Friday, November 02, 2007

Great Resource for Comparing Bangalore Schools

I received a comment on one of my Bangalore Schools posts about a website dedicated to listing, comparing and providing other information about schools in Bangalore. I took a quick look and it seems like a great resource. It's simply called Bangalore Schools and is at Good luck.

Update (Sept. 27, 2009): A wonderful post on alternative schools in general and one in particular, the Krishnamurthi school, at Punarjanman. Lots of good info about myths and advantages and disadvantages of alternative schools.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning


Anonymous said...

Hi Sujata,

Enjoyed reading your blogs as I searched thru the net for anything / everything on Bangalore.

Will be moving to Bangalore next April 2008 cos my husband had just received the confirmation on his 3 years assignment there.

My main concern at the moment is choosing the right school for my son who is 9 and my daughter who is 7.

Keep up with the insightful info's cos I'm definitely your fan !!!

Sunita Venkatachalam said...

Awesome Suj, thanks for the link. When I'm pondering something, I come to your blog and voila I find some information related to it !:)
How do you do it?

Sujatha Bagal said...

Cher, thanks and am glad you find the info useful.

Poppin, awww, thanks! Just glad to oblige. :)

Vikas, you're welcome.

arshad said...

Hi Sujatha,
Thanks a ton for the great help you do to a community who know each other only as is sad to say

I am in a dilemna about schooling of my kid. He is 6 and studying in Gopalan International(?) School , Brookefiels. A month back school issued a notice announcing a 100% hike in fees. This was followed by protests from parents. The school sends another circular in 2 weeks saying they will splint the school into 2 1) Gopalan National School --with a 10% hike in current fee and 2) Gopalan International School--with a 100% hike in fees.
The parents are in a dilemna now on what will be the legal validity of these 2 schools. The shool as it exists follows the ISC syllabus. WHats the best approach to know which one among these 2 schools are valid and what are the schools in this area that are of good standard?

Once again .. thanks a lot


Unknown said...

Hi Arshad,

Any updates about Goplan?

I am seriously considering Gopalan International for my son in UKG, but with the two school thing, I am having my doubts.

Any suggestions?

thanks a lot for the help!

Anonymous said...

Hi, you can take a look at these list also...

bangalore schools

Unknown said...

Hi Sujatha

I read all articles on Bangalore Schools. Its a great article and very informative. I can visualise the pain and effort in writing this blog. Very very interesting. I have a question. If we send our kids to International School can they write CET and other entrances exams, can they get into IIT and AIMS. Hope to get some insight,
Thank you