Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why Men Should Marry

News item from The Hindu (

According to a report from Britain's Institue for Social and Economic Research, married men earn more than bachelors as long as their wives stay at home doing housework.

Go figure.


On the same page, from a different article, Imran Khan speaks: "I much prefer married life. There is nothing quite like married life...."


Prakash said...

"Homesick for the US" That was a really interesting statement to make. Neways, thanks for stopping by...
You seem to be a prolific blogger and great writer. guess I should read your blogs more often to gain 'enlightenment' :)

Anonymous said...

hi sujatha....nice blog....hmmm...not bad...u started bloggin on 19th...coools....

do visit my blogs...if ur light headed...coz..its absolute nonsense... [tats a story] [tats my life...] [issue based blog..]


Sujatha Bagal said...

Hey Prakash! Thanks and please do visit. But be warned, because as I like to say, there's a very fine line between enlightenment and confusion.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Hey Anish,

So you do see the connection b/w the show and my starting to blog. See all the good you guys did?

And yeah, your blogs are a lot of fun. Love the great rapport you have with your group.


Anonymous said...

The average wedding in the UK is betwwen 5,000 GBP and 12,000 GBP ,and that is before you have even got married. I think it is pretty obvious choice which one that I would choose. Rings, Honeymoons, Parties, -- urhmmm

Regards Simon Dumville