Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Desperate Wives Coming to India!

Having missed the last season of the Sopranos and not being able to see new seasons of Deadwood, Six Feet Under, etc., I was wringing my hands at the prospect of having to sit on the sidelines and watch the whole Desperate Wives phenomenon unfolding in the US in my absence.

However, I just learnt that Star World will start broadcasting this latest TV craze in India in a few days. Yahoooo!


Llama said...

I live in Japan, and made the mistake of getting hooked on 24 season 4. I had to have my fix, and none of the networks here had it, and it wasn't out on DVD yet, so I turned to the darkside, and went on BitTorrent and downloaded all of the episodes, one a week. I am thinking of doing the same thing with the Sopranos, but the MPAA has recently cracked down. The thing is, I am a good customer: I have purchased all of the DVDs for the past three season! If they would just hurry up and sell them!

Sujatha Bagal said...

Thanks for your comment Llama!

Liked your Star Wars analogy. Works great in this context! Will post if Desperate... lives up to my expectations, though.

Anonymous said...

i am waiting for the day when south park comes to india..till then..its downloading