Thursday, March 01, 2007


Big N and his friend were running in and out of the house yesterday evening, downing juices and cookies and running off into the garden, to their "secret hiding place" (to which, I have been told, I have a pass and can go anytime I want). At one point, Big N grabbed a big white envelope and a pen and pencil and headed right back to his waiting friend.

This morning I found the white envelope with this written on it in Big N's handwriting:

Dhal - 20 Rs
Roti - 60 Rs
Sprite - Later
Limica - Free
Rice - 1000 Rs

American Food

Pasta - 100 Rs
Juice - 100 Rs

He loves pasta, dal, roti, juice, and Sprite and "Limica," of course. Rice, which he tolerates - if he has to - at best, has been priced right out of reach.


Chakra said...

cool that 'limica' is free. :)

Anonymous said...

i totally missed the rice price on the first go round. but looks that kiddo understands that, typically, american fare is more expensive than local fare!

- s.b.

Anonymous said...

awww. what perception! reading this makes me either want to have a kid or be a kid right now! :-)

"limica" :)))))))

Anonymous said...

do they have a secret restaurant?!

Sujatha Bagal said...

Chakra, mg, TGFI, SB, thanks for the comments.

SB, thanks for linking my Schools post on Vijaya(?)'s blog.

TGFI, having a kid is more fun. You tend to forget how much fun childhood was as you grow older, but these memories of your own kids are more memorable, methinks.

MG, hmmm, need to ask him that!

Anonymous said...

What a kid!!