Friday, January 30, 2009

Blogger Templates, Blog Design and Blog Makeover

As you can tell, a shuffling of this blog's format is still on my mind. I'm looking to get some of the content on my left bar over to the right so there's some balance to the page. I got a bunch of great tips for the 3-column pages I was looking for. Not being a techie, it'll take me a while to figure out how to fiddle with the template and get what I want without ruining what I already have, but am in no rush.

In the meantime, I suddenly remembered Mahjabeen (aka MayG), a wonderfully smart and creative artist who had designed a baby shower blog early last year for a bunch of blogger friends who had babies on the way. That blog design was out of the world - the thought that went into the making of each individual feature was something I could only sit back and marvel at. I hadn't visited her blog in a while. Today when I went over, there she was, with her own blog design and blog makeover business, with a website all spiffy and beautiful, as you'd expect (and there's a picture of that baby shower blog on her site). So if you need to revamp your website or are in desperate need of a makeover for your blog, you know where to go!

It's obvious that it's a labor of love for her. And she's good at it to boot. That's a deadly combination, if you ask me. Here's wishing you the very best MayG!

Updated to add a screen shot of the baby shower blog:


Anonymous said...

aww Sujatha! I am totally floored :D
Thanks babes, this made my day!


Anonymous said...

I did go to the site and it talks about a free makeover if u get 10 bloggers to do the same... good marketing sense maybe...

I like the new look...what does the pic symbolize?

Sujatha Bagal said...

You're welcome, MayG. :)

NM, the header is an old one, actually. Those umbrellas were on a storefront in Jaipur.