Thursday, January 08, 2009

Did you ever wonder if...

George from Enid Blyton's Famous Five series was gay? If you did, here's some insight:
Tricky. As one of the two girls in the Famous Five stories, George wore boy's
clothes, had boy's hair and wandered around saying “I want to be a boy”. Still,
any sort of subsequent homosexual or transgender adulthood seems unlikely. For
one thing, in the 2008 television series Famous 5: On the Case the adult George
is happily married to a car mechanic called Ravi. For another, this is Enid
Blyton we are talking about, and she was about as socially progressive as
Bernard Manning.
A car mechanic called Ravi? Does anyone know anything about this series?

Via The Daily Dish, which points to the main article titled "Of course Tintin's gay. Ask Snowy."


Gauri said...

Funnily enough - No. The thought never even crossed my mind - George is always associated with Tomboy and its never gone beyond that :).

And no - I've never heard of this Ravi either :D.

Kavi said...

Ravi..!?!? Who is this Ravi !!

In all my Famous Five years, Ravi seems to have never figured !


Those were years though when 'gay' meant being plain happy !! Todays meaning and contexts are different !

Anonymous said...

yes, i did wonder if she was gay. But not when I was a child reading this series. It was much later. I don't think Enid Blyton intentionally included a gay character. I guess, in those days, George would have been considered a 'tomboy'.

Bong Mom said...

I usually am here but don't comment, not a lurker, but I guess I don't comment because I don't have anything to put across your very well written posts except "wow" or "great"

But anyway this Ravi made my typing finger itch...what Ravi, George marrying Ravi...!!! She can be as much gay as she likes but please not marry any Ravi, Dick or Harry.

If anybody gets an inkling on a published book with this fact please do put up a link...would like to check it out

Choxbox said...

whoa. no never thought that.

did hear abt the ravi character though - remember wishing they'd left george and her pals where they'd been left by the original author.

Sujatha Bagal said...

Kavi, Anjali, right on the money!

Chox, sort of feel the same way, but I don't think we're the target audience!

Sandeepa, thanks for commenting. I hope you do more often. There's a post coming up for you!

Sujatha Bagal said...

Gauri, "tomboy" is how the stories themselves referred to her too!