Monday, August 20, 2007

Why are and framing my pages with their ads?

Has anyone else encountered this problem? A search for Palm Meadows, Bangalore, brings up the following link:

and when you click on it, it brings up my page with that post, but with Pkblogs' ads framing my page. There are other links to more of my posts via Pkblogs and Inblogs. SIFY used to do this to all my posts a year or so ago until I called and told them to knock it off.

If you have encountered this problem, please could you tell me what you did to stop it?

It makes me mad because Pkblogs and Inblogs are trying to make money off of other peoples' work merely by framing pages with their ads.


Anonymous said...


disclaimer: i do not have the solution to your problem :-(

but the good news is that on the google search, desipundit has got pkblogs beat, so if someone were to look for palm meadows, they will probably get to your blog from there. of course, i wonder what the real statistics are.

anyway, thanks for mentioning palm meadows. from my search, i found an interesting article within the palm meadows wiki, and a nice blog! please check them out, if you haven't done so.

- s.b.

Abi said... is meant to circumvent government-imposed blockade of blogs on the domain. It was created when the Pakistan government made this stupid move -- blogspot ban -- two years ago. And you may recall that India too banned in July 2006; PKBlogs allowed us to break this ban until the ban was lifted.

Thus, the people behind PKBlogs are the good guys. They are on our side, and we may need them again if our government(s) decide(s) to ban blogspot domain again! I suggest that you leave them alone.

To be fair, PKBlogs folks do not claim to host your (or any body else's) content. To my knowledge, Google and other search engines do not index your content mistakenly as belonging to PKBlogs. Thus, you really have nothing to worry about.