a feedback about her. Also I am planning to have my delivery at Columbia Asia hospital. Any feedback on the hospital too would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I live near IIM Banergatta road... cud anyone suggest a good gynec in this area, jaynagar, jp nagar, etc... I have had 2 consecutive first trimester miscarriages (missed abortions) 8 to 9 weeks... and cause is still not clear... all tests done thus far have been negative... really need help here...

Anonymous said...

hi sujatha,

i had a miscarriage a year back and frm then i could never conceive. we are planning for a baby now and i am consulting dr. Arathi bharat in Sagar Apollo she said she will give us some time and if nothing wrks she will give me medicnes. i have to go to her next month. i sometimes feel i am wasting my money going to her every month. but the way she talks and makes me feel she is helping. i am confused. Can you or any one tell me if she is a good doc and if i can continue going to her or any other suggestions that you may have.

Anonymous said...

I had my delivery @ Mallya's and my gyn/obs has been Dr Sita Rajan. Have absol no words to express her efficiency. Simple straighforward, no mollycuddling and her no nonsense approach is great. She works with normal delivery in mind.

Mallya is one of the few hosp where the husband is not only allowed inside the LDR room but also asked to be part of the delivery process.

This has been my firsthand experience.

Anonymous said...

Hello sujatha and others who responded to my post a week ago for a good female gynae(fertility expert in blore) . I had initially decided to go to Dr. Indukala at jayanagar(learnt that she also is a visiting doc at Apollo) Since my experience at Apollo wasnt very satisfactory (considering their casual attitude towards patients and prescription of pills without investigation), I decided against going there again. Having read blogs and looked up several positive postings about Dr. Prakash Kini, I met him at Cradle and I cant tell you how releived I am. Besides conducting a thorough investigation for both my husband and I he reassured us of how we could circumvent problems ,if any, after the tests .I also found that he doesnt prescribe medications unneccessarily and addressed all our fertility concerns with patience and frankness. I am grateful to all those who helped me come to a decision about this doctor. thanks again to those who suggested his name and the hospital Cradle. I feel a lot more reassured now. And yep I agree with those who say a male gynae is as good as a female one having met Doc Kini..

Anonymous said...

Hi All!

I am new to this forum.Just wanted browing for info and found the right link!

I am 6 weeks pregnant. I stay near bannergatta road and confused btw chosing docters Gayatri kamath or Prabha eliya. Could some one help me in deciding?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunitha

My wife recently delivered a baby and we consulted Dr.Gayathri Kamath at Wockhardt hospitals in Bannerghatta road. I would say she is one of the best. She took care of my wife very well and we are completely satisfied with her. You can call me if you need more info. Sujatha has my contact details

Best Regards


Sujatha Bagal said...

To both Anons (April 16): I would suggest getting bloodwork done to make sure your thyroid levels are normal. I had two miscarriages as well and in my chase that was the problem. Dr. Leela Bhagavan has a very good reputation as an infertility specialist. Perhaps you could talk to her to see if you like her. I hope it works out for you. Best wishes.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Gopi (now a happy second-time father) sent me some feedback via e-mail about his and his wife's experience at Wockhardt Hospital on Bannerghatta Road and particularly with Dr. Gayatri Kamat. He has said it is OK to share this information with anyone looking for some feedback about the hospital and that doctor. Here it is. Thanks Gopi, for writing in detail about your experiences and congratulations again. Thanks also to Anita, another reader, who was willing to share her prior experience at the hospital with Gopi.

Dr.Gayathri Kamath was a wonderful doctor and we had a very pleasant experience with her. My wife was juggling between 3 to 4 doctors during the initial stages trying to choose the final doctor. It was purely your experience with her that gave us the confidence and decided to consult her for the delivery. And we are very happy that we made the right choice. S [Gopi's wife] could not deliver the baby normally and had to go through a c-section. But ... the decision was not thrust upon us, but was done only with our full consent. The first baby was also a c-section and we knew that the chances of delivering normally for the second one are remote. But Dr.Gayathri insisted that we give S sufficient time before deciding on c-section as she was getting good labor pains. The baby’s head was not coming down to the pelvis and that was the issue. She waited for more than 8 hours and finally decided that a c-section needs to be done as there the baby head did not come down at all. Later she revealed that there were two cords around baby’s neck which is the reason why the baby’s head did not come down.

We got the delivery done at Wockhardt hospital – Bannerghatta road and took the LDRP suite which costed Rs.65000 for the complete delivery. (Rs.65000 was the package cost and the final bill was Rs65515). .... this was indeed a wonderful hospital and staff are great. I could give no less than EXCELLENT rating in the feedback form there. The recovery process after c-section looked like a dream and everything was taken care well for the patient. To give an example, during the first delivery, my wife was not allowed to move out of bed for full five days after c-section was done. Out here they made her to walk within 36 hours after the operation was done. They have a planned recovery program and even if the patient resists, they force them to walk and move around instead of lying down in the bed. That made the recovery much faster.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gopi and Sujatha!!!

Could I talk to Gopi for further information? I am not a registered member here.How do I share my personal details to Sujatha?

Pls let me know the procedure


Sujatha Bagal said...

Sunita, you don't have to be registered here - this is my personal blog. Please send me an e-mail at and I'll be happy to give you Gopi's e-mail address.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Sunita, sorry, spelling mistake in my e-mail address - it should be

Anonymous said...

Dear Sujatha and others, i had posted queries for infertility specialists on the 10th/23rd of april under Anonymous). I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that I am pregnant and this is through natural conception. My husband and I had all the tests done under Doc Kini at Cradle and very first meeting itself the doc said that I stood a good chance of conceiving naturally and that we should wait for a few months before we opted for other methods of conception. I had posted those queries on your blog after disappointing 2 meetings with Drs at apollo whom i met in December 2007 who without thorough investigation prescribed fertility drugs ASSUMING point blank that i wasnt ovulating. This she did without conducting a history of my cycles , lifestyle or even conducting a simple ovulation test . Neither did she wait for my hubbys semen analysis report before prescribing the pills. She even laughed off my concerns of side effects of the drugs which I told her I read on the net. Needless to say that i never took the drugs and I am glad I did so. I have been a sports person all my life and periods getting delayed (not absent) because of heavy exercsing is nothing new to sports women across the globe. I want to tell all women here that irregular periods doesnt mean that you do not ovulate. Yes it is difficult then to ascertain which is your fertile period. But this can be found out through tests. Please do not believe the first doc you go to or blindly take medicines ( in my case duphaston/ fertyl and some others)without knowing what they are for. Please take a second opinion and only when you are convinced and your questions patiently and honestly answered should you pick your ob/gyn .
Having said that, please let me know what care I should be taking as I am on the very wrong side of 30 :) and have never conceived before . Though my doc has given me sufficient info (including a CD on child birth), it would be nice to hear from women who have been or are in a similar predicament and have had successful or even not successful deliveries. If all goes well, Cradle will be my choice for delivery. Thankyou again sujatha for this blog and your replies- Savera

Sujatha Bagal said...

Savera, congratulations! I'm so glad things worked out for you the way you wanted them to. I'm a big fan of being involved in the medical procedures you will undergo, talking to the doctor and opening a dialogue about what you are comfortable with and what you are not.

Take care of yourself, best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot sujatha.

Anonymous said...

I want to share experience of my first prenatal checkup in EPMC clinic, Jaya nagar.
I am new to Bangalore and read lot of reviews on Gynecs. I read very good reviews about docter Prabha singan in EPMC.Not sure if I have read in the same blog.

In my first visit after pregnancy confirmation , Dr Prabha spent lot of time explaining us about diet,first trimester symptoms. We felt very happy and got convinced to continue with her.She suggested to meet her after 2 weeks

After two weeks , that is at my 6th week of pregnancy we met her. She suggested for a scan. I went inside the scan room. and she did a vaginal scan. It was damn painful.She told me that this is to reconfirm about my pregnancy.

Also she told me foetal growth is 15 days less than LMP.She was not ready to discuss further.

This is my first pregnany and we were so worried about what she said.We wanted to know more.So we browsed different websites and found that this might be due to delayed ovulation

After the scan , I had to pay 3,500/- for scan and blood tests.1000/- for scan and 2,500 for blood tests. I was told that complete set of bloodtests will be done.

Later only sugar ,thyroid,HIV and haemoglobin tests were done. HCG test which is very imp during pregnancy was not done.

i was asked to collect the reports after 3 days. I went to collect the reports after a week.To my surprise, they dont handover the reports to the patient.Receptionist told me that Doc permission is required.I had to fight to see my reports:(
They called Prabha for permission and she told me that she is in a surgery,reports were locked in her cabin and she cannot give the reports

When I told her that the reports were in my hand, she blasted the receptionist

It is very inprofessional on her part to do this. Also when I checked with my friends, I got to know that the most painful vaginal scan need not be done at 6th week.Also blooodtests which were done are so expensive when compared to outside rates.

Now I have decided to change the docter.Hope this helps for would-be moms.So I drafted my experience

Anonymous said...

hello all, Has Anyone gone on to have a successful pregnancy with a slightly irregular gestational sac, no foetal pole and a blod clot in the GS ..Acc to scan am 6 weeks pregnant ..worried sick - appreciate a reply from someone who has or had similar complications..thanks

Anonymous said...

A good experience gone bad...Hi all. I thought i should write about my experience.
I have stopped consulting Dr. Kini at cradle. On my 2nd n 3rd visits to him, i found him to be short tempered and too quick to dismiss my queries making me feel uncomfortable. Maybe those days werent good days for him but that kind of attitude does not suit a physician of his repute and experience. It just isnt done. No scans or HCG tests done even when i complained of bleeding during my 6th week . This i learnt later is a standard protocol at even the smallest of nursing homes. Considering the kind of cash I was doling out I expect things to be standard, if not above at cradle . On both occassions (when i was bleeding) I was made to wait almost 1.5 hours for the sonologist . Suprising that a specialty maternity hospital doesnt have a sonologist on a round the clock basis especially during emergency situations and emergencies come unannounced . I cant take a chance with my health if the treatment depends largely on the doctors mood and temperament and availability of sonolgists etc. 2 bad experiences out 3 is not a good score. Sorry guys but am off cradle and kini for now...

Anonymous said...

Women who have been pregnant before would know that vaginal bleeding at anypoint during pregnancy,not being able to feel babys movements , sudden disappearance of pregnancy symptoms are all cause for worry. Though one cannot always prevent a miscarraige, there have been numerous instances when timely medical intervention has indeed been able to save a pregnancy. Unfortunately some doctors in an effort to prove a point become very stingy on tests and scans and depend entirely on their experience to handle the situation. Many times this is too late for the pregnancy to be saved. A doctor could have handled a 1000 deliveries butthe 1001 could be entirely different- something they never handled before . This is true since every pregnancy and woman is different.
My suggestion to any expecting mom experiencing the above mentioned symptoms, pls do trust your instincts whenever you feel something's "abnormal"and insist on tests/scans to detect what is wrong and what can be done to right it. A doctor not prescribing a test and proving that he is saving your money when you have a valid reason to worry, isn,t neccessarily a good one.

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