Tuesday, February 06, 2007

After the Cauvery verdict ...

... schools and colleges are closed today. Many shops in our area are also closed, although offices appear to be open. There's a state-wide bundh call for Thursday, Feb 8th.

Last night, the three grocery stores in our area were packed with shoppers scrambling to stock up on items they needed but thought they might not have enough of in case the shops were closed today.

The items apparently everyone needed and so were gone from the shelves by the time I went in: bread, yogurt, bananas, ready made dosa batter.

The scenes at the store were similar to the scenes in the US grocery stores just before an impending snow storm or following the issuance of a hurricane alert.

Update (Feb 7th):

The bundh has been put off until Monday, Feb. 12th.


Anonymous said...

But it seems there was nothig untoward today. SO lets keep our fingers crossed for the 8th. I drove to work and it was pretty normal.

Ayshu said...

i heard in the radio that nuthing happened and things were calm there.

Abbasin Kirukkalkal said...

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