Friday, November 14, 2008

Joe the Plumber attempts a mutation ... into Joe the Magnate

Joe the Plumber’s latest small business? Apparently: himself. JTP’s deeply researched, carefully edited, thoughtful, and not at all hastily-put-together-to-capitalize-on-his-media-celebrity-before-it-expires treatise on The American Dream—written “with” spiritual novelist Thomas N. Tabback—is slated to be released December 1. Yes, of this year. Oh, and it will be titled, humbly and rather delightfully, Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream.

To celebrate—and to ensure that copies of the book are sold!—YOU THE PEOPLE can now obtain a Freedom Membership from Joe’s hastily-put-together-to-capitalize-on-his-media-celebrity-before-it-expires Web site, The Membership, like Freedom itself, ain’t free…but the $14.95 yearly fee practically pays for itself!

More. If not anything else, you gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit.

While you are it, please to check out this Shep Smith interview from those heady days when whatever Joe said or did or did not do merited reams of paper and miles of tape.


Gauri said...

This one was a done deal Suj - don't you think ? :)

When we heard Joe the Plumber dominating that Presidential debate - that was the first thought that crossed our minds ..... a book first .... then the movie rights, perhaps ??!!

Sujatha Bagal said...

But the scale of it, G!

Sujatha said...

What, no Cafepress T-shirts with stylized JTP faces and slogans? He's an amateur compared with the Obamacrowd, a mere dilettante!

BTW (cue the ominous organ sounds), you're tagged!