Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello, I'm Sujatha ...

... and you are? Please, would you introduce yourselves?

If you read Blogpourri occasionally or often or regularly, but have never commented before, I'd love to hear from you. What are the kinds of posts you like to read on Blogpourri? Even if you are a regular visitor here and comment often (I know I don't say this enough, but I love the fact that you take time to read and leave comments!), it would be awesome if you could tell me what interests you on this blog.

Thank you and cheers!


Altoid said...

Hello, I'm your friendly neighborhood mint!

What interests me in your blog...can't be summed up in one 'thing' or one word. I love your style of writing and the thoroughness of the subjects being written about. Be it an emotional piece or a news coverage or social causes...pick a theme- there's justice being done. And that's probably what I like to come back to.

So there you go Suj. I said it, and said it first :).

Have a nice day

Doli said...

Hi Sujatha, I've been reading your blog since quite a while and I like all your posts. They are very to the point and very sensible :)

Monika said...


i think i have commented before :) not sure though...

me likes all ur posts abt from those quizes... tamil :(

Kavi said...

I quite enjoy almost all that you write about. For its almost an indian eye of a foreign country !

And ofcourse when you write about the family, that gives a perspective too ! And the book recommendation. And the select articles..

Seems like i can go on ! Well, overall, its a great package !

Choxbox said...

HI Suj!

Tough to pinpoint but I'll try.

I find your posts well-thought out and written with maturity. There are some that are full of information, these are thorough and therefore very useful. Also helps that our kids are of similar ages! I like how you handle comments as well - again with calm maturity.

Suman said...

Hi Sujatha, I am Suman, a recent addition to your list of readers. I came here blog hopping, loved your writing style, and have been hooked to it since then.

It's not necessarily the topics that you address but the manner in which they are written that makes me want to visit here often. I like the way your posts are straight from the heart, and your convictions shine through your post. Keep writing!

Anuradha Shankar said...

HI Sujatha, I am Anu from Mumbai.. I have been reading your blogs for a while now, and commenting on a few...

I enjoy reading your blogs because I relate to quite a few of them, and where i don;t I still enjoy reading them!!!!

Sylvia K said...

I've loved reading your posts for quite some time now. I enjoy the fact that you write about many things, not just a few. I appreciate your intelligent approach to many subjects, the love you have for your family. I also enjoy your writing style and whatever you write about, you do it succinctly. And that's why I'm a faithful follower and commenter!



Jinksy said...

I often come by , but I only ever comment on a blog when I have something relevant to say on that particular post. I guess you know that already though? For today, I'm just saying 'Hello!' xxx

Priya said...

Hello Sujatha,

I am Priya and have been reading your blogs for a while now. I am originally from Bangalore, India currently live in Toronto, Canada and will be shortly moving to Alexandria, VA.

I stumbled upon your blog -this rich resource, full of a variety of information when I was expecting my daughter and was looking for some info on expats and Indian rituals relating to children. I enjoy your blogs on parenting, expat life... now, a new interest - life in DC Metro area :)and of course your travel blogs. Like most Indians living abroad, we think about going back too and many articles you have here are good research material for us.

Good luck.


sujata sengupta said...

Hi I am your namesake!! I enjoy most of your posts, but I am a bit partial to the posts you make on your early days, your kids, your family and your trips!!

Unknown said...

Hi Sujatha,

my name is John and I am a Cartoonist/Illustrator, as you well know. :0)

Not sure what 'types' of posts I like best... the personal observations are best, and the amusing anecdotes, so I suggest yo continue posting by instinct... whatever interests you most at the moment.

I do understand the overwhelmingnest of having your interests in so many directions, and yes, it would be great to focus those interests, but hey... what can you do? We are who we are, and that diversity of interest just shows how much one enjoys life's little moments.

Go with your gut, as they say in cooking school... JOHN :0)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Hi Sujatha,

Its hard to pin point what I like best about your blog ... perhaps the everyday experiences, your family, travelogues .. I am able to connect very easily when you talk about your family since I see a lot of similarities here
But do keep them coming :)

Sri said...


I am a silent reader of your blog.i think i have commented just once!

I am from Hyderabad and have settled down at Chennai after marriage..

I like your frank style of writing combined with your keen eye for details..you posts are very informative and straight-from-the-heart..:)


Solilo said...

I have commented here once or twice. I think first time I came here when you linked to my 'Back to Slum now' post and then recently searching for 'Saraswati puja' when I wrote about Vidyaarambham.

I thought I would say hello :). From what I have read here, your posts are informative and interesting.

Winnowed said...

I would classify myself as a regular at Blogpourri. What I like most about your blog is its randomness. Some times you write about C/Big N/Dot/N etc., some times about Barack Obama, some times about Michael Jackson, treating Big N, Michael Jackson and Obama with the same degree of seriousness ..... Just keep writing

Rahul said...

This is my first time. Nice blog. So, i will visit again:).

Unknown said...


I am a friendly Wee Willie winkie... I have been visiting your blog from my Random A4isms blogspot. Though I migrated to Sulekha, I retain my blogspot to read my fav bloggers there.... And you are there.
If you are there... whatever you write is fine by me. Keep on.

Gymnast said...

hi ... I guess i've commented once or twice. I like the way you write, whatever it is that u write. Which is why i come here all the time.
Keep writing

Nino's Mum said...

1) Nino's Mum
2) Regularly
3) Everything. You and the kids, travel, footloose friday, the 'do read' links you put up, and your personal posts - small, potent doses of wisdom.

Unknown said...

Hi Sujatha, I accidentally landed here sometime back (rather longtime back) and I liked what I read so I blogrolled via my google reader since then i come here & post comments whenever I can.

what interested me- is travel posts (and recipes)) but then come to realize its your written skills.

Onwards & Upwards..

me-- alter ego of yuva just another crazy dude enjoying the journey of daily unscripted life..currently based in central europe...

Sujatha Bagal said...

Dear, dear alty. Thank you for being in my neighborhood! And always, always appreciate your encouraging words. :)

Doli, thank you for reading and commenting. It means a lot!

Monika, thank you for reading and commenting now. :)

Kavi, thank you. I love your posts and your comments. They always have that special spark. :)

Choxy, I love the fact that our kids are of similar ages too! And thanks for that lovely comment!

Suman, thank you for reading and thank you for delurking to leave such a lovely comment! Welcome to blogpourri.

Anu, thank you. I love your blog. You know I love travel posts, right? :)

Sylvia, thank you for reading and commenting. I'm so glad I can tap into your wisdom and experience. It's such a delight to share stories with you because I know you're thinking similar things, down to our politics! :)

Jinksy, I am a grateful recepient of your wisdom and grace. Thank you for reading.

Priya, hi! I'm so glad the posts are useful. Must remember to write more DC life stuff. It's good to know someone is reading it! Give me a holler when you guys move. Best wishes.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Sujata, must remember that. :) Thanks for reading and commenting. I really appreciate it!

John, I remember we had this discussion before, and I must confess I was trying to figure out if I should find a niche and stick to it. But I know myself. The moment I straightjacket myself, I am going to rebel - against myself. Sigh! So for now, sticking to having a finger in a lotta pies. And that way, I can go with my gut as they say in cooking school! :) Ha ha!

CA, yes ma'am! Will keep them coming! :) Thank you so much for reading.

Sri, thank you for reading and for such a lovely comment. And if I haven't said it before, welcome to my blog. :)

Solilo, thanks for stopping to comment and do come back! I hope I answered your question on the vidyarambam post. It's such a lovely ceremony, isn't it?

Vinod, thank you for using 'randomness' and then saying you liked it! I feel that the blog is too random at times, but as I said to John, I don't want to rebel against myself! :)

A4isms, thank you! I remember you - you went to the Ramakrishna Mission school in Mysore, right? Thank you for reading!

Gymnast, thank you for saying that and so nicely! :)

NM, thank you sweetie. It feels good not to worry whether people can connect with certain posts or not. I'll still worry, but at least I don't HAVE to. :)

Yuva, thank you so much! Yes, I do remember you from way long back. Thank you for being there. :)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Your blog is so very beautiful, and always covers such an interesting variety of topics!!! A TRUE BLOGPOURRI!!!! And that's why I LOVE it! ~Janine XO

rm said...

hi, i like everything from your short stories to the small details u give. I prefer your own writings than news. But those news are also intresting. would like to read your thoughts on those news. Wish you would update more often.
AN excellent blog where one can munch over.

Bong Mom said...

Hi there

1)Bong Mom
2)Sadly I have been pushed from a regular to occasional, life took over
3)When I am here, I try to back read everything I might have missed. I especially like the stories from the past

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Your beautiful style of writing, the diversity of topics and a perspective(sometimes aligned to my own sometimes not) on issues ,that I too feel strongly about, keeps bringing me back to blogpourri :-)

Praba Ram said...

Hi Suj,

You know me! Part of your neighborhood sisterhood! :-)

1) You've stayed true to the name "blogpourri" - LOVE the depth and breadth of topics you cover
2) the calm and collected style with which you approach the topics.
3) last but not the least, there's a sense of warmth and fuzzy feeling coming to your blog and to read what you write and what your readers have to say as comments - there's the mutual respect there that is a rare commodity in many blogs...showing you care and they care too...:-)

Keep writing!


Sands said...

This is Sands. Like many others said, it's hard to pick one thing I like. I love your style of writing and the variety in your posts :) There you go am the last for now to comment but didn't want to not add my two cents :)

ra said...

been reading you for ages and think of you as a founding pillar of the Indian blogging community. i like everything you write and always have!

visajet said...

Hello Sujatha,

Came across you blog a while ago - since then, have been through many of your archives! Like many others, I am not sure I can verbally express what interests me here - the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Having been "born and brought up" in Bangalore myself before moving to the US, I certainly enjoy (and catch myself walking down the memory lane) your posts on Bangalore - but most of all, I am touched by the balance, candor and sincerity of this blog ( and dare I say, the blogger too :-) ).

Sujatha Bagal said...

Janine, thank you for your encouragement and support!

rm, thank you! And yes, will update more often.

BongMom, do come round more often. And preference noted!

Priyanka, thank you for reading and for that lovely comment. It means a lot.

Praba, yo sista! Love having you in my neighborhood, in more ways than one!

Sands, thank you. It's been such a pleasure to come to know you.

Ra, the journey has been as rewarding on my end as well and it's been a delight to be on it with you!

visajet, thank you reading and for finally delurking. :) Am so glad you found a connection on this blog. Thank you for that very lovely comment.


Terri the terrific said...

Why do I come here? Hmmm, why do people crave hot pakoras with a cup of tea on a rainy day?

For me, you're one of the best writers in the blogosphere. I learn something every time I come here.

If you were still living in Palm Meadows, I would've stopped by for a cup of tea (and let you provide the pakoras also):)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sujatha,

I have recently started reading your posts. Some 10-12 days back.

Till now, i like the simplicity and the minute details in your posts.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Terri's Mom! Hot tea and pakoras is so totally my thing! So I LOVE the comparison. Thank you for your lovely words. And we shall meet over hot tea and pakoras in the not too far future. So looking forward to it!

Hi Partha, thank you for reading and introducing yourself. Welcome to Blogpourri!

Nagesh.MVS said...
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d said...

Hi I am D and I am a 'blogpourri -holic'.
I like most of your posts and I like that you write about a variety of topics. early days, everyday experiences, travel, well etc etc etc.
I like the honesty and maturity that comes across in your blog.
And in some of the topics (like R2I, Bangalore Schools etc) I love the sincerity and dedication with which you have attempted to help others in a similar situation, even responding to individual emails almost immediately.
Thank you for writing your blog!

Sujatha Bagal said...

d, thank you for that lovely comment and thank you for reading. I'm so glad you find the posts enjoyable and useful! :)

Chitra said...

Hi Sujatha, this is Chitra. Have been a regular reader of your blog. But an irregular commenter :-)! I like most of your walk-through-the-memory-lane posts. They remind me a lot of my own childhood.

Sujatha Bagal said...

hi Chitra, welcome back! I love doing those posts. It's so eye-opening that so many us have such similar memories of growing up.

Priscilla said...

Hi Sujatha
I've been reading your blog for the past year. I was surfing blogs on the Internet and the first thing that caught my eye was your header--trees with the beautiful blossoms. Then I clicked on a topic, read that, kept on clicking randomly on the various archives and found them all interesting. I find your topics intriguing, particularly Indian rituals and how you marry your culture into the American way of life. Thank you! Priscilla

Sujatha Bagal said...

Hi Priscilla, thank you for that lovely comment. And good to meet you. :)