Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Piano: Mazurka

C playing Mazurka. It's a mellow song, one that never fails to bring tears to my mom-in-law's eyes (granted she tears easily, but still).


Praba Ram said...

That was lovely.

Are you sure it's the song?

Probably, tears of joy listening to her grandson! :-)

Anonymous said...

This one reminds me of my own mil, who's sweet and tears easily:)

Sujatha Bagal said...

Praba, I'm pretty sure. She likes to listen to him playing the other songs too, but they don't bring forth tears. :)

NM, :)

Anonymous said...

Your son plays beautifully! At 8 years old, he must be a prodigy?

I don't have a musical bone in my body, but I've been thinking of learning a musical instrument just to give my brain a different kind of exercise. I've been considering the piano; I just need to find a teacher who works with untalented adults!


Choxbox said...

that was very nice!

(another 8 yr old)

Sujatha Bagal said...

DS, me neither, not one musical bone. I hope you do start on piano lessons, though. I have a feeling you'll have lots of fun!

Chox, thanks to N. I'll show C these comments. He'll be thrilled. :)