Tuesday, July 11, 2006

CNN/IBN Pats Itself Repeatedly on Its Back

CNN/IBN cannot get over itself. In the middle of the coverage of the Mumbai blasts, Rajdeep Sardesai could not prevent himself from repeatedly reminding his viewers (and at one point, his reporter as well) that the images were being carried live on CNN world wide. He was practically salivating over the fact that one of his reporters happened to be on one of the trains on which the blasts occurred and couldn't stop smiling at this stroke of fortune.

Who cares if CNN/IBN's images are being shown all over the world? Oooh, wait a minute. Perhaps he was addressing his advertisers and not the worried viewers who had tuned in to get some useful information.


Anonymous said...

Yeah very much irritating.

Anonymous said...

Utterly digusting. And this was precisely what I meant when I wrote this on DC a few weeks back.

Prithi Shetty said...

yes, and not to mention that smirk.

remainconnected said...

Yah, that was irking and I feel with loads of channels on air,these people are bothered more about their ratings and kinda and not what people have gone through at this tragic hour.

We shall all pray for all those who had lost their loved ones and stand by them at this hour of debacle.

Hell with CNN/IBN and whosoever smiles,who cares ..

silbil said...

not only that, another news channel wanted to know from the authorities 30 mins after the blasts if government will be able to take precautions for the future, and he did not mean immidiate future!!! bloody what about the present?
India tv kept on showing how they were the FIRST ONES TO HAVE THE IMAGES!!!

Unknown said...

NDTV kept apologising for the "disturbing content "of the MMS clips they showed , and kept pleading for more MMSes . Even in the midst of showing so much grief and pain all these guys could think about were their ratings !Disgusting- but then if you rationalise , think of the spoof film of Sharukh Khan's - cant remember the name , where an execution is sponsored .

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the hurricane coverage on CNN. They boast of being the HURRICAN HEADQUARTERS and urge viewers to KEEP WATCHING....Another similar blog entry here:


the_outsider said...

It is definetely ugly, but there is not much hope that this kind of reporting will diminish.
Remember the 'embedded journalists' thing.
I have sat through a seminar which had a discussion amongst a former embedded journalist, a marketing guy from a Satellite Operator, and a guy who form a company who makes the communication equipment
They were seriously talking about how to reduce the time taken to get the images from the spot to the living room.
NDTV, CNN/IBN Star etc. with their Vans and Dishes are outdated.
I saw in that seminar, satellite equipment that could be set up in minutes and operated only by the cameraman. The whole gizmo could be carried in a suitcase.
The satellite guys want more TV chaps so that they can sell more bandwidth.
In the seminar they analysed how the bandwidth requirement on a particular satellite went up dratically during the
Iraq war. Infact they felt proud that they even moved another satellite into position to cater to guys wanting to bring live pictures of tanks bombing out houses.
Remember also that the conent is 'Free' no production costs, no actors no sets ..

It's only going to get worse.

So in all probability one day these guys may end up 'creating' the news so that they would be first and exclusive..

And it's already happening

Unknown said...

its disgusting to watch all these channels on a ride to 'self-appreciation'/'self boasting'. Do they realize that by doing so they are just making a mockery of themselves? Each one trying to outsmart the other.

Anonymous said...

Rajdeep needs a lesson in self-restraint and control, for sure!

Sreeraj Nair said...

I have the habit of not watching TV news when something like the Mumbai blasts happens. It is not that I don't care about the victims, but the fact is I can't stand the TV anchors, none of which I like. At times I watch NDTV (even though they miserably failed during the IISc attack) for 10 mts and switch off my TV. Sometimes I feel these anchors are just barking to earn brownie points. By doing that they repel viewers. I think it's a combo of ad department nonsense and lack of professionalism.

Anonymous said...

i watch the TV, but I turn the sound off