Friday, February 20, 2009

Footloose Friday - IV

Ellen and Gladys. A wonderful pair.

Originally found at The Daily Dish. More Ellen and Gladys videos on Ellen's website. Other Footloose Friday posts may be found by clicking on the label below.


Bhaskar Sree said...

This is fun!! I watched a few more of these videos... BTW, Am in SFO - almost a year now... You?

Sujatha Bagal said...

Moved back to DC more than a year ago now!

Anonymous said...

(Wiping away tears of laughter) Thanks for the clip - Gladys is a hoot! And Ellen is such a good-humored and good-natured comic. She makes you laugh without being mean-spirited about it.

Sujatha Bagal said...

DS, so glad you liked it! Love Ellen! ALthough apparently she's as mean as they come behind the scenes. But she is a great comic.