Sunday, August 07, 2005

India Today's Ranking of States: Where Does Karnataka Figure?

India Today has published a ranking of 30 Indian states and 5 union territories based on quality of life and work factors.

This is how Karnataka was rated on various parameters among the big states:
  1. Law and Order: 4th, after Kerala, Tamil Nadu (TN) and Rajasthan;
  2. Primary Health: 4th, after Kerala, Himachal Pradesh (HP) and TN;
  3. Primary Education: 9th, after HP, Kerala, Uttaranchal, TN, Maharashtra, Assam, Punjab and J&K;
  4. Infrastructure: 10th, after Punjab, HP, Maharashtra, Haryana, Uttaranchal, Kerala, Gujarat, J&K and TN;
  5. Consumer Market: 10th, after Punjab, HP, Haryana, Kerala, Maharashtra, Gujarat, TN, J&K and Uttaranchal;
  6. Budget and Prosperity: 11th, after all of the states in Consumer Market above plus Andhra Pradesh (AP);
  7. Investment Scenario: 6th, after Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Punjab, HP and Haryana; and
  8. Agriculture: 6th, after Punjab, Haryana, TN, AP and Gujarat.

There is a separate ranking for the smaller states.

If you currently don't live in India but are contemplating a move to India, and the choice of where you want to live is yours, this is something to think about. Of course, if you have family in a particular state and you want to be close to them, these numbers and rankings are meaningless.

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