Monday, August 01, 2005

Out of Babes' Mouths II

Last Saturday I was working at the radio station pretty much the entire day trying to produce a couple of promos and ads. V and N came to pick me up around 6:30 pm. They came through the gates and were waiting for me in the car when they saw another car drive up and a guy get out of it. He walked past our car towards the studio, and this is the conversation that transpired between V and N.

N: "Dada, who's that?"

V: "I don't know."

N: "May be that's mama's boyfriend."

V: "Whaaatt???!!!"

Today, I asked N where he'd heard the word "boyfriend." He said he overheard one of his friends in his UKG group tease another boy about a girl being his girlfriend.

And I thought I had at least another 10 years before I had to deal with this.



Anonymous said...

wow...5 year old talks abt gf..nice...
its good to have a early start..otherwise..he mite end up like me....


Anonymous said...

Cannot stop laughing... here in the US, it is a little ahead I think! My daughter when she was still short of 5, one day walked up to me and said, "amma, Cameron is my boyfriend".
I was a little surprised about the way she put it. I asked her "do you like him? Does he like you too?"
She said, "and you know? Liza's boy friend is Cameron, Nicole's boy friend is Cameron, Nushat's boy friend is Cameron, Mitchelle's boy friend is Cameron, ...."
Cameron was just the class favorite... atleast among the girls. Whew!

Sujatha Bagal said...

Anon; Thanks for your comment. :)