Thursday, March 23, 2006

Rose Petals are Romantic...

but if you think you want to save them for ever in the leaves of a book, please don't.

I had stashed away some rose petals (along with the stem) from a bunch of roses that V had given me a few years ago in the really heavy Oxford Atlas of the World. The petals and the book were perfectly fine until we opened the book yesterday to look up something.

The petals had eaten into at least five pages on either side. So we've now lost portions of Europe, England, Russia and Africa.


remainconnected said...


I don't mind losing portions of Europe, England, Russia and Africa but I do mind losing the romance and the nostalgic touch of yesteryears.

Sujatha,you can go to any book store and buy Oxford Atlas but can you buy the rose petals (along with the stem) from a bunch of roses that V had given you...Hmmmmmmm

Have a nice day.


temporal said...

triggering memories* at a wayside station

the polluted fog rendered
an eerie magical halo
as i ambled off to stretch
and find a hot cup of tea

even the chaiwallah
was catching a wink, tired
of waving flies off all day

no gesture, fragrance, book
nothing tangible triggered
that memory of your smile
i longed
for your embrace

Sujatha Bagal said...

Hi tanay, nice thought, but I trashed the petals...:(

T, that was lovely!

Sujatha Bagal said...

MG, I think the issue was that I had left an entire rose in there - petals, those tiny leaves at the bottom of the petals and stem. I did see a couple of mites trying to crawl away.... If I had just saved the petals I think I would have been fine.

temporal said...

books am not sure:)

try this next time ...take three or four stems (at a time)...tie them around the base of stems and hand them in a dark cellar or closet...this may take from a few weeks to three months...once dry spray with artist's silicone spray....(the one used to coat charcoal sketches or polished silver) they will survive in a vase

digression: my fav...write a poem for the occassion;)

Nandhu said...

funny. that a rose eats all the countries. nice touch.

Sujatha Bagal said...

T, thanks for that detailed advice!

Phoenix, thanks.

Anonymous said...

someone gave me a rose in 9th std may be its high time i look for that im sure i havent lost !
and i dont own a atlas :D