Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Now, for a Change of Pace

Here are four totally inane questions. There are no absolutely correct answers to any of these, but I would be interested in yours. I'll give you my answer to the first one, just to give you an idea of the flavor of this exercise. My answers to all the questions will be up tomorrow.

Question 1: How do you put a giraffe in a fridge?

Answer: You open the fridge, stick the giraffe in and you shut the fridge.

OK. Got that?

Question 2: How do you put an elephant in the fridge?

Question 3: The Lion King calls a meeting of all the animals. Everyone dutifully shows up, except one. Which one?

Question 4: The jungle has a river flowing through it. You need to cross the crocodile-infested river. How do you do it?

I would advise you to take your thinking cap off and put your pj cap on. Have fun!


Answer to Q2: You open the fridge, take the giraffe out, put the elephant in and shut the door.

Answer to Q3: The elephant, because he was stuck in the fridge.

Answer to Q4: You swim across because all the crocodiles are at the meeting.


gawker said...

2. Take the giraffe out, put the elephant in
3. the elephant
4. I have no clue but right now I'm wearing my pjs on my head and they are constricting my brain.

Anonymous said...

I cheated and found the answers on the web(elephant jokes), which are pretty much the same as the above comment.
Gawker you did pretty good with your pj cap.
And for the fourth I found this:
4.swam across. why? becos the crocodiles were at the meeting.

Unknown said...

well honestly iam very bad with PJs ...SO... i just read what gawker and rajeshwari said and had fun

Sujatha Bagal said...

Gawker: ha ha. Of course, had slipped my mind that pj also meant pyjamas.:))

Rajeshwari: bad, bad.

Shubha: Welcome. Didn't know you had a blog already!

Sunil said...

old pj's...

Answer 2: Take the giraffe out, put in the elephant in to the fridge, and close the door.

Answer 3: The elephant (which is in the fridge)

Answer 4: Take the fridge, take out the elephant, make the fridge your boat, and row across the river and avoid the crocs. (You need to take the elephant out, because otherwise, the boat will be too "heavy" to cross the river)

Minal said...

Ans 2: Open the door of the fridge, remove the giraffe and put the elephant in, shut the door of the fridge.

Ans 3:The Elephant, he was in the fridge you see:-)

Ans 4: Crocodiles would be attending the meeting too right? Try swimming across:-))

Old PJs, but good ones nevertheless:-)

Vignesh said...

Please, don't ever tell N these jokes. Let him grow up to be normal, please.


Sujatha Bagal said...

Sunil and Minal: I didn't know about these pjs. I was so tickled when I found them on the net. Anyway, Sunil gets full marks for creativity with the answer to Q4!

Vignesh: With a mother like me, normal is too much to shoot for.:))

Sujatha Bagal said...

Ravi, my, my, you've been a busy bee today! Will check out your post.:)