Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Words Are Not Coming

Ok, the words are simply not coming. My sentences sound so ploddy and heavy. I have to think for a few minutes for the right words and even then they may not come. There's a cloud in my head.


remainconnected said...

wait,stop and think ... am sure for a person like(Sujatha aka writer) it hardly takes any time for the dark clouds to give way to a heavy down pour of words.

hope a cup of hot coffee and oodles of silence works, it does for me at times.

Anonymous said...

join the club :)
am lost completely - not just what to write, but even what to write about

Dancing Leaves said...

Coffee and some solitude recommended...

temporal said...


some words…may, mayn’t work…stick to you normal (whatever goes for normal) routine…minimise any deviations from the routine…and while we may not have a control over thinking…pinch yourself 5/10…meaningfully…5/10?…yeah

imagine a 10 oz. glass with 5 ozs. of water:)

(the next step maybe a bit harder…imagine it, will yourself to imagine it to be half full)

pinching 5/10 helps …it conditions…(no no, i protest – not pavlovian rats!)

and before you know…(read some days or weeks of this pinch 5/10 therapy)…you’d pouring reams

(and in case you are wondering, it is only 6 pm here)

Sujatha Bagal said...

Tanay, thanks for the vote of confidence! :)

Charu, hopefully you'll be back soon. I still haven't seen your Rajasthan post. Have been meaning to put up mine for a couple of months now, but no time. :)

S, thanks. Will follow your advice, although no coffee now, only Complan (feeding the baby):)

t, hope you went to bed shortly thereafter! I'll do the glass thing, but not the pinching thinggy, sorry. :) If I get even more desperate, then may be I'll try it.