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Travel Ideas and Tips for Visiting Washington, D.C. with Children

The United States Capitol

A few days ago I did not know the first thing about Trekaroo, a travel website providing resources for families traveling with kids. When they were getting ready to launch their Washington, D.C. destination page, they tapped into local resources (D.C. moms and dads!) for tips and ideas on kid-friendly and must-visit places in and around the city. It was a delight to contribute to the effort and share our experiences. I also found a lot of useful ideas from other D.C.-based parents. So here it is, the entire post as it appeared on Trekaroo. I hope you too find some fun activities for your family if D.C. is on your to-do list.

The Lincoln Memorial as seen from the Arlington Memorial Bridge


Trekaroo’s growing community of families from all across the country have pitched in with their votes for the most kid-friendly stops in Washington D.C. Here’s the line up for 2009!

Best Kid-friendly Hotels in Washington, D.C. – voted by parents
Best Activities for Kids in Washington, D.C. – voted by parents

Some of DC’s top blogging moms and dads have jumped on board the KidsMobile, playing the role of local tour guide. They are taking us into their fold by sharing with us their inside scoop about what’s fun for kids in their hometown.

Jennifer, a mom who loves the outdoors shares a fabulous list of The Best Kid-friendly Hiking Trails in DC. Jennifer’s passion as an environmental educator led her to start Hiking Along – a super cool educational program where she leads groups of children, preschool to high school, on hikes and allows them to participate in hands-on science activities to learn about their natural surroundings. She also keeps a blog about hiking with kids.

Dave, better known as SuburbanDaddy, knows that cold weather is just around the corner and any parent of a young child will be eager for his list of The Best Indoor Places for Toddlers Around Washington DC. He is the creator of Kidburst, an activities guide written by local parents about the Washington DC area with in-depth coverage of kids activities from summer camps to sporting facilities and classes.

Jennifer tells us about 8 Things (Under $5) to Do in Washington DC with Toddlers. She is an adventurous mom of a 2 and 4 year old who has not allowed having kids to slow her down. Although she’s based in Florida, Washington DC is one of her favorite vacation spots. She writes in depth about their family’s exciting adventures on Two Kids and A Map

Sujatha is mom to a 9 year old (boy) and 3 year old (girl) and brings us Fun Washington, D.C. Activities that get Kids Fired Up. This list has some great ideas of places beyond the usual tour of Capitol Hill that will really get kids to perk up. She writes candidly and casually about their travels as a family and about her adventures in parenting on her blog: Blogpourri

Amy is a mom who sees everything as a teaching moment and traveling is no exception. As a local DC mom, she’s got some her favorite Day Trips with Kids From Washington DC. As a literacy consultant and former high school teacher her blog – teachmama – is full of wonderful ideas about how to weave education into holiday traditions, travel, games and more.

Jill, brings us her list of Must See Attractions in DC with Preteens and Teens. She is the mom behind her prolific blog Musings From Me that covers a wide range of topics including parenting, travel and reviews of cool products. Jill has been on the go all her life, living in England, Italy, and America but currently calls Maryland home.

Ms Twixt, brings us a list of What to do with Tweens in Washington D.C. As a mom to 3 tweens girls and a toddler boy, she is an expert on everything Tween. Her Blog Twixt and Between provides helpful insights on topics that are current for tween girls and their parents. She even has a store in Georgetown Park with adorable age-appropriate clothing, shoes, gifts and accessories for Tween Girls.

Other Resources for Washington DC:

All 100 Activities for kids in the Washington DC Metro Area
Kid-friendly hotels in and around Washington DC

Next stop, Sunny San Diego, CA

The Trekaroo KidsMobile is a blog carnival with a twist. It’s designed to provide a unique opportunity for mom and dad bloggers to be featured on Trekaroo while:
1) expressing their unique point of view
2) getting a web of link exchanges.

Join us for one of our next stopovers.



Sands said...

Excellent and invaluable piece. Making mental note to bookmark site for future reference :)

Sylvia K said...

What terrific information for parents traveling with kids in DC!
There's so much more to do and ways to see/do them than there was when we were traveling with our four!

Great post, as always!


B said...

Just in case you dont check the account too often, I sent you an email to the mail id listed on your blogger profile page.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

You're back!!! Great post!!! So pleased to have this info!!! Will come in very handy!!! And so glad to "see" you!!! Hope you are well!! Love you! Janine XO

Sujatha Bagal said...

Sands, Sylvia, Janine, thanks!

B, I will check, but would you send me the e-mail again? I've been offline for a while. Thanks!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

This information sure will come handy.
But I was hoping to nominate you as our Local Guide when we visited this place :)

Choxbox said...

What a post Suj!

If I'm ever in D.C., I'll just shut my eyes and go wherever you take me!

Bowie Mike said...

I wasn't familiar with Sky Meadows State Park. Interesting post. Well done.

Sujatha Bagal said...

CA, sure!

Choxy, you'd better open your eyes when we get to wherever I've taken you! :)

Mike, thanks. Here's a post I did on Sky Meadows when we visited a couple of years ago.

Bowie Mike said...

Sujatha, Just read your Sky Meadows post from 2007. I'll definitely have to take my kids there next summer!

Sujatha Bagal said...

Mike, glad you found that post. Just realized that I hadn't linked to it after all in my earlier comment!

Frankie Anon said...

You're becoming famous! Way to go.

Alice Thomson said...

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