Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bangalore Service Providers

Here are three Bangalore service providers that I thought were very good at what they did.

1. Boutique Tailor: Sana Mohiuddin (Libasse on Airport Road - 9844104746) is a wonderful lady who has four or five tailors working under her. She has excellent ideas for chudidhars and blouses. She also beautifully decorated a shawl for me.

2. Coral Art Gallery: Art and photo framing, and art pieces. Contact Rajendra Dugar on (080) 2676 5920.

3. Govardhans in Jayanagar: Invitations design and printing. Call (080) 4121 0341.


Swati said...

Tailor on Airport Road..Thanks a ton and can you let me know the landmark and charges

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Oh isn't this amazing. I just purchased some artwork from Corals and am awaiting delivery (after framing) was freaking out a little and am so glad you wrote about it.
Thanks for the boutique tip !

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I've purchased Chudi material for my Girlfriend and I wonder where to give this for stitching, thanks a lot for the tip.
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Sujatha Bagal said...

Swati, she's located just before Palm Meadows if you're heading towards Whitefield. I would call and ask for specific directions and rates.

P, welcome! And yes, that is amazing. :)