Sunday, February 01, 2009

Steelers vs. Cardinals: The fireworks don't wait for half-time

They come about one minute ahead of schedule.

The Superbowl is being watched with a tad more intensity than usual at home this year. Reprieve from a whole week's worth of homework is on the line if the Steelers win. C's teacher is a big fan. So guess who we're rooting for. All that intense watching and praying seems to have paid off.

Cardinals are within inches of a touchdown. Harrison for the Steelers intercepts Warner's pass and starts running to the other end. He, whose sole purpose on the field is to hit the living daylights out of the opposing team - and is built for that job - runs the full length of the field and scores a touchdown, and promptly collapses under the sheer weight of that effort. Turns out he was a bit winded but all right. It is always a delightful sight to watch defenders do the offence's work. Especially joyful when he does the ballet in full combat gear to escape the desperate clutches of an offence that suddenly finds itself defending. Somewhat like the tailender scoring a century on the last day of a cricket match to force a draw just as the other side thought it had victory all sewn up.


Nino's Mum said...
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Nino's Mum said...

Couldn't visualise the game at all (!) but totally know about C rooting for his teacher's team.
Back in school, India winning a match against Pak translated into a great day at school as well :)

Praba Ram said...

K's first grade teacher is from Pittsburgh - a huge huge fan - steelers merchandise all over the classroom.. and Steelers appear in every topic discussed in the classroom - mostly in the Math statement problems! :-) We are not into Football - but this year, it's been different. Teachers make a big difference, ye! :-) They're even having a popcorn party in class today! :-))

Praba Ram said...

a sporty weekend it was with the australian open finals as well - Nadel/Federer was quite the topic that I couldn't get enough of! :-)
awesome weather, ye?

Sujatha Bagal said...

Nino's Mum, for the longest time it used to be just the husband and I spraweled in front of the telvision on Sundays. Now it's C too, who argues passionately about teams, the umpire's calls, etc. When we were in India, it was cricket, of course. Boys!

Praba, it was lovely weather, for a day. :( Somehow the Australian Open slipped by this year.

Sujatha said...

My daughter's second grade teacher is the daughter of one of the 70's Steelers (How's that for a Steeler's connection ;)

That was one hell-raising finish to the game!

Today was parade-day in downtown Pgh, several thousands had already staked out spots to watch when I drove by the downtown exits at 8:30 this morning.

S from 'Six'Burgh

Unknown said...

not as much crazy fan... i still wonder why its called football when mostly no foot is used.!?)

[/btw:..thanks for stopping by. was kinda- in middle earth for a while..confusions & uncertainty..anyways some excuses that kept me away from blog post.. thanks for asking../]

Sujatha Bagal said...

Sujatha, that was a terrific finish. We were jumping up and during the entire last drive. And man, what a connection! Holy Cow!

Yuva, no worries. I see you have a new post up! And about football, no idea!