Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Love Letter to Bangalore

Aaman sent me this link via e-mail. I'd read bikerdude before, but not in a while. Anyway, this post is hilarious and I want to go to a donut angadi. Like now.
The shop assistants, imported as always from a different planet, nodded and shook their heads for everything. Several sweet delights later, I waddled back to work and realized my wallet was gone. "Aiyo!" I screamed, and huff-puffed back to the donut shop. "Did you see my wallet?" Nod, shake. "Wallet, purse. Left here. Anybody saw?" Nod shake. "No?" Nod shake. "Yes?" Nod shake. I gave up, wrote my name and number on a paper and told them to call me if it turned up. Nod shake.


I love Lucy said...

I went to that cookies angadi in Forum last time I was in Benglur and I could not believe the prices there!!Much more expensive than a cookie would be probably even in a Starbucks out here!!!

Sujatha Bagal said...

ILL, I know which one you're talking about - the Australian one across from the pen store. That was goddamned expensive! But then, what is not at Forum?

Anonymous said...


I'm from Bangalore too, absolutely love reading your blog..dont remember how I stumbled upon it!:)


Sujatha Bagal said...

Mallika, thank you and welcome! Hope to see you here more often. :)