Monday, August 29, 2005

Miniskirts are for the "Pretty Legs"

Here's a report from Deccan Herald citing the AFP.
A district mayor in Budapest has proposed a dress code for City Hall employees under which only women with "pretty legs" can wear short skirts, the Hungarian press reported.

Gyorgy Mitnyan, the conservative mayor of the city's 12th district, is also seeking to ban skirts that are shorter than two to three centimeters above the knee, AFP reports.

Under his proposal, both the male and female employees would have to wear blazers or suits and leather shoes all year long.

The mayor told the Internet news website that there was already a compulsory dress code issued in his district every season and the code was needed in City Hall because he sees a lot of shabby-looking employees there.
Wonder how this rule is going to be enforced. Perhaps with a "shabbiness detector" and a policeman with a measuring tape right next to the metal detector at the entrance to City Hall? And of course, also a true connoisseur of women's legs stationed there to gawk at women and check off "pretty" or "not pretty" on his little checklist.


Mandar said...

well, well! people are now getting down to "defining" subjective and abstract concepts like beauty!! what has the world come to?!!

Sujatha Bagal said...

Mandar: :)

Unknown said...

Heights Of stupidity..
How can anyone determine the idea of pretty legs..For me my legs are beautiful whether waxed, unwaxed,wounded with scars,or without them..and in the end its my decision whether i want to wear skirts or not..A ruling Govt deciding on such things?
All i can say is that they are more interested in trifle things than the more important issues.