Friday, May 22, 2009

Footloose Friday - VII

My brother sent me this video of musicians from around the world singing Stand By Me. I've always loved the song and I've watched the video many times, but it never fails to produce goose bumps and a prickling behind my eyes. Music is truly the language of the heart. It needs no words.

"Stand by Me" performed by musicians around the world from SKAT on Vimeo.

Have a wonderful weekend with the people that stand by you!

This is the seventh in a series. For more Footloose Friday posts, please click here.


Sylvia K said...

A long time favorite of mine! Has the same effect on me. Thanks! Have a great weekend, Sujatha!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

I love this video!!!! And an absolute favorite song!!!! Thanks for an inspirational always! ~Janine XO

Kavi said...

Superb video ! Have a wonderful weekend. And i am told this one is a long one over there !


sujata sengupta said...

Have a great weekend sujatha. Great song never fails to touch the right chords!!

Eleonora Baldwin said...

How great, Sujatha! This song has such an exhilarating effect on me too.
Have a good weekend and I love the new profile pic. You're beautiful! Ciao

Midlife Roadtripper said...


Such fun to see that again. I love the song. And the movie of that title also.

Have a great weekend!

Nancy Zrymiak said...

Yes, this is such a feel good song and video. Let the world come together through song!

Anonymous said...

I adored this too! And posted it a while back. Isn't it beautiful!?