Sunday, December 06, 2009

Brief Quote in Article on Virtual Travel

Deccan Herald carried an article on virtual travel this weekend with a brief quote from yours truly.
There are other online resources, which can be used as educational tools. At for instance, you can move blocks of countries around with the mouse. In that sense, are online resources such as a great option for young learners?

Wonder Rotunda is an American website, which offers many virtual tour options. You could go on a climate change expedition if you so wish to, and there are simulations of Arctic ice on that particular tool.

However, Sujatha, a blogger and mother of two, says: "When we pick a destination, we pull out the atlas, check out the other places we can sensibly include in our plan and then move online to check out reviews and to make reservations. My son’s geography lessons still come from maps, board games, TV shows and the Nat Geo magazine."
Old fuddy duddies that we are, I had no clue that such a concept as 'virtual' travel existed, and that there are now websites dedicated to what used to be called 'armchair' travel back in the day.


Sylvia K said...

Isn't it wonderful to learn something new every day -- sometimes whether we want to or not! Fun post, Sujatha! You always shine a light into my evening or day!

Have a great week!


Choxbox said...

You Suj!

Choxbox said...



Midlife Roadtripper said...

Means I'll have to check them out. I'll travel anyway I can. I fear if I were trying to keep up with all I could to teach my kids today, I'd be way behind.

Unknown said...

call me old fashion but virtual tours is like an online dating service or an informercial , it may entice you to take a look at the place (helps with method of elimination) but, exicitment comes from seeing and experience the place.

I have seen many many version of photos,videos, TVshows, history shows, discovery shows,.. about pyramids but it was totally very different feeling & excitement when i visited egypt.

anupama said...

Hey great piece of stop by my space sometime

Unknown said...

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